Link between energy and people

My question is
is there any connection between your energy and people’s attitude toward you
for example
if I am facing depression, anxiety, low mood, extreme fatigue, overthinking blah blah

then people also reciprocated the same with us?
I mean thinking negative about us and what not

for example, if I am feeling highly energized & people around me feel the same?
If I listen to wanted with feeling energized and I mean full energetic body then the effects of wanted will be very strong.

if this is true yes then what do these phenomena call?
law of attraction or what

I want to study link between energy and people around us

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Bear in mind, that as soon as you start to use words like “energy”, you are entering a deep rabbit hole of esoteric knowledge, little of which can be proven with experience. For example, balancing the chakras and awakening the kundalini are energetic phenomena, but they take a very long time to achieve, if they are even real.

It may be better to do your own research on how your State (perhaps a better word than “energy”?) affects what you attract into your life, with an open mind rather than with the limiting beliefs of unbalanced chakras, unawakened kundalini, unbalanced energy and whatnot.

Many fraudulent psychics invented esoteric language for energetic phenomena, too.

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Mind’s Eye would probably complement you well on that journey also.

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actually, after using different subs for the last 9+ months I am feeling kinda very energetic which is helping in my daily activities…It’s like I am reborn now, I am getting great responses from people around me…so that makes me wonder is related to my newly found energy which is helping me even more deeply with subs

Absolutely, and its something that became even more apparent to me on subs due to the mood changes every so often… For example when im in recon feeling low energy and “depressed like” i dont get any looks from chicks, people dont really want to engage and talk with me etc. When im high energy i like to call it like on a khan for example its like im a totally new person - girls are looking, people want to engage and get to know me etc. Thats why i believe now true power comes from within, it has nothing to do with looks or height or body etc(these things are all not NOT important , but you get my point) if you think your ugly your depressed etc the world will treat you as such and vice versa


@noaha your answer is full of personal convictions and believes.

The difference between a human and a robot is the bio-magnetism, energy, Soul, whatever you wish to call it.

It is our ability to carry emotions, energies, in our electro-magnetic field which is naturally produced by the Heart. So, yes @weir subliminal programs can definitely affect this positively.

Our mind is the meditator between body, and heart — this same heart that produces said energetics.

The whole of the mind that is, it’s entire triad; conscious, subconscious, unconscious.

This ^^^

All the minds of your surrounding companions are connected, first subconsciously, and then collectively.

As humanity co-creates this beautiful experience.

So, in that regard it is often helpful to include Tyrant as a module for example because it helps a person to gain stronger control over his local reality, say if others have a subconscious memory base of who you are a person, which they’ll be actively imposing and creating from their perception into the co-creation.