Life journey and subliminals (help needed)


Hi guys! As some of you guys know I’ve been running Khan Stage 1 (8-10 loops stage 1 and 1-2 loops stage 2) for a couple of weeks now.

Thing is, I recently hit a rough patch of my life… Started a new job (real job at a bank, left the school forever), the home I grew up in is sold and I moved. I can’t see my family as often as before. About a week later, my family dog died and I couldn’t say goodbye to him… this week my grandfather died, I saw him a couple of days before and it really shocked me to see him in the hospital bed… he was not at his best, wasn’t the man I knew when I grew up.

I have been feeling empty inside for a couple of weeks now… I really wish I could smile genuinely in my day to day life because I am usually a positive and sincere guy! I know that grief is usually a powerful engine for internal change of belifs, I have seen a lot of friends who changed a lot after a breakup (same for me), so I know there is light at the end of the tunnel! :slight_smile:

Here is where I need your opinion… I have been running total breakdown, but I started wondering a couple of days ago if pushing straight to stage 4 of Khan while I am not feeling well because of life events would help me take advantage of the “primed for growth” brain that people experience when they are going through pain!

I need some more inputs on this, I know it is highly theorical and I don’t know exactly how life events influence subliminal’s influence on our belifs!


Sometimes to get answers you need to ask different questions :
1 - Is there a real reason why you would not take your time and do this in order? Meaning Stage 1, then 2 , then 3 then 4?
2 - Why the rush to jump to stage 4 (fully knowing that you’re not ready for it)?

A lot of people overcomplicate this thing and end up sabotaging their own progress. Why wouldn’t you just be kind to yourself and do it in order and take your time with the process? Only you can answer that.


I agree with ksub since I’ve let fear make decisions for me many times in life, and I’ve never had a good outcome. I’ve found it very apparent when using a powerful subliminal which is pulling me from a comfort zone to a new spot. So far, I’ve never had multiple loved ones or people I knew die back to back, as that is life hitting one in the face.

Stage 4 is a very steep challenge by itself, and it will definitely break you (my opinion) if life hits you hard simultaneously and you don’t have a foundation, such as you’re experiencing now. Going harder, longer, and faster when you’re weak won’t make you stronger. It’ll be a waiting game to see when you break. There are other choices you have.

Something I sense in your panic, as I have loved ones in similar situations presently, is that you thinking a better, stronger, or more reliable you might fix some guilt about what you could have done differently in the past. There’s a painful truth, and it’s that even we don’t live up to our own set standards sometimes. And losing loved ones or pets can wake you up to your failings quickly. Even harshly.

I’m only guessing, but it’s possible you’re trying to cover over those failings with successes, like PRONTO!! NOW!!

I’ve had similar thinking when confronted with such failings, and sought immediate relief. I’m sorry you’re going through this, and beating yourself up via unrealistic expectations…only makes it harder.

Only you know what you’re scared of WhiteTiger. Breathe first, then ask yourself what you REALLY want down deep. You may have lost opportunities not available now, and the grief with that pain is how you’ll get past this. Go through it, not around it. You DO have the courage to go through this, or you’d not have spilled your story here.

I’m proud you shared so vulnerably here. It takes courage to own one’s truth. You did this with us. Have you done it with yourself? You don’t need to answer here. But being honest with oneself can make major shifts in your thinking and situation. Keep going. Take the next right step. That’s something feasible that can happen today.



Thank you for both your anwser… true, I know that stage 4 is “I want it now”… I want to get this over with, this is what I feel deep down inside, I don’t want to live this and I want to be better, faster and stronger RIGHT NOW… guess I still refuse being vulnerable even after years of working on myself… I don’t know how to make myself feel better, but I spent the day with my brothers today and I feel a little bit better… I think I will continue running stage 1 until the end of june as planned… working on accepting life as it is…

Thank you again for sharing your thought with me! :slight_smile:


I just got off a 3 hour phone call with my daughter :slight_smile: . I feel good, and reading your response confirmed that being with people we love and who love us is a natural medicine for us!

I also soaked in your words, as I too go back and forth, seeing problems, doubting I can handle them, and running away. But accepting life as it is…that’s growth. Even the desire to accept life as it is is evidence of that growth. In other words…me too. Every day. Me too.