Lion - Rise of the Godlike Dragon Khan - A Triple Whammy of Masculinity with GLM + DR + Khan

It is interesting the clarity a washout and some emotional release will give you.

After I took out some anger at home (which was a bit embarrassing to be frank), I was sitting in my room, red in the face, pissed off with myself and giving myself some time to simmer down.

I think it was some reconciliation from my previous stack (which included a ZPT2 custom) along with current circumstances that limited my freedom that led to a sort of frustration with life itself.

I spent my time the past few days daydreaming and jotting down custom ideas. And also reading through both the Q Store and the Main Store sales pages. But nothing was inspiring me.

But when I cooled down after the event today, the fog lifted and I could see that I wasn’t mature enough in my masculinity which was why it was affecting various parts of my life negatively. And this wasn’t a one-off event either. I usually keep myself contained for days and then “blow off steam” when there is a “last straw on the camel’s back”. Which isn’t healthy either.

Talking about masculinity, it’s not like I don’t have a good father. I have a great one who both family and society look up to. He does his duty, provides for anyone in need but most of all has a sense of purpose for his life. And even at the ripe old age of 70, he is always up and about from sunrise to sunset at work and to be the man of the house and his family tribe. I would rightly call him a patriarch.

When I was young though, I didn’t appreciate all that but held against him his disciplinarian attitude towards me and his teachings on how to be a man. Things I later realized were harsh but useful lessons. If my father wasn’t in control, I would have been a wayward son filled with regret for worse things than the issues I have now.

Which is why I have so much respect for him now and show that to him by following the rules of the house and by also understanding and applying masculine principles to the problems I have.

There are times we disagree but that is part of the father-son dynamic and he is neither a person who holds grudges nor someone who doesn’t understand that we have different paths in life.

Having said all that, there are still some old tendencies and habits that I need to purge from my psyche to embody the Khan and be who I want to be. Traditional masculinity isn’t my path but my desire is to be more of an alpha who knows what he wants and goes for what he wants. Dad is a tradionally masculine man and there are benefits to be so especially for children.

But going forward, since I neither want to raise children of my own (yeah I know, never say never) nor enjoy the idea of being monogamous to one woman, I need to reprogram my mind to get over the scripts of (right wing) religion and (left wing) politics to be the man I want to be.

A previous and separate run of both Khan (pre-Q version) and Dragon Reborn (Qv1 version) have taught me many lessons in being dominant and being myself at the same time. But I need more. More power. More dominance. More masculinity. More daring and drive. And more me.

I would also like to lead men to better ways of solving their problems in an age that seeks to feminize them. And to do that, I need to be on my A game and lead by example before being able to advice boys and men in the ways of the world.

Hence I will be running each stage of DR and Khan simultaneously. As in DR ST1 + Khan ST1, DR ST2 + Khan ST2, etc. Not advisable I know but I claim veteran’s prerogative to do so lol.

As always, whether it will be successful or not leaves to be seen. But what I know is that I want to do it. And I need to do it.

If it melts (Dragon Fire) and breaks (Total Breakdown) my brain down, it was nice knowing all of you haha.


  • Godlike Masculinity
  • Dragon Reborn
  • Khan

PS: Might add in a Paragon custom but not during stage 1 of DR and Khan.


Exactly what i need. Your new stack sounds promising. I am also back with DRST4 GLM and CWON. Maybe adding Khan ST1 instead of CWON is a good idea. Will think about it. I liked Khan in pre q times very much.


Thank you :pray:

I agree. Need to mull on things before proceeding. My best plans come from it. Although sometimes I have a tendency to make elaborate plans and not follow through like my Ascension + EoG stack lol.

But hey, it wasn’t all bad since I ran Ascension for 2 months instead of the original plan to run it for 18 months. Shoot for the stars and you might reach the moon.

Amen brother.


Damn, this looks exciting and dare I say dense, lol.

This is going to be very interesting to follow. Respect man, I hope you get everything you want out of this stack.


Appreciate the support, my friend :pray:

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I definitely like your stack. In fact had DR and Khan been single stage or had we possible to purchase only stage 1 of them, I’d go for a stack like yours. Heck seeing your stack even make me think of the possibility of making a custom of them.

It’s getting difficult to stay true to oneself and be a real man while being proud of it. It’s good to see you stay real. I am following this journal👍


Godlike Dragon Khan custom. That will be my final form muahahaha.

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Absolutely agree!

Thank you, bro :pray:


You will be a legend. :sunglasses:


Starting line to legend-hood

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I have always wondered about playing Khan alongside Dragon Reborn. I believe I did some loops back on Qv2 of the two St4’s together.

Interesting stack and with GLM as well… :muscle: :exploding_head: :selfie: Good hunting good sir!


You are crazy bro! I mean that in the best way possible… it takes guts to endure that stack, the best of luck in this new part of your journey.


And now am gonna run this experiment for the sake of science lol.

Do you remember how it felt?

Thank you, Captain my Captain!

Much appreciated my brother :pray:


What I remember is being crazy energized, DR St4 always did that to me. I don’t remember more than that but probably I felt subliminally full for a while after Khan St4 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t remember feeling energised but I did feel like I was breathing a sigh of relief and on the verge of something new.

I think I should have run it longer than a month for that energising effect.

Haha it isn’t called Khan COMPLETE for nothing.


Hah yeah that’d true!

I’m currently on Khan St3 and it feels so different compared to earlier versions. It’s hard to pinpoint but it feels more reserved than I’m used to, kind of like a can of unopened whoop-ass waiting to be released :stuck_out_tongue:


ROFL! I’d love some of that. For myself and for others lol.


Lol! It must be nice! Best of luck to you enjoy the ride, my friend.


Day 1, Cycle 1
DR ST1 x1

It’s funny that I didn’t feel any recon after I woke up. But when asleep the previous night I was having a dream where I was having recon and was “dream-thinking” something like “oh this recon is due to Dragon Fire” lol. Was having an “awake sleep” where I felt I was awake but was actually dreaming. Maybe a lucid dream. I don’t remember the dream though.

DR ST1 ZP feels similar to its Q version where I didn’t feel much recon now or even back then. At that time I thought it was because I had run Khan (and its Total Breakdown) before doing DR Qv1.

I do remember DR ST2 and ST3 (Q version) bringing me tons of recon back then. But its just the first day of DR ZP so I won’t be too hasty to judge. Plus I will be facing Khan ST1 ZP tomorrow night. Now that’s a beast that caused me trouble in ST1 (pre-Q). Maybe having run both Khan and DR before will reduce the recon? Only time will tell.

Nothing to be worried about though. Am actually looking forward to whatever these 2 titles will throw at me. For some reason it feels so right doing this stack.


Day 2, Cycle 1

Had the same thing happen to me today. Had recon while asleep and was okay after I woke up. Dream recon but not a nightmare. Very interesting.

Mood was reasonably good today. Just like yesterday.

Another thing I noticed today and yesterday (which I forgot to mention in the previous post) is that I felt some vibrations in the lower part of my belly. Does DR ST1 have physical shifting? I mean I know DR has shifting but in ST1!?

My mind is going towards developing my masculinity and I was researching all through the day on that topic. One major lesson being “life is hard but that’s okay. If it was easy we wouldn’t have to overcome anything and value our victories”. We are too easy on ourselves these days and give excuses to ourselves rather than put in the work and earn our success.

@Malkuth ‘s book recommendation did me some good too (thanks bro). The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest. Was reading it yesterday night and it affirmed that creativity is the Leo’ s way of expressing his life. No wonder poetry is my favorite way to express my mind. And keep my place decorated in a simple style and organised. I also used to paint as a kid. And dance, sing and story tell as a child. Even daydream about being an actor. I need to bring those gifts back.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

EDIT: I wrote a poem today a couple of hours ago. Writing poetry always makes me feel free.


Day 3, Cycle 1
Khan ST1 x1, GLM x1

After I ran the above stack yesterday night, I was inspired to write 2 more poems. One on love and the other on my eyesight. They were much better than I expected and got a good reaction on Facebook. Am collecting all of them as I write them to put them into a book. Have 63 poems so far.

Imagine to my surprise the next day, a woman messaging me on fb messenger about how much she likes my poems and wish she met me before she left the city am currently in. She’s a painter and I was quite amused as she tried to get me to contact her and did some shit tests which I handled quite gracefully and with good humor. Khan Total Breakdown already bringing the girls out! And on the first loop too!

Not much recon except a bit of worry about my eyes which I resolved by watching the YouTube videos on Dr Joe Dispensza 's testimonials channel and am feeling moved to do the Blessing of the Energy Centres meditation since many people have gotten miraculous results from doing it. The poem I had written also helped me release some emotions related to this.

Am also feeling more aligned with doing the Dispenza meditations compared to before when I used to weirdly feel that these meditations were pretty feminine and might turn me into someone I didn’t want to be when in fact the point of his meditations is to achieve exactly what we all uniquely desire regardless of what society or our biology or the laws of human nature dictate.

We can go beyond that which is and manifest things that we have been uniquely created to want. And that none of what we want is wrong as long as it makes us happy and also don’t hurt others.

I used to do his meditations before but felt strangely pissed off by them. I guess my heart is more ready now.

Plus GLM has helped me be more calm and stoic today and do things regardless of what I felt. Or I should say, I didn’t feel that anything was stopping me from doing what I wanted including my own thoughts and feelings. Am naturally masculine now. It’s not a big deal. Which is ironically a very big deal in terms of results.