Legacies of The Chosen Angel

Back on Khan…

Feels like I had unfinished business; I had the wrong ideas regarding manhood, power, and masculinity, which I’m now ready to discover.

Intending to do a long time on Khan Total Breakdown alongside the rearranged Custom with Chosen that I’ll be sharing details of soon.

To be continued…

I’ll be going out into this scattered world, and fulfilling my highest destiny, to become a Great ambitious man of vision.


Towards Liberty, holding the Flame…


With Total Breakdown growth is abnormally fast.

I’m currently facing a similar problem that I also faced when I ran this program in the past and it’s causing a lot of emotional turmoil…

I feel like I can have such deep romantic connections with woman, and if their is a girl I truly like I want to explore that connection — the problem is when that girl has some boyfriend or someone she is seeing. If I know that guy, I feel so bad, it’s like I’m taking his girl and he gets so jealous, envious.

I just do not like seeing others go down for my own luck and happiness?

I guess I do not like competition and want everyone to win.

Any thoughts anyone?

Perhaps I just have to reconcile some believes and see it differently.

I really have a hard time in competition if friends are involved. I like to see everyone win unless the opposition has already decided whether they are friends or enemies.


Especially on Khan, because the Khan always wins and in the end someone will go home feeling amazing while another’s’ world may be destroyed.

And this breaks my Heart, I live to see others grow and achieve their utmost potential and happiness.

Any thoughts???

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I’ve had similar thoughts in the last week, though mine originated from Wanted and Libertine. Two of the girls giving me attention where in relationships, one of them even ditched her boyfriend to get on the same ride as me… It really made me question how far I was willing to go.

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Since running Total Breakdown, which has gone into the background, my Custom — The Chosen Star has been executing and bearing incredible results.

However, I’m looking to either run Chosen alongside Khan or rebuild the Custom by removing Stark.

Stark has been Great for me, in a certain part of my life — it’s been absolutely helpful and magnificent. But it has to go, I no longer resonate with that Archetype. It is time for me to uncover Masculinity, Sexuality, and Leadership qualities with Khan and Chosen.

Chosen is a reflection of who I truly am, deep within.

I love Chosen.

Khan is a blast too.

First loop I did of Total Breakdown were showcasing immense effects, each loop more I did, it faded more and more into the background.

And the Custom more and more into the foreground even though I had not listened anymore since then.

Zero Point is no joke.

I suspect Total Breakdown is reconciling and integrating.

For me, Total Breakdown always has been smooth, easy, no unbearable reconciliation whatsoever.

What I experience with these Customs is torture in comparison.

Muey bien, I’m gonna move forward with Khan and Chosen.

I love both, I just hope to see that Khan has enough wealth scripting in there. Otherwise I will have to use my natural manifesting abilities to get things going.



It’s been more than a week since I last used The Chosen Star (my previous Custom), and it’s been executing profoundly.

I’m sure if I led it integrates all now, and move forward with it that I’ll be having some profound results, and especially a smooth Journey because the most difficult components of this Custom have been reconciled and integrated.

However, I no longer resonate with Stark – I feel that Chosen will be its ultimate replacement for me.

I’m currently pondering over the fact whether I want to go ahead and build a Custom with Chosen, run the Chosen store program, or prepare a foundation with Chosen from Within.

I did some loops of Total Breakdown, and similar to this Custom I had pronounced results immediately, but then it vanished in the background as my Custom started to take precedence (even though I had not listened to it anymore).

With Zero Point, it all seems to be about consistency and momentum, I’m sure that the same will happen with Total Breakdown once this new Custom is introduced.

So, therefore, if you remain consistent and faithful to a program, the results will only intensify, and build momentum, more and more, as that same program blooms from previous months and weeks, while being more deeply integrated and reconciled in the present.

I have this feeling that The Chosen Star will remain active for at least another week or two, I think I got out of Remembrance what I wanted, the same goes for I Am, so I’ll be throwing those modules out the window, even though I still like Remembrance for reconnecting with all those beloved friends I had deep and constructive connections with in the past.

All this planning, thinking, and contemplating from Stark is what got me to detest the program after having the most desirable experiences with it in the past.

I have fallen in Love, more with being in the flow, going by Faith, and taking an actionable intuitive approach to life.

I’m no longer finding pleasure in contemplating life, understanding it – I want to live life and live it fully.

Chosen is the main Archetype I wish to embody and execute fully and I’m assured it has much in store for me.

Khan is for the pleasure aspect, I find it also has some deep Spiritual, and self-improvement aspects that I have found most enticing in the past, so with that in mind, it will be the second Title in the stack, alongside Chosen or Chosen from Within depending on circumstances.

With The Chosen Star Custom, life has become far more grounded and stable, I thank Foundation, I Am, and other modules for this which have proven to be absolutely accomplished for what I set them out to do.

I think I’ll have to test drive Chosen from Within and Chosen main store Titles to see how to move forward.

**While Chosen From Within sounds intriguing I’m not so fond of the Regeneration scripting. I had preferred if it was solely Chosen, with some Love Bomb but the entire Chosen scripting being focused on self-mastery and leadership. **

To prepare a Chosen one to lead others responsibly, by first courageously finishing the quest of finding the Light, gnosis, and Christos within.

With deep Gratitude,


My entire Custom, both Stark and Chosen are starting to blend and merge. It’s a profound combination and I would definitely suggest it for those who have a desire to build an innovative Empire, to become Famous Stars for those philanthropic innovations.

There seem to be a lot of deep forms of integration and results during the washout of a program.

I see how introducing a Custom, slow and steady may be most beneficial.

What do you mean? Competition is not always bad. It can be very healthy. It’s not like you’re taking anything from someone. You’re just doing the best that you can with what you have.
Don’t let anybody hold you back from achieving greatness.

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See, Total Breakdown was reconciling a belief I had regarding competition in love… the reason it went after these beliefs is that it is a trauma that stuck with me from childhood.

From birth on, (I’m Scorpio), I loved to discover sexuality with women, I found it adventurous and fun… I had the first sexual encounter when I was 15 on a vacation, I’m a tempting and teasing person but I was detached from the outcome.

All of that aside, it was not later when I was 16 that I fell in love for the first time and I began to realize how love and the attachment to that feeling triggered by this other person, made it difficult for me to seduce her… because I was outcome dependant. But this was not the real reason, this same girl was also loved and in love with friends of mine, friends I cared for – so it became a burden, because I had a deep connection with this girl, and I knew I could use my seduction skills to win her over and make her fall in love with me.

But I started to ponder over the fact that I would lose dear friends for loving this girl? So, instead, I choose to give my friends a chance, and I stopped showing signs of attraction, and I stopped seducing this girl – in the end, I got heartbroken and it discouraged me from looking for other girls because I only wanted this particular girl, my Heart was with this girl, and all other girls lost their special touch.

This love blinded me because I no longer sought love elsewhere, and at the same time, I could not go for this girl because I had already given way for my friend to fall in love with her.

Honestly, this broke me… I lost myself.

It was at this moment I discovered Spirituality and subliminal programming… I began a journey of self-discovery and studied a lot… but what happened is the same scenario unfolded with a different girl… and of course again, a best friend was involved.

I was running Khan this time, and Khan urged me to see that I could go for her. Which I did, but in the end could not go for the relationship because the pain, shame, and empathy for my friend his loss were too grave a burden to bear.

So, I kinda lost myself again because it became a constant burned on my Soul, something I was constantly made aware of – especially since both this girl and my friend were in my social circle, and I loved both but I could no longer love both fully because of what happened, and so eventually I did not win anything, but I lost all.

Two people who held most dear, I lost because of going for the love that was the strongest (with this girl), and I was also reminded of my past trauma, I wanted to choose for myself this time around, and it ended up in disaster nonetheless.

Both times were burdens inflicted upon my Soul that was constant suffering, each day, for 3 years each.

I believe this to be a karmic wound that has been paid for.

My Custom (The Chosen Star), and Total Breakdown have been working on reconciling these beliefs so I could be free again.

Khan has a lot of sexual and romantic freedom.

Depths of Love, with I Am in that Custom has been healing these traumas and releasing them with great success.

Ever since, I basically have overlooked romance, sexuality, love, etc

I was stuck in a scenario of suffering.

This has led me to question competition in Love. I do not love a girl easily, we must be a match on all planes of existence – not merely physical, it must be a resonance on the mental and Spiritual too or I’m simply not interested in a bond on such a level.

Because a relationship, let alone marriage is a bond, and this bond is a two-way street of constant exchanging of energies.

With the right partner, it may be a blessing, but for most people in this world it is a curse, and early on in my childhood, when I observed couples I became acutely aware of this fact.

So, I’m thankful for this precious healing.

I’m looking forward to having new adventures in romance and sexuality, and I hope with Chosen that I find the right partner, the partner I’ve always been looking for (Capricorn in Venus), one where I can heal, and grow successful.

This is a personal story, so I hope you appreciate me sharing this. I also hope it contributes to the forum and that people understand how easily you can let go of rather deep traumas by simply forging the right Custom.

I do not mind competition, I think the competitors know fully well there will be a winner and many losers.

However, when friends are involved, especially in Love, this became a questionable activity for me and I sense Total Breakdown in conjunction with this Custom is taking care of those beliefs like never before…

So thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire, because in just a few weeks’ time I uncovered and healed one of the deepest anchors of hell that I was cursed with since childhood.

This has led me never being fully able to focus on loving life, focusing on my ambitions or career, even though I was born with great potential because I was constantly distracted by recovering from a deep insufferable trauma that was imposed on me day by day, for years, and once I got over it and removed the first girl in my life, not a year of taking a breath I found myself in a similar, but even more disastrous situation.

I think this was also a big portion of the dark night of the Soul I faced when first running romantic titles.

So far, since this washout this Custom, like I said, has been integrated flawlessly, I should probably stick with it but Stark is no longer of interest.

Changing a few modules, and removing Stark will still keep the momentum. I think now that I’m over this trauma in Love, I can Love fully again.


Farewell old Life, welcome glorious purpose.


Heavenwards! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Finding that

Feel welcomed! :pray::fire:🪴

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I think it’s a matter or realizing that if they’re willing to do the work they can enjoy the fruits. If they ask you for guidance, you may guide. So part of it is learning to love them anyway but not let it get in the way of our goals and progress. The idea of free will comes in to play, in a way they can get to your level and you might even be willing to help them, but it’s up to them to realize that that is an option for them. So there really isn’t any competition from that perspective. :smiley:

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Designed this personalized version of Chosen –

  1. Chosen Core *
  2. Harmonic Singularity *
  3. Deep Sleep *
  4. Carpe Diem Ascended *
  5. Divine Self-Image *
  6. Blue Skies *
  7. Gratitude Embodiment *
  8. Depths of Love *
  9. Chosen of Venus *
  10. Transcendental Connection *
  11. Lifeblood Fable
  12. Faith Unyielding *
  13. Emotions Unfettered
  14. Song of Joy *
  15. Untouchable
  16. Eventide *
  17. Entranced *
  18. Ethereal Presence *
  19. APS: Head *
  20. Avatar *

It has a deeper Spiritual focus, mostly regarding the currents of love, faith, and gratitude – all those feelings and emotions which connect us deeper to life, love being a field that is healing and nurturing not only psychologically but also bodily.

With Harmonic Singularity to let go of tensions and stress (the main reasons for a lack of well-being and health in our society nowadays). Replacing it with love and gratitude instead, and to become a beacon of those emotions while experiencing them fully (emotions unfettered).

Using Entranced to impact whoever’s Heart I touch on a deep (Transcendental Connection) while leaving a lasting, dreamlike imprint on them with Ethereal Presence… Lifeblood Fable will build a reputation surrounding the miracles I will perform using this Custom, becoming reputed as the most renowned transformational coach and healer to have ever walked this Earth.

Song of Joy, only adds to it, with Eventide I will easily distract people from having useless arguments and discussions regarding beliefs, dogma, religion, and conspiracy while diverting the attention with humor in such a manner that whatever disharmonious beliefs I hold will remain obscured instead of becoming a source of drama, division, and chaos.

Meanwhile, I can help others just by living an inspirational life, not changing who they are actively but passively.

And with the freedom to be and explore as I wish, being Untouchable, and at times, when absolutely necessary giving a key to the hidden treasures without being adversely treated our judged (in the right setting), but for the most part embodying the Law of Silence with Eventide – not as a means for deceit or manipulation, but for cloaking ideas, knowledge, believes, activities which might otherwise cause unnecessary chaos, or diminish the effect of the vibrations that have been put into motion.

A little bit of underlying information regarding the construction of this Custom and its purpose.

I’m just missing the enhancement and further development of my 6th sense, I’m looking to fit Mind’s Eye or Awakened Perception in there, but I’m not seeing a replacement module, at least not right now – I might get rid of APS: Head in the future though.

What if I can love to such an extent that whoever I come into contact with, blazing like the sun, filled with Light finds themselves naturally and passively healing from whatever ails them, seeing the love in those individuals and using words striking so deep within their Hearts (subconscious), having an everlasting effect on their beingness.

I’d like to have Star-filled Night too, but sadly do not find a space.

It would help with seeing the beauty in others, even the most lost individuals, instead of judging them or finding fault-finding that anchor by which they, also, can find redemption and atone for the mistakes (often from trauma themselves) made.

In a fair world, everyone deserves to live their life fully, without being cornered by a society wishing to feed those individuals’ sorrow and pain.

Avatar is such a magnificent module, I’m hoping it will have a wide effect on embracing, embodying, and understanding the experience of that embodiment of the Philosophies and Spiritual traditions I’m studying.

Last but not least, Unyielding Faith has proven to be a miracle aid towards whatever I wished to manifest, followed by Gratitude (Gratitude Embodiment) for the wish granted I was able to achieve whatever I desired.

Still missing a few modules here and there, especially Awakened Perception, I’m truly interested to see how it would perform in this Custom.

I’m astounded by this Creation, it covers a lot of territories.

Second processing day today, still overprocessed – I hate this feeling. I’m looking forward to integrating a Custom while listening to just a loop of it a week, just to keep growing, and to keep the results flowing.

While remaining free of mind.

If I’m missing a module I sure love to hear of it.

But I like Avatar because it might cover things like “The Flow and”, other meditation-related or Spiritual modules by simply embodying the concepts and practicing the philosophies that I’m studying…

I’m thinking Untouchable might help me to spill some beans in regards to some of the rather “odd” or irrational decisions I’ve made of the years with old, but important friends, I wish to reconnect with.

To share a few of the opposing beliefs that have led to the decisions I’ve made so that, perhaps, they might understand those decisions better.

Nothing too esoteric, as those concepts I’d like to keep firmly hidden with Eventide.

Divine Self-Image instills a constant desire to improve, while Carpe Diem Ascended will motivate me from the first spree of sunlight in the morning until the dawn of light in the evening – all while feeling immense satisfaction for the efforts made.

Again, Emotions Unfettered is just intended to make it all more intense in the feeling department.

@SaintSovereign, I wish there was a Chosen from Within, just Chosen without Regeneration based upon self-mastery, and the objectives of general Chosen but to achieve mastery ourselves first, to imbue and learn virtue, and to become more whole, to be a fuller more expansive person more deeply connected to the heart.

Just a kind suggestion :slight_smile:

Au Revoir,


Falling in love with the Avatar module.

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Did a 5-min loop of the Custom, for me the trick seems to be to have a balanced, cumulative approach towards listening. A 5 or 3 min loop while taking sustained action for me reaches the apex of results.

As momentum builds I can listen more, take more action, have more results (and by using this strategy the reconciliation is barely noticeable while results are constantly inflowing)

I might even have done 3 minutes, 3 times a week to get started with this Custom.


Feels whatever I do, I keep clinging onto Spiritual life — this Spiritual life, of continuous growth and improvement truly invigorates me, seeing the growth and appreciating it.

My deepest passion is to see our human race transform into something Greater.

I’m a person of passion and ambition, I like to grow and to become satisfied and find pleasure in the process.


Seems the Custom and Primal Seduction is what I have sought after all this time.

With the Custom I’m looking to focus on Spiritual aspirations, career, personal life, gaining more income and wealth, leading as an example.

Become more, living a greater and fuller life.

Primal Seduction for the pleasures, living freely and making the best of each moment.

After much trail and errors it feels to me I’ve finally gotten into a stack which feels right and good.

Now, I’m looking to focus on increasing the results, putting in much efforts to gain the rewards of these programs.

It might be I disappear for awhile and return with some inspiring stories of what I have achieved.

This will be a :fire: summer.

I have been trying to find solace in a continous fog by introducing new programs, understanding them, feeling them, and their visions.

It’s been hard tribulations, it came with some obstacles and error which I had to reflect on and correct.

Those errors became lessons which I grew and improved from.

I do not think we can get anywhere in life if we do not know what it is we desire deep within ourselves.

I was searching for that desire and I’m glad that I have found it.

Now I’m journeying towards the dream I have set out for myself and I’m gonna make sure the journey is an exciting one with much amazement.

With these programs if you keep switching around, you will lose yourself, but you will also learn much about identities, that we are just a character in a play. And if you want to attract certain results in life you must resonate your attitude with such results.

I’ve been looking to do things different though.

I’m not looking to become a successful CEO that makes lots of money with a stressful and repelling character.

I will pave my own path, search for my own Truth and create my own believes, morals and ethics.

I crave for a successful life, a life that is successful according to what I believe to be meaningful — a free life, independent, exuberant in expression and emotion, I would leave this world in peace knowing that I have lived a full life without a single regret. Being fair, kind, generous above all else.

Love is the most important feeling, without that love success becomes a burden instead of a pleasure. I had and still have to find more of what I love — to act on those loving desires, to flow with them, and be at one with them.

Exalting my being in the worthy ideals, and living to make them true, a form of relentless purpose.

What is life without purpose?

I had to search about life, to know what gives us as humans meaning, to know what to live for and how to live. To acquire knowledge so I knew how to move forward, which path to take and what to do on this spinning globe without becoming bewildered of it’s many traps and illusions.

I could write endlessly, frankly, this has not been an easy journey so far, it came with much sacrifice, much pain, sorrow, and other feelings of despair and agony. But I held onto the moment that I was absolved from this arduous quest and came out at the end of a dark tunnel to see light so blindering that the pain of the past no longer held me bonded.

I know this was the ONLY way, and it had to be done and I’m glad it is done.

I’m so excited and ready to live this full life and great life.

My Heart is filled with joy, happiness, love and it’s needs to expand forever after until nothing else but good desires and ideals are left to ponder upon.

Amen :pray:

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I have a confession to make…

Since the good old times I had on Stark a few years ago…

I started abusing these programs.

With Stark executing so well, I started to realise that all the dreams I held I could easily achieve.

I knew I had little time… I put myself through the worst agonising experiences so I could understand the nature of life.

I’ve been having headaches ever since.

I’m not even functioning at 3% of my energetic capacity.

But whenever I run a program longer than a week, and I’m barely even executing the scripts the most astonishing things start to manifest for me.

Things you’d believe to be impossible.

Our minds simply cannot grasp the intelligence which is behind this holographic reality, this mass dream.

And with manifestation the possibilities are infinite.

This has been proven again and again to me.

I dislike bragging about this knowledge but the experiences I’ve had have opened me up to our divine innate power… they have free’d me.

I need 6 months till the end of the year to gain health and balance.

Next year will be the Greatest year for me ever.

I’m gonna prepare the strongest foundation ever and start to live my life like none has ever lived it before.