Libertine Review by OldChap and a friend


Hello chaps.

As some of you may know, I changed around my life using Emperor after a tough period. I used most of the titles here at SC to focus down on specific goals that interested me.

I used Alchemist to find myself spiritually, and Ecstasy of Gold to grow long-term the businesses I have founded on Emperor.

And now I felt the sirens call again!

Here is my experience on Libertine Ultima. I must preface it with something I believe to be important.

Libertine seems to require an open mind and lots of energy. Thanks to Alchemist and the spiritual journey I went through, I had plenty of both.

First run on Libertine I felt a familiar heat rising around me. Reminded me of sex frankly. Really good, sensual sex. Like sex with a partner you longed to feel for years. I followed the instructions and stopped after one loop to gauge the reconciliation.

I didn’t feel anything else except the heat really, until I had a small gathering of friends in the evening. 4 girls, 3 lads, me included.

To be frank, it was a bit too much. I felt the heat increase fast as if encasing everyone in the room. One of the girls commented how hot it was and undressed a bit, then the signals started. Barely noticeable side glances, hair twirling, giggling, touching. The girl that took off her sweater seemed to constantly be looking into my eyes with sexual tension.

I didn’t do anything, since I have enough women in my harem and I like keeping that circle strictly for friends. Seriously mates, in the moment it was a bit creepy how a person can change their behaviour in a snap, but in retrospect I love it. I could have gotten with any of them in a snap really.

The next day when I had one of my loves from the harem over, it was on from the moment she entered the door. No foreplay, straight into the bed!

For my friend it was different. This bloke has no experience in anything spiritual and is a big skeptic. He felt the heat and dismissed it as the thermometer acting up, hahah. We actually went out to the bar, both after a loop of Libertine. We both kept getting glances, but he kept saying “no mate, you’re just drunk!”. Which I was a bit tipsy yeah, but mate, just look at the girls looking at you!

When we hit the bar again a few days after, he seemed tired. He was running Libertine every day he told me. No glances like the first time, and he was ranting how it doesn’t work. I shared some tips I picked up on during my spiritual journey about the importance of energy and how to work with it, and to keep an open mind for once in his life. He seemed a bit disinterested, but agreed to give it a shot.

Three weeks later, glances are back for him, and now we are sarging on a new level. It is rare we don’t leave the bar without a girl each.

I’d say Libertine takes a bit of work unless you are naturally open minded and have developed yourself to at least some basic level of energy. If you did, you will be floored hahaha. If you haven’t then look up how to develop your energy and open your mind.

Going to fire up another loop of Libertine and follow the sirens call, it’s Friday after all and corona isn’t a big problem in this country.

Cheers @Fire and @SaintSovereign. Good stuff!


Negative thinking, why would you do it anyway? Placebo effect is scientifically proven for the skeptics out there.

When you engage in negative thinking even though something is working, you’re literally swimming against the current or driving with the hand brake on. Everything here at Subliminal Club works exceptionally well, thanks for proving this once again.

Libertine had effects on me for several days… worked from the first time I tried it. Having an open-mind always you to release the handbrake and shift into gear so to speak.

Which programs are you running nowadays?


Why not help out a friend?

I agree. I did notice really big changes in my skeptic friends even though they might not notice it while they were running Emperor. Big changes in body language, depth of voice, just pure enjoyment of life. Funniest of all, they would always say its just life being better, or give some other excuse and say it’s not the subliminal. Takes a bit of slapping to get them to realize, but they always come around haha.

You can’t get something for nothing, but really having an open mind and some energy is more than a good deal for the results it brings. Just takes a bit more work for some.

Nowadays I’m testing House of Medici with a loop of Libertine. Works great for keeping my harem going smoothly and making business deals.

What about you?


Surprising that I found this to be the thing that stands out most in the post. :stuck_out_tongue:


This could be the answer for the gentleman Libertine hasn’t seemed to work as well for.


That sounds like the solution to many problems.


It’s been a while @OldChap! How are you doing? :slight_smile:

What kind of developpment are we talking about? I remember I got great results with libertine, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent for me. I am not super focused on libertine either, but I’d be interested on hearing your input on energy!

Why sometimes it can work, and sometimes it just “block”.


@WhiteTiger would be interesting to know, but honestly this may be something they know about and are correcting.


I think the correction needs to be within us. If something blocks the energy flow, you might have something in you.

I feel like energy, I mean the emotions you feel might influencr it. Negative emotion in particular!


Hi @OldChap, once again a very nice report!
Could you share with us the tips you shared with your friend?


Maybe it doesnt work when your stack is to big and your subconcious is overloaded and busy with processing. Could imagine that if u hit a reconciliation day that it doesnt work the way u want because of the bad mood.


Could you elaborate more on the heat you were feeling. Does this build up gradually or is it like a burst of heat radiating across the room? Does it make you sweat a lot or feel drained after awhile? Congrats on you success and thank you for posting.



Hope you’re doing awesome. Have you tried Libertine V2? If so, any comments on which version you prefer or what differences you notice?


Yes I did!

It is kinda different, like on V2 I still have the sexual stuff but also see more attention when I walk around and have more women not just sexually but romantically interested in me.

It’s like the creators added some kind of fame and romance component to the already strong sexual aura.

Love it.


Can you point to any resources for this?

@Hermit - it seems like you are a lot into spirituality as well. Can you recommend any resources for “working with/increasing energy”?


Yes, Alchemist! Incredible stuff mate.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I would love to do Alchemist at some point, but right now DR is a priority. Then probably Khan and later Quantum Limitless. So Alchemist is likely way out in the future.

Any resources outside of subliminals you could recommend for energetic development? I’ve had some experience with taoist energy work and a lot of meditation experience, but I havn’t found a spiritual calling or discipline as you describe in your journal


He speaks of Emotions (Energy in Motion), you need Spirit (Life Force) to experience emotions fully. In this case, because Libertine is sexually-oriented you’d want to have an unblocked Sacral Chakra – Khan Total Breakdown would probably suffice here. Moreover, if you want to enhance the Aura effects from Libertine, you’d want to hold in your sexual energy through semen retention. Every animal but humans only procreate in one season, why? Because they need that extra energy to survive the other seasons and it is also what gives them strength and fuels their actions.

Make sure everything you ingest, on all planes; mental, emotional, and physical is of high frequency, otherwise your overall energy will be low and the Aura will have less of an effect. Balance is also an important factor here – Subliminal’s may uplift your frequency but too much Subliminal’s may cause reconciliation and decrease your frequency temporarily.



Will look into it!


If you are looking for a resource to learn energy manipulation, I practiced with Robert Bruce’s Energy Work book and got incredible results. Super easy to understand and extremely practical with lots of exercises to follow along.