Le Paradis - The World Is My Paradise

Welcome to the one and only CyberSec seduction focused custom. I’m happy to have you on this journey and aboard this journey here’s what my custom will feature :wink:

  • Stark Core
  • Approachability Aura
  • Aura of Craving
  • Ethereal Presence
  • Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  • Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
  • Pragya
  • SPS: Fat Burn
  • Dominion
  • DEUS
  • Gorgeous Manifestor
  • Earthshaker - Sexuality
  • Emperor’s Voice
  • Entranced
  • Panther
  • Instant Spark
  • Long-Range Seduction
  • Seducer’s Gaze
  • Sexual Manifestation
  • Power Unleashed

Been running this custom since last Thursday and here’s the results I’ve gotten so far:

  • People talk a lot to me. Before I would have to talk to continue a conversation but now people are the one who are talking a lot to me and I’m just here listening

  • 3 job manifestations even thought I already have a job I like.

  • Seems to have lost a bit of weight but not sure since my diet hasn’t been the best last week.

  • My gaze seems to be more magnetic but that might just be me.

  • Whenever I go the gym, I notice girls staring at me a lot more as if they want me to come talk to them.

  • A lot more flirty and had a few dates coming up with some girls since running the custom.

  • Still less social then usual but it’s more of the fact that when I want to say something people just continue talking as if me listening to them is the most important thing.

  • Gym performance has increased. My goal is to have a face like Henry Cavil and a body like Greg O Gallagher so hopefully one of my modules can help me achieve this.

  • Deeper voice but this isn’t always consistent

  • Procrastinating sometimes and lack of focus sometimes. @Invictus or others any recommendation on what I can stack with my custom to reduce or fix this issue?


Lol, I am doing his program Greek God Program - Kinobody , just have had only two sessions but like it a lot.


And also love that you put only one core in your custom, I think this could be the best way how to build a proper functioning custom.

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I did his back in the day (Movie Star Program) and it was pretty good I got down from 20% to 13% body fat which was really good. For beginner his program is pretty good maybe not as much for intermediate and advanced lifters however I’ve been following his diet technique for 3 years now (Intermittent fasting).

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That’s how I’ve been doing it and I think it’s the best strategy for me. I ran stark for 3 months now and got pretty good results so putting it in a custom was a way for to make a ultimate playboy version of Stark:)

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Seems like drinking an energy drink with MCT oil reduces recon in my personal experience, noticed that today might keep experimenting with it. Hunger is higher then usual (Probably the physical shifting that I have in my custom) and been feeling pretty hot today but that might be because of SPS: Fat Burn or from the 27+ degrees weather. Also I have this device called NeoRhytm I used today and seems to have got rid of my procrastinating issue so I will try it out again tomorrow.

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Do you listen only to stark custom or something else?

Do you notice a different between the store program and how it executes within a Custom?

Also how is Power Unleashed… I found Stark a little airy, almost a breeze in the wind, did Power Unleashed give you that masculine powerful touch?

Or how do you see this module executing?

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Only Stark custom but I might add something in the future after running this custom for a bit. Reason being is this custom has 20 modules so I don’t want to be overloaded and to some the custom might seem dense so I wanna go slow with it

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Definitely stronger but in the custom it’s sometimes missing in the social aspects (Tho I’m thinking this is just recon since I was amazingly social today).

I’ve always been pretty masculine so not sure I have much to report on that side for Power Unleashed. I have noticed having less anxiety when talking to new girls tho and I seem to be more respect and have more status at work and in my personal life.

I’m sure it will come. A Custom for me takes a bit of time to integrate and during the integration as you have reconciliation on some parts of the script, other parts might not execute as fully or well.

I’m hoping to hear more of Power Unleashed and I’ll watch your journey closely as I was intending to add it to my own Custom with Stark in the future!

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New results:

  • My ideal face look is Henry Cavil and it seems that slowly but effectively it’s becoming a reality. I’m starting to lean out and build out a face like his (Even if I have a beard) and my hair seems to be 70% similar to his compared to 50% a few days ago (More of an analogy since I don’t have much ways of measuring this).

  • People seem to respect me a lot more (Power Unleashed I suspect) and want to follow what I say more and more also I seems to be more professional and respectful to the people that will help me succeed in life which is nice.

  • Focus seems to be slowly coming back (I think Epigenetics or the Aura we’re making me tired hence the fatigue and lack of focus so maybe I just had an adaption period?).


I think this would stack nicely with GLM.

It would deepen your voice. Give you a Henry Cavill presence. Balance out Stark’s attention-grabbing (but not always deep respect grabbing) liveliness. It would focus you and make you more productive. It would make you a beast at the gym and get you even more stares.

Would LITERALLY enhance every single point on this list, including focus

And if this is true, it’ll be a sub that grounds you to work on more of your strengths and bring them to higher nd higher levels of perfection.

Interesting I will definitely check out after my first washout of my custom (I wanna run it solo for the first cycle). Thank you for your advice @Billions as always :blush:

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Have you tried it Stark with GML?

Hi @CyberSec, Stark has a very distinct Archetype if you listen to the regular program from the store.

I’m sure you’ll notice to apparent shift from adding Power Unleashed, on how you demonstrate your power, how you feel more powerful within, how your speech, etc all changes in alignment with this module.

I’d be most grateful if you’d like to report a little on how this executes for you.

Dominion will have a big influence on this also. I was looking to combine them both myself, alongside Leader of Man to add that masculine edge to Stark and Chosen.

Sounds good will do!

One thing to do for sure if I was you (This is if it’s your first custom), is to have either only Stark core or Chosen core because of two reasons. 1: Your custom will be very focused on that core and it will be easier and faster to get results from it and 2: It might make it easier for you on the recon side of things. Personally, I don’t see a benefit of adding Chosen to Stark custom since Stark already has leadership aspects in it (Add Chosen will not make you more masculine in my personal opinion). A much better option would be is as you mentioned the Leader of Man module which in a way will amplify the leadership aspects of Stark (Same way some of my modules in my custom amplify the status and seduction aspects of Stark). Again this is just my personal opinion and from my personal experience.

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So far here’s the physical shifting results of my custom after a week of use (Pretty crazy). Keep in mind I have a strict diet and workout routine so that helped as well. Also in the first picture I’m more bloated but still lost over 4kg in a week (Mostly water weight I’m thinking)