Let's Talk About Manifestation

Tools, techniques, methods, successes, and synchronicities. Let’s talk about manifestation.

There are many techniques out there. There is the classic 55x5 method (and its other numerical variations), spoken affirmations, written affirmations, scripting, visualization, magical ceremonies, subliminals, energy cultivation techniques, lucid dreaming, and more.

What works for you?

What are your thoughts?

What have you manifested?


Imaginative conversation works for me the good and the bad

The good

The ugly

I am a big fan of state of being method . You just need to have an uplifted state of being according to your definition (peaceful,alive, curious ,etc )

Writing scenario , I love Hicks exercise what do you want and why you wanted ? To align with the vibration of the goal


Never heard of that technique, very interesting.

This is something I’ve recently begun trying to learn, it’s difficult at first, but seems to get easier.

Yes! That makes sense. That’s something that I struggled with recently–aligning my true desires with the manifestations.

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Nothing new here it’s the same idea as

  1. nevell Goddard where you imagine the final scene
  2. and it’s the same as process no 4 on ask and it’s given by ester hicks virtual reality , and close to the scripting process
  3. here you don’t need to feel good or high just normal feelings like curiosity and it works . And if you imagined worrisome conversation or conflict you will manifest situations to copy these impressions .

Fredrick Dodson reality creation and manifestation book full of techniques you will like it :white_check_mark:

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Dr Joe Dispenza has been the biggest for me. I’ve been meditating for years but when I came across his work it just clicked more then ever. About creating (manifesting) in the field instead of matter to matter.

I think most people on this forum knows about him. One of the best when it comes to manifesting imo


I lean toward the simplicity of Neville Goddard.


Nofap struggling over the last 2 weeks but Nofap for me. I try to keep my sexual energy and transmute it in healthy ways towards goals