Learning to control your Sexual Energy

That’s a good question, most men don’t know how to control their sexual energy.

Most men are operating as a cup, separate from their sexual energy in the same way that water is separate from a cup.

If I keep filling a cup with water (sexual energy), it will just keep filling until it spills.
If I fill the cup with a lot of water (sexual energy), it will just sit there until I decide to empty out the cup.

Most men either do one of these 2.

  1. Keep filling the cup until it spills.
  2. Fill the cup to a certain level then empty it out.

Most people see sexual energy as just a reserve when in fact it’s far deeper that.

Forget the cup, it’s time to operate as a sponge, lol.

Imagine the inside of the cup walls are covered with a thin layer of sponge.
Now when you fill the cup with 250ml and pour it out into a measuring cup you only get 200ml.
Where the fuck did the 50ml go? lol

Of course, it got absorbed by the sponge layer.

We are very much the same… we are sponges to our own sexual energy.

When people are unable to exhibit high levels of sexual energy and sexual magnetism, it’s not that they don’t have sexual energy…

They have sexual energy but it’s focused in 1 particular spot (limited level of desire, think root chakra) and is unable to spread and fully be absorbed throughout them due to the energetic blocks.

When that sexual energy builds… since it’s only limited to that confined area of expression, it causes unbalance and becomes uncontrollable. It’s frantic and anxious.

When the confines/energetic blocks are removed, the sexual energy begins to get internalized and go inwards, spreading throughout the being. It’s incredibly calming and powerful.

It circulates, gets absorbed into your cells (metaphor) and becomes as intimate with you as much as your blood is.
It leaks through every facet of your expression and movement.
When you raise your arm, the arm will be full of sexual energy.
You can build it and keep circulating it, there is no limit and it creates a feedback loop to your life force that others can sense.
If life force is too much of a “spiritual woo woo” for people, think of it as a mental/subconscious construct for the expression of your livelihood, well-being and lust for life.

Anyways, you can also move sexual energy around throughout yourself with intention and project all of it onto a single focal point. You can build your own sexual aura by visualizing your sexual energy around you through intention.

You don’t need subliminals to do shit like this, lol.
Yes, they’re powerful and helpful tools… but it’s vital for people to know that they alone are that powerful and these types of things have been done in their own way for thousands of years… it just isn’t taught or popularized. What’s taught, popularized and drilled into our subconscious minds, is that we’re all nothing more than fucking apes, lol.

There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

But yeah, I learned most of this from my own experience, so I figure that most men can learn how to control their sexual energy by themselves.

It starts with removing the blockages, sexual repression, fear of expressing one’s self, etc.
Once you do that and lose the trained habit of “masturbate whenever I get the slightest bit aroused” then you’ll naturally have a self-building and free flowing sexual energy for you to play with and explore to your heart’s content.

You might self-learn and discover your own sexual energy through one of these sexual/seductive subs such as Libertine, Wanted, Primal Seduction, etc.
Even Emperor has “Generate a profound, incredibly potent energetic and physical aura of sexiness.” as an objective… so who knows.


Any advice on identify/removing those blockages?

I can guarantee I have some physically, mentally and spiritually but where would a beginner even start with something like this

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How can one hope to gain insight of himself ?
By observing himself

Meditation meditation meditation

Removing blockages ? As soon as you start being couscious about one, half the work is done, the rest is also up to you, deal with it

Heal it, put attention on it, move away from it, don’t identify to it, let it be for what it was only and grow
from there

Healing 101 for the beginner :love_you_gesture:t2: :grin:

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Dragon Reborn is a 4 stage subliminal designed to completely change you – it will shatter and purge, heal and rejuvenate, release and liberate all of your negative emotions, traumas, beliefs, energies, conditioning and negative blocks, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Sounds like Dragon Reborn was made for you, lol

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