Learning Lessons in Life

Just wanted to seek some thoughts on this topic.

Are we here in life to learn lessons?

Is growth through failure, pain and suffering necessary to achieve our goals?


Interesting topic. I learned a very hard lesson in life. Back when I started my career in IT I worked as a helpdesk agent explaining to people what a spacebar is or where the Esc button on the keyboard is. We usually made fun of people that didn’t knew our newly learned skilled, I became cocky and thought I knew it all but my day came.

Fast forward to my next job where I had to work in-field, go to different sites to fix what needs to be fixed. That was also the time I first experienced customised windows images. I had to call this company’s networks admin where they asked me to switch on their firewall. The place where I usually access my network places was not there anymore and I started to panic. The cocky and arrogant person I was didn’t ask for help until the guy asked me what’s the hold up, long story short…

Those guys on the other end did the exact same thing to me I did to others, they laughed their asses off and didn’t even hide it. I treat people way differently after that, even if you are younger than me. One of my important life lessons, apologies on the essay.


I think it’s different for everyone. Did you ever know someone who since being a child just had a predetermined trajectory? Like they had an interest, had a healthy environment to nurture that, and off they went. Pain or challenge? Nah. It was all smooth sailing.

Personally I believe there’s a bit of Stockholm syndrome going on with pain and suffering. People want to spin it around and think “surely this helped me grow as a person or it’s valuable in some way”. But I think that’s really just a reaction to reconciling whatever pain they may have been through. Sometimes it’s harder to say “yeah all that pain and suffering really just took away a few years of my life with nothing else to give back”. Actually that can be what trauma bonding is, people bonding over similar viewpoints and mindsets that just re-establish pain as a center point of their life.

That’s not to say I want to take away whatever important lessons people have learned. But really we shouldn’t fetishize pain and suffering as a great teacher. Sometimes that’s all it is, pain and suffering. No matter how you dress it up at its core it doesn’t change what it is.

Healthy challenges and obstacles? Absolutely. I believe in growth. Just not this “go through fire to reach the other side”. It’s not a universal truth because there are people who have lives where none of it happens so it can’t be.

Eh this one hit a little too close to home, so if my response is highly personalized that’s why. Between the struggle of ADHD, depression, and anxiety I’ve had to do a lot of grieving for parts of my life I’ve lost. It’s easier to sugar coat it with some positive twist but it doesn’t get down to the actual pain of that loss.

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I think I was inspired by a recent thread of yours on a similar topic, that’s why I created this thread here.

Anyway, I remember reading a discussion on a Neville Goddard sub-reddit about manifesting the body of a Navy SEAL overnight. There were some people who said having the body of a Navy SEAL without going through all the hell and fire was not worth it, while others said that one should not impose limitations on one’s manifestation goals. For the former, it looked like many of them were actually more interested in “going through fire" ,as you put it, than achieving that end goal.

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to an extent yeah but thats what makes us grow IMO. Their is no light with darkness , and i think its better that way because we can appreciate the things we earn way more. For example when i was super broke and then ended up making good money. Those previous struggles and knowing the crazy crap ive been through makes it that much sweeter. So i dont look at struggle as a bad thing like alot of people do. I think its necessary for growth, and makes the end goal that much sweeter

Question for you. Would you rather have gone through that struggle or easily coasted into it? Be honest.

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Its a good question and ill be transparent here. Easy is not a bad thing. Who wouldnt want some easy money or easy anything? But from my experience going through hard times and embracing the struggle, you turn out a new person. Example is this. You have person A who was giving 20 million from his parents from a trust fund. Person B who made 20 million on his own. Person B is going to respect the dollar more and have tons more life experience and a journey to share VS someone just given it on a silver plate. You appreciate things more when you dont have them at first and their earned in my opinion. Go 3 days without eating on a fast and the food you eat everyday that most people dont appreciate, you will appreciate it. Its the same concept across the board.


I just want to preface this by saying I’m not picking apart your argument here personally and I think this is a really good topic, but we have these limitations weaved into our every day lives wrapped around these little morals or platitudes that aren’t universal truth. And they get echoed generation to generation, but we don’t know where they come from.

We can also flip your statement around. Person B making that 20 million, but he stepped on people, crushed lives, and ultimately did bad stuff to get to where he was. He’s driven by an insatiable need for money that can’t be quelled and he hurts others in the process. He actually has a very narrow tunnel visioned, limited world view. Person A, although receiving that trust fund took the time to travel the world, explore other cultures, get a bigger world view. Ultimately they decided a goal in life is to help people. So they take that money and start their own charity or work on inventing tech to help struggling areas of the world.

Person B is wrapped up in their own hell where nothing is ever enough. Person A actually has more life experience because they expanded their awareness.

I dont know if you can see how the hard work and struggle = more value assumption is more of a rigid belief based on what I just wrote. If you change the narrative you can prove any type of point. Ultimately we should have choice of how to experience this reality vs chaining ourselves to these ideas. I think the reason people adhere to these beliefs is because it’s the majority experience. But majority <> fundamental truth.

This has devolved into some heavy philosophical stuff lol. But to me this is the goal of subclub. To go beyond conventional, beyond what we’ve been told, beyond what people deem the limits of reality. That isn’t always easy, there’s a very tight net of tribe like beliefs that hold things in place. You gotta go supernova to shatter that, otherwise you’re still operating within the rules that defined your life.

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Yeah i agree 100%. I think context is definitely key with this topic and it depends on the specific set of circumstances one is dealing with, because you bring up an excellent point. Everyone has different goals and motives so i cant speak for everyone. I also know self made guys and its never enough and they simply cant relax so their is that side of the coin as well haha. I guess i can only really speak for myself and thats where im coming from. My struggles with business and everything else i wouldn’t of traded it for the world since i feel it molded me into the person i am today.

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This i agree with 100%, very well said

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I think my response would of been better to the question of “Do you think struggle is necessarily a bad thing” His question after re reading was a little border then just that, so you hit it perfectly

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It can definitely be tricky forming opinions on stuff retroactively. I guess if your life is good and on the path you want ultimately that becomes irrelevant and those struggles become an asset in some way.

I guess I just like picking apart stuff thoroughly and questioning a lot to figure out how it all works. Just knowing I’m not being conned into a lifestyle and I’m actually exercising free will.


Yeah this is what i was trying to say ! I look at the struggles as an asset almost and see it as a great advantage. It really just comes down to happiness and living a life worth living tbh. And everyone on this forum would give a different answer to what that means to them. Also one persons advantage can be a total disadvantage to someone else. Like im sure their is many struggling business people out their that are like" Screw the struggle!" and want some easy path to come out of no where. So their is just so many ways to look at this concept.

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I think there’s a lot of survivorship bias in all the success stories that we hear, and we never really get to hear the stories of those who fail in their path before, and often we end up trying to apply the journey of the successful before looking into the context of the situation.

That aside, in another thread, people talking about using Sanguine to help boost results, and someone saying that we must be on the higher end of the scale of vibration in order to achieve results.

Personally I have found it difficult to climb that vibratory ladder - not everybody is fortunate enough to be in the right mental state/environment/circumstances to move up that ladder easily. I have also been wondering, are some destined to keep on reliving those struggling circumstances for god knows how long?

If there’s something purgatory that I need to go through before I can move up (or should I say Ascend) that ladder of vibration, then I don’t really have that motivation to move up and should just be content with my circumstances and keep on running some healing subliminal for a year.


Yeah i think everything is a mindset/starts in the mind. Thats why subs are so powerful. Only thing holding us back are self limiting beliefs.

“are some destined to keep on reliving those struggling circumstances for god knows how long?”

I think if the root cause isnt addressed, absolutely IMO. For example if you have a wealth ceiling or dont see yourself as successful, think you dont deserve money, money is evil etc, i dont think you will ever make alot of money. Same is to be said about attracting women, even health

I talked about energy/mindset in my latest post in my dragon journal, that stuff is super real, and i think dictates the outcome of many circumstances

I’m also running Dragon Reborn ST1 ZP on its own - I should finish my 1st cycle by the middle of next week, and will most probably keep on running it for a bit longer until I feel that I can move on from it.


How are you liking dragon so far? Crazy ride but the good days are amazing… Just waiting for that to stick

I just updated my journal. I’ve spent enough time with Subliminal Club products to know that I don’t see much externally but sometimes some shifts in perspective do occur.

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Hell to the no. I say this as someone years back got ensnared in the new age garbage that perpetuated this crap. We are highly dynamic beings. We can grow just fine without making high vibration a condition. I will fight this hard because this type of mindset can severely cripple a person. I’ve seen it in new age communities, they become like junkies waiting for the next vibrational high fix to move forward. Not directed at you, this just gets me really heated.