Libertine Ultima + Stark + BLU. Journal... Let the heavens rain down their blessings


Not been out that much, Businesswise so much is happening though. I now got a mentor, Who loves my purpose so much he wants to teach me everything he know about business and stuff.

Was out yesteday though., and had very chaotic energy, Saw this table of girls looking over at me and had intense eye contact with her. But whenver you stood up guard came up and said go back to your table. Almost got thrown out XD.

Still felt I should have gone for it though,

Also meditated today, And one word popped up in my head, Limitless, Watched the movie, Checked the store.

Saw there’s a limitless Ultima so got that now. Planning to do 2 stark t followed by exectuive and beyond limitless.

Onward to adventure.


Funny thing happened talked to a potential client, And the metaphors that came up were insane.

Also wrote one of my best fb posts in a long time, And it just flowed.

BLU is my new favorite sub


a related gem:


Yea so true, Another one I like is. You are not your past unless you insist you are


Getting so many leads for my coaching now, The dream(Lifetime goal) of making 10 k a month is coming closer.

Will use blu and think of ways to improve the ability to handle leads in a effective manner.

Btw if you are even a hint of spiritual and want to learn how to attract money. Read the book Happy Pocket Full Of Money probably best book I ever read.