Libertine Ultima + Stark + BLU. Journal... Let the heavens rain down their blessings

Been a bit inactive really been pushing to increase wealth and stuff. A few of the thing that happened.

Went out to a bar with libertine and got some iois. I also noticed the more attractive I find the girl. The higher the aura gets.

So if shes like my perfect 10 it’s stronger. And they become super feminine.

Also sent a voice message to a girl and she told me just my voice got her very attracted. This girl is super intrested n metting up. But got diagnosed exhaustion. So don’t know when she be able too.

Tiktok is growing fast which is awesome over 300 followers now in less than a month.

I’m also getting resistance, Like I lost alot of money so now I have to live cheaply for this month.

First it just made me furious like WTF THIS SHIT AGAIN. But now I also see it as a opportunity.

Also decided to change to Stark T instead of Q. Because the limiting beliefs I have about money are probably my deepest ones.

I had money problems most of my life. But NOT FOR LONG. With my spirit and this subliminal we gonna break that. And raise the financial Thermostat.

Ps for a long time I used my charm and had women pay for me and things.
Time to earn my own money though and change the world :slight_smile:

Also I just read about rest days. Any info on how to use those. Like play subs 5 days rest 2 or how does it work?


I’ve also noticed that the more aroused I get the stronger my aura becomes with libertine. Seems libertine also does work on making dry aspect of you sexier including voice.

For looping recommendations I’ll leave this link, it’s only for single titles so far and it seems you’re running a stack but until we get stack listening recommendations this is the best resource we have to know how to run programs at different strength levels here.


Oh awesome thank you :slight_smile:

Will do 2 t loops every other day. Along with 1 libertine too.


Welldone things can only get better

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Ok so I have decided to experiment today. I’m just gonna let stark T run all day.

When I used other subs I tried this and got amazing results. LIke a drill reporgramming a day then rest. Then when you are at the core you just drill a little bit again.

Will not run any sub tomorrow. For science.

on 7th loop now. Energy just goes up and I have started giggling. Also got tons of ideas for new content.

Everything feels like slo mo but times goes fast. Also it feels like im floating when walking.

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Hope you got a decent amount of food, water, and physical time to mentally and physically rest tomorrow.

Stopped looping after 9 loops. This is transcdental. Divine almost. I feel the energy surging through the body.

Yea will get tons of rest tomorrow.

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9loops stark T😲

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So update went out to a bar felt amazing started talking to these 2 girls. One of them were super into me.
Then the tiredness kicked in. They wanted us to keep partying with them at another bar, and they also mentioned a hotel room.

But too tired so went home to sleep.

I had the biggest realization ever though. WHY DA FVCK have I overcomplicated this with girls. all you do is invite girls to your table to talk with you. And it’s done.

No game no tactics, Just be chill and have a awesome vibe.

Slept 2 hours woke up full of energy and ideas. This was one of them, And probably the one that’s gonna change my dating life forever.

Now for my rest day, Really happy with what I got out of this 9 loop terminus. Don’t know if I do it again. BUt it kinda dissipated all my pua conditining.

Just be a fvcking cool guy. Jeez the things you learn are so stupid sometimes.

I feel so fucking good, It’s ridicoulus like my brain is tired but my consciouness in more awake than ever.

Feels like I stepped into a new identiy and finally shedded the old one I tried so long. I mean I even got the idea of 9 loops Of T in meditation. Might have been the final nudge I needed


This is an awesome space to crack. I go in and out of it, but spend way more time in it since SubClub.

When girls like you there is nothing to do. Just be chill and have fun.

PUA stuff was designed for people who woman aren’t attracted to or people who think they need to ‘do’ something for woman to be attracted.

It can certainly be great value for breadcrumbs back to becoming he kind of man woman are crazy about, and I certainly applaud the courage and consistency of anyone who takes it on for real, but once that space your talking about is reached as a trait, the scaffolding can come down and its very freeing.


Yea it really is interesting, I have this friend who mass approaches girls, I can litterally just sit silent and htey get more interested in me.

He has a very needy aura, And a need for validation.

Worst thing with pua tactics is it get you in your head instead of just being present and enjoying the moment with the girl or girls you are with.

I remember when I took a bootcamp, First thing they told me was forget everyrhing you know and just be authentic. MY brain was like does that actually work.

So I met this cute girl on the street and said she looked fvcking adorable which was what I was thinking. And she melted.

Then I was like that lines is awesome and the other girl gor replled.

Being in your head with girls is truly the worst thing you can be. Even though you can get laid with it quite easy. Nothing is as pleasant.


RSD? or what bootcamp if I may ask? (you can PM if you’d prefer)

That’s actually impressive in a certain way, the only time I get laid while I’m in my head is when I’m imagining it :joy:

Took one with social prime back in the days.

Well i studied psychology and teqniques for 2 years. So it was quite easy. Though the girls was also quite insecure, Sure they could be hot. But not very giving relationships in the end.

I mean I had a sax slave, Just by devalidating her and barely validating her. It was disgusting, She had guys that did everything for her lke puppies. yet she was my puppy.

Guess that’s karma until it came back to mee too.

Im so happy I started this journey though, Would not be where I am otherwise. And would defnitely not teach self-love.

I mean the root of all problems in life is the feeling of I’m not enough. The moment that changes everything changes.


Yes I starting studying PUA stuff before my first kiss at 16
and I didn’t even care about woman, I just thought the idea of being able to do that stuff was cool :joy:
I just tried it out with 100% confidence and was very successful, but it was because I was confident and believed I was doing something magic, then I humiliated myself traumatically, and went back to baseline, from then on I only got laid by woman who were insecure, until I dropped all the PUA stuff altogether.

agreed-its lead to so many good things down the road though

this is so freaking wise. All achievement from ‘I’m not enough’ leads to more of the same. Anything from the experience of being enough is pure gold


Yea you can’t fix lack with more stuff.


Day 31 :Have decided to wait a bit with my custom and atleast run stark, A month more.

My interest in girls atm is zero. Without libertine all interest in girls go away XD. Had super fun talking and texting wit ha few girls a couple days ago. Today it just bores me.

Today was a bit of a drag, But also quit nicotine recently soo. Yea.

So focused on building my business.
To be fair I have been slacking on my business part for a long time. And went 100% girls.

Got interviewed on a podcast, And it gave me 6 leads so might be able to make som serious money :slight_smile:

Will approach if I see a cutie,i want to approach but will not go out atm to approach

Probably gonna make a custom later that’s a bit more girl focused than stark.


Day 32: Yesterday was a bit weird prolly the nicotine addiction spooking.

I talked with my friend about subliminal club, And he bought EOG, He ran the breakdown on speaker all night. So apparently im running EOG on night and 2 stark + libertine on the day

Usually I would feel bad about running something I have not bought. But in this case I don’t. I think it was the universe guiding me to have Stark really change me.

Had a very interesting dream, Dreamed I worked as a diamond miner, And I found a diamond but then people started wanting the diamond and betraying me for it. My best friends just tried to steal my diamond.( I’m pretty sure this is a deep belief that limit my wealth attraction) But after a while in the dream even though I got tortured and everything. Something changed, Instead of stealing my diamonds.

The Diamonds started multiplying. Then I had my own yacht a bit later. It felt so real and effortless.

Really cool stuff.

Also saw a post by my friend today, He just reached 7 figures in 2 years. And another reached 6 figures in 1 month.

It made me think, What If Just as an experiment. For the next 30 days. What if I only follow my heart, Approach if I want to approach. No matter the fear, But not approaching to just hit a number.

And what if, I go all in on business for 30 days with no excuses.

Doing this might get me to 6 figures but it can defnitely get me to 5 figures.

It will also skyrocket my dating life, And social skills.

So I have decided I will start this experiment on Monday, Right now I’m still dealing with nicotine withdrawals. So i’m a bit more soft on my self.


Day 33: Was out yesterday drank 4 beers. Got seated next to 2 girls and 2 guys. They asked if I was on drugs nope high on life.

The group left and 2 girls sat next to me and my friend. They were like you have awesome energy can we sit here.

My friend and a random dude I met at the bar started hitting on the girls really hard. I just messed around.

Then I started making out iwth one of the girls. They asked if we wanted to go to a afterparty, I said let’s go to my friend. Who had liquor and all at home.

But he got his girl blockage up and got like angry like no you are not coming home with us if you don’t bring your own liquor. Girls left, I don’t blame them I would not feel safe going with him.

The makeout was so effortless. More experiments coming.

It was also quite a cool dynamic. Everyone in the group guys and girls kinda foguth for my attention.


Day 37 :Not been out much, Won 350 bucks on online gamble. I had always had a sense of when I will win at gamble. But now it’s getting crazy.

I see it as a medium money can manifest through. More people are following me on Tiktok even though I been decently inactive lateley. Been planning videos.

However today, I woke up with a song in my head, Summer Wine Scooter. And it brough tears of love into me.

I had this deep feeling that everything I ever dreamed of is manifesting faster than ever.