Lele's Introduction

Hi there,

Quite a long-time lurker here…Today I decided to give back all the inspiring infos & journeys I read about in the last 2 months. Today I just decided to open a journal that, hopefully, could inspire & push at least 1 person to change his/ her life for the better.

Please bare with me because I’m not a native English speaker but I’ll do my best to communicate clearly & properly.

So let’s start with a little bit of context/background about my past journey.

I’m a 37 male who has got plenty of challenges & curveballs in the last 2 decades like most of us I guess. My teen years were plagued by deep depression which sucked a lot of life out of me & ended up robbing a lot of fun experiences in those years. I was stuck in my studies with very low grades & I couldn’t make any noteworthy friendships. Every day during those years was a real struggle. In the meantime, I discovered a new passion: bodybuilding. So I started training for fun & I ended up loving those pumping sensations in the muscles which gave me a positive outlet to very slowly improve my mental & health condition. So after those years, I entered the university world in which I didn’t find any long-lasting satisfaction but I improved my relationship skills & joined, during those years, several groups of friends & I was having good relationships with my university mates.

Then I started to lose energy, got burned out & ended up leaving the university because it wasn’t my real & proper path in life. So after another depressing phase in that aftermath, I decided to start pursuing another passion of mine & get a Fitness Trainer certification by following a piece of advice given by a fitness instructor. So during that time, I got the certification & after just a few weeks I started working in a gym. However, that experience didn’t last very long because during those months I wasn’t paid. However, in the meantime, I got another certification as a Personal Trainer & started working in another gym but I ended up not being able to use it because there wasn’t any chance to grow in that work environment.

So after that, there was another life crisis that made me start over another time & moving on with another path in online marketing. I earned some money & then I quit. Then I choose to move on with another passion of mine: supercars. So I opened several Instagram accounts, and grow them quickly, sold several of them for a good profit & ended up having a main Instagram account in the supercar niche with over 850k followers. That account made me some money by sponsoring & hosting ads from other smaller Instagram accounts. During that time I landed some business opportunities to build a proper brand around my main Instagram account but when I was near to really starting developing it, the Covid Bomb was dropped.

The automotive industry was facing a real struggle in 2020-2021 and the car events niche, which I was going to enter, associated with it was suspended 100%. However, on a positive note, in 2020 I got a Master certification in Social Media & Digital Marketing but to this day I didn’t land any proper job in that niche.

So quite a journey with a lot of changes of direction.

I also wrote a self-published book in 2011 in the self-help niche & went through a spiritual journey that helped me break through my depression by directing me to the subliminal world.

Disclaimer: I started using subliminal audio from another company several years ago but I always felt I wasn’t progressing & growing enough, so 2 months ago I decided to stop them & use something else.

Right now I need to rebuild a proper foundation in my financial & relationship life to reach my rather ambitious goals of extreme wealth, a great physique & great relationship goals (both sexual & friendships wise).

I started by listening to LBFH & AC for a cycle (from 02/04/23 to 27/04/23) and then I purchased AM (which I started to listen to with LBFH & AC on 28/04/23) & LE to build the proper mindset to reach my goals.

Now I’m searching for a job in the Fitness niche & real estate because I would like to give a more stable foundation to really build my financial independence in a better-growing niche (real estate compared to the fitness world).

I landed several interviews in both markets in the last week thanks to the great combo of AM & LBHF & AC (2 already done & 3 more to go in the next week). The first interview was good because the gym owner told me that if I said “yes” by Monday morning I would start there as a Fitness Instructor with the chance to become a Personal Trainer without paying a single cent to host the individual training sessions there. However, the long commute & the low pay for less than 20 hours per week didn’t convince me enough yet.

So I got less than 24 hours to decide my future in the gym industry or leave it for good & pursuing another career in real estate (that path would be facilitated with a formative internship if one of those interviews goes well).

It’s a pretty long introduction post so from the next one I will start posting the results I got from the first cycle & a half on my new SC journey.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to the community. @Lele85 about LBHF, do you mean A Love Bomb For Humanity title. It is a good choice, healing first then go for other titles.


@Phoenix Thanks!

Yes I mean Love Bomb for Humanity. I was instantly hooked by that title because it reminds me of the book " Living On Love" by Klaus J. Joehle, which I love it :wink:


That’s good, it is better to learn to love our self then others will follow. You will know that when you start to appreciate others, being kind, and a loving person. You will soon have opportunities into your life, just allow it to flow.


@Phoenix Yes, I’m experiencing the fruits of love, so to speak. Abundant Self-love reflected on others is a game-changer for sure :ok_hand:


Welcome mate


@honeymonster Thanks man!