Limitless Regeneration


Hello Guys,

This is my first post in this forum, even though ive been reading it a lot, specially the journals.
I was diagnosed with Arthritis and after seeking different alternative ways to get my health back, I discovered SubClub.
Ive been listening to Regeneration for almost 3 weeks now, maybe a week ago I added Limitless and then a couple of days later Elixir.
I listen to elixir in the morning and before going to bed at night, and run loops of Limitless and Regeneration all night long (masked through headphones), and some loops during the day using UltraSonics.

My report is that Ive been feeling really anoyed and down in energy levels during this 3 weeks, I became increasingly more aware that I held large amounts of anger and insatisfaction inside, and hated when other people told me what to do. Then like 3 days ago everything started to make sense, just about when i added elixir, I had a huge release and understanding.

I feel really liberated emotionally, today i decided to start eating healthier and move my body more.

I will keep updating my journal, i wish i started it from day 1. since my dreams are really getting significant and powerful


Ok, looking for more accuracy i checked the buying dates for the products, I have Regeneration since July 22. Thats a whole month listening!! Tbh the first 10 days i didnt listen to it as many hours compared to the next 20 days. I have Limitless since august 18, so Ive been listening to it for 7 days and Elixir from august 21, that makes 4 days for that one.

So its almost a month digging in the darkness with regeneration and according to my calculations at day 30 I had a huge emotional release. I feel more connected and at peace, Ive just took a walk to the store and everything seems brighter, my mind was really quiet and I was enjoying it all.
My plan is to keep using this stack for at least 30 more days or until I feel ready to the next step.

I´m feeling KHAN to be the next step… will see about that.


Yeah. Regeneration is a hard sub to run; even harder if one does not vent it out by ranting, journaling, taking long walks, workouts, etc.

Kudos for running it for 30 days non-stop. :+1:
Looking forward to your updates.

Regeneration - Average Time per Day

You are right @Simon , I was definitely missing some venting… Regeneration is though and profound but i feel inside that the hardest part is over.
Yesterday I performed a Magick Ritual and the energy was amazing, really intense and strong, I got really good feedback from the people who were at the ritual. Im also getting morning erections wich is really pretty common, but the difference is that they are stronger and the sexual energy is over the top… electrifying!! Yet Im not obsesive over sex as I used to be.
Regarding the arthritis its been a couple of days since Im feeling my joints are getting softer and more flexible, more relaxed, wich is really good. Pain is diminishing and my attitude is awesome, totally focused on getting fully healthy and with a smile on my face. Lots of things that used to bother me are fading away and disappearing.

Im waking up with more energy and I dont longer want to stay in bed.


Note to Self:

Just finished my night meditation, a couple of things grabbed my attention… my energy is getting stronger and really perceptible, very kinesthetic, my focus is getting sharper and my memory is working much better.
Something really cool happened, in the past whenever I held my breath I came to a point in wich I felt desperate for air like Im going to die, and felt presure in my chest, NOT TODAY! At some point it was like my body no longer needed to breathe and my chest was totally warm and relaxed, I started shaking with my whole body and then my body remembered how to breathe again.
Since I finished meditating I feel I can breathe deeper than I ever could… and this feeling of inner peace is very strong. Definitely something really deep got released.

I decided to go Regeneration only, with Elixir in the morning and before bed time. No Limitless for now, since Limitless is contained fully into Regeneration. I want to give it exclusive focus.


Funny thing Regenerations is giving me lots of sex dreams, and my sex energy is getting stronger by the day since day 30 of listening aproximately. I believe both emotional releases, the one I had on day 30 and the one from last night, liberated a lot of energy that was cristalized due to trauma and that energy is now cleaned up and circulating as sexual energy through me.
I can tell you, my girlfriend is pretty happy :wink: and this results come as a bonus to me since Regeneration is not openly about sex.

Maybe @Fire or @SaintSovereign can give some info about this. Btw, awesome product guys!! You gained yet another faithful customer.


Maybe @SaintSovereign and @Fire could consider turning Regeneration into a multi-stage, with two Superchargers that take Elixir to the next levels? :wink:

Great news and updates @Joa93!


@AMASH Multi-stage Regeneration with superchargers? That would be awesome!!

Now Im evaluating what path to take when Im done with Regen. Khan or Alchemist, theres still a month to decide.


@Joa93, I know your energy is more liberated and free thanks to Regeneration.

But, I would also love to know how do you feel as a person? Do you feel more mature? Stronger? More peaceful? What changes do you think happened to your character and perspectives on things? Did you notice more optimism that stayed consistent, or anything like this?


I guess a little background is useful. I went to the dorctor 5 months ago because I had lots of pain and inflamation in my hand and rigidness in the knees and feets. The doctor said I have arthritis but all exams came out fine, he insisted its some special type of arthritis, but he didn’t sound as convincing as the first time, and gave me some pills Im suposed to take for the rest of my life. I asked for a second opinion and they told me pretty much the same. But from experience I know i can have full health, just not through regular medicine, theres enough evidence of that. That search brought me to SubClub, I had no previous experience with subliminals and I was reluctant at first.

Around day 20 of Regeneration I felt to stop taking the pills, inflamation and pain continue to decrease slowly but surely, wich is a great sign, since I spent months with little or no change before that.
Now to answer your questions…

As a person I feel more mature emotionally, now I can evaluate responses that before were automatic. I was quick into anger when critisized, or when somebody told me what to do or how to do things, now I stay calm and decide whether or not the info is useful for me.
I feel way closer to my girlfriend emotionally, before I had this closed door to protect me from pain, the door is now opened. Im yet to find out how this affect me with other people, I feel like socializing more but havent really put effort in that yet.
My attitude is diferent in the fact that now Im certain that I will acomplished full health.
Ive been able to realize that I was strugling whether or not my life should follow 1 of 2 paths that were incompatible. Now a third path became obvious, and the way to implement it requieres way less effort tha any of the 2 previous ones, I think the previous strugle was what kept me in permanent stress.

I feel like crying while writing this, is coming from my heart, this enormous energy and determination. Is like Im really getting to know the real me. Btw Ive been involved in changework and personal development for over 20 years, so you know I dont get impressed easily, I am now.

Thanks for asking!


You’re welcome! That’s a great comment that let me personally know you better, and I like it.

I hope you’ll maintain your journal here. And keep us up to date!


For anyone reading this, pain is still there and can be dishabilitating sometimes, but hopefully the more I clean myself up emotionally, spiritually and energetically it will disappear. Doctors can find anything wrong and all the symptoms began after a major emotional life crisis, so Im confident of that.
Later today Im checking out a Iyengar Yoga school thats suposed to be really good for body rehab.


The last 2 days I´m waking up with lots of pain in a finger that wasnt hurting before, but the pain begin fading away after 10 minutes or so of me awakening. Thats a little weird.

My girlfriend likes the changes shes seeing in me and wants to use asension for woman, the thing is she doesnt speak english. But my suspicion is since she´s been exposed to english most of her life (TV, movies, music, english clases in school), her unconcious mind does understand it, we are making an experiment. Last night we set up Regeneration US through a couple of speakers in the bedroom, set the volume right and had 10 hours exposure toghether. If we see changes in the next days, if she reports changes in the next days, Im gifting her Asencion for woman and will be adding Sex Mastery to our playlist (that one is gender neutral for what i read in the forum, right?) .

I´m a little mentally tired from 10 hours of regen US, I was used to the masked version, but its just tiredness, my attitude is one of motivation and desire.

Yesterday I had some problems with 2 online business and had to call client support to ask for my money back, here in my country thats something you know its gonna be hard and they will try to delay and bore you out of asking for your money back. I used to aviod doing those kind of things, but I took action and I was really assertive and determined to ask for whats rightfully mine, I accepted no excuses, I was strong and forceful in a calmed way. Wich is something new to me.

Also in the last 2 days I received 4 more clients… things are looking real good :wink:


Yes. Sex Mastery is for all adults.

Looking forward to you writing “I’m a little physically tired from 10 hours of…” you know.

Enjoy. :heart_eyes: :sweat_smile:


That is in fact something worthy of putting in my timeline now!
You bet Im enjoying it!!


what you write is really inspiring…I am definitely going to recommend my sister to use this subliminal…


@xingliao Im really happy to hear that… writing this journal is a part of my own process, as another way to take action like @SaintSovereign wrote in many post in this forum. The fact that this journal is inspiring to you, is inspiring to me :wink:
I hope you sister decides to use it and gain great benefits from it.


Today news is Im having more FIRE in my life… Im doing and finishing lots of things that i had in the “to do list”, the kind of “to do list” that you never really get to do :rofl:
Procastination is fading away, and being replaced by an internal fire thats burning brighter.

Comunication flows easier, Im able to speak more of what i feel or think, more direct and upfront while being calm.

Funny thing… my girlfriend told me Im beautiful (she does it often) but this time I really believed her. Instead of doing a stupid joke or having an internal dialog that invalidated the fact that i could be beautiful, I just simply went inside and said “Yes I am”, it felt awesome.


Joa93 that is AWESOME that your inner dialog/response is shifting like that. I’ve always been drawn to just how changes happen after inner transformations are made. That’s the thing that keeps me interested in all this stuff.

Just to make sure I understand, you’re mainly doing just Regeneration and Limitless to get this shift?


@realbillperry Its a fascinating process, full of surprises and learnings.
I started with Regeneration and Limitless 50%-50% at some point I added Elixir, then I stoped listening to limitless since its included fully in Regen.

So basically Im doing…

Elixir Ă—1 in the morning
Regeneration 2 or 3 times during the day
Elixir x1 when I go to bed
Regeneration Ultra Sonic in a loop the whole night long (8 hours aprox.)