La Ultima de AquaLimba


I received the test files yesterday. I was out the whole day so, given that sound quality seems to be important, I decided that it was not a good idea to listen to this on the move as walking around with headphones hooked up to a DAC and a laptop is not practical and would probably look positively foolish.
Also, I wasn’t sure to what extent ambient sounds would interfere.
I got home fairly late so I considered starting today because one of the the instructions is to run and then comment on any effects noticed after a few hours (something to that effect). Well, I didn’t. Anyone knows that once you get a new sub (even when you don’t know its actual purpose it seems), you just got to run it. So, that’s what I did. I rationalsed that by saying that field testing of any sub has to reflect the reality of how people listen in real life. Right? Or may be I just barred myself from future testing :slightly_smiling_face:
The anticlimactic end to that day’s experiment is… nothing happened. I ran the sub and went to sleep!

Let me add some extra reflections, in case they aid the developers, my sleep felt really sound and not restless at all but I woke up feeling tired, not actually particularly rested. Had some dreams linked to conversations that I had late in the evening so that is not surprising and they weren’t particularly particularly weird as such. One thing I noticed in the morning was that i had a song in my head and some sentences i had just thought that kept replaying in my mind, almost like on a loop. They didn’t feel particularly significant but it was a bit annoying. Imagine for example noticing in a morning that a door handle was a bit loose and telling yourself ‘this door handle is a bit loose’ and that sentence keeps coming to you. Wonder if this sub is something to do with determination towards the ultimate goal or is it about working memory…? Mmh… Interesting!

i am not sure also to what extent previous subs are working their way through my subconscious since I stopped listening to them on Friday. Anyhow, been playing file B whilst typing this. Let’s see…


OK, second update. Let me say that it is quite difficult to listen to two or three loops consecutively if I have to stay hooked up to the headphones, so I have had to listen at intervals.
Note also that I am not reading anybody else’s Ultima journals because I don’t know to what extent I would be suggestible. It is very tempting though.

Yesterday, Sunday, I listened to the B file. It was one loop in the morning, one loop in the afternoon and one loop in the evening on that day. The files seem to make me tired whilst listening to them and afterwards too. At the same time, I seemed to want to tick a few things off my to do list. My sleep again felt like it had been deep, yet I woke up tired and I had sweated a lot in my sleep.
Today, I listened to the A file. One loop in the morning, one around midday and one around 5pm. Decided not to play it close to bedtime to see if I helps me sleep better. Again, it would seem like I feel more compelled to finish what I started even though I feel tired.

Not sure if this is related but mess seem to disturb me a little more. My wife and I were clearing up and we normally have a discussion where I want to keep some 20 year old faded t-shirt and she tells me to bin it and I will argue at length why it shouldn’t be thrown. I really surprised myself by how many items I threw out without agonising over it for 10 minutes. I also threw out some bits today quicker than I thought I would. Coming from a chronic hoarder, i think that is pretty good
On the not so positive, I have felt a little bit negativity. Had a meeting with my manager and thought that I sounded like I was moaning and whining. Couldn’t really help myself for some reason and although I wanted to be more prepared and in control, I thought my comments sounded like I was bitching. Not sure what to make of it.


So, listened to A yesterday twice and i felt tired again each time I listened. It feels like my brain is trying to assimilate it but it has not clicked and it keeps trying. Also felt like I said more in conversations than I should. I am a talkative person so I don’t know if I am saying more or I am just more aware of how talkative I am. I slept well and woke up feeling a bit better than previous days but still tired for the number of hours I slept (7 and a half versus the usual 6 because I have a poor sleeping routine).
Listened to B today about three times and didn’t feel as tired whilst listening but I am noticing a certain pattern in that, a couple of hours after listening, I get a feeling in my head as if there is either mild tension or extra blood circulation but definitely a sort of sensation at the top of my skull. It’s not painful or unpleasant, it’s just there. Occasionally I would feel like I want to take on a task that would push me to create something special, like a spark but then it kinda goes away for a little while.

I guess one could look at the A and B files as if they are contrasting but I feel like they are a cycle. I mean that I do A then B and that feels like one step, the next A and B feel like another step.
Not knowing what the effects should be is quite interesting because I want to think about what the best way to consciously support the subliminal, help it along as it were. However, it feels to me like I am being primed for something but it’s not fitting into place very neatly. I’m not sure if it will click automatically, all by itself, or there is a step missing.

Onwards and forwards…!


The first stage of the test finished yesterday and I ran it for the seven required days and my perception of the last two days running A and B files were pretty much the same as the previous days. I gave some thought to the whole process today and these would be some overarching comments:

  1. Of the the two files (A or B), I would say that B felt more exhausting and listening to it three times a day may be counterproductive if you have full on days and responsibilities that mean you cannot switch off for a few minutes when you need it. That tiredness did sometimes lead to bouts of helplessness and feeling overwhelmed because i started thinking that I wasn’t performing well and that it was becoming obvious to others. Listening late in the evening furthermore led to very tired mornings, compounding the effect. This isn’t to say that the A file did not have any such effect but it was not as pronounced.
  2. In a strange way, I felt like my productivity outside of the bouts of fatigue was reasonably good and I got more satisfaction out of completing tasks. I felt a little more pumped to do certain things with the attitude that I will find a way to deal with anything. Unfortunately it was not consistent throughout the day so, mixed with the point above it was a bit of a rollercoaster.
  3. Had more ‘arguments’ with my wife but also recognised the times when it made sense to let slide what she said because there was no real benefit in carrying on down the path she was taking the discussion. It may sound like a bad thing but let me explain: I have a wife who has dominant tendencies and I am a laid back individual but I do like to win an argument, the key word here being argument. What I mean by that is that during any discussion, i want my’ superior’ logic (as I see it) to win the argument. She doesn’t play it that way, she uses guerilla warfare tactics where she will bring up anything that will let her score a point, even if it isn’t quite related to the discussion which would then unsettle my logic and make it difficult for me to actually win the argument. I noticed a better awareness of myself while running these files and, though It didn’t stop the emotions, the awareness made it easier for me to be clear on what points I really needed to stand firm on and which ones I shouldn’t waste any time over.
  4. The state of mind created by Ultima desperately needs an outlet to be channelled into. I had that this stage was a bit of a rebel without a cause where there was this desire and abiity to change things but there was a missing piece. It could be that I lost sight of my own goals in the process of looking for the effect of the subliminal and that I should have applied them regardless of the subliminal being run at the time. Still, there was latent power in there that could shine within the right set-up.

Not sure if this helps the SubClub creators but I think they are onto something, albeit a bit raw (Stage 1 at least).


Started Stage 2 yesterday. I ran the file first on the headphones and then on my desktop speakers through the DAC (speakers are not expensive but actually quite detailed and accurate except for the missing bass) and ran it one last time through the headphones. I felt a little bit of tiredness at the third listen but I can’t genuinely say that I felt powerful effects effects on productivity, energy or mood. A slight uptick perhaps on the desire to start things but it is not overwhelmingly strong. I would say that I had a good night sleep but not completely restful.
My workload is currently through the roof and I am really struggling to fit it all in. I don’t think that the sub has really made its mark on that front so far.
Today was pretty much the same and I did listen three times. May be there are some effects after all because i am writing these notes even though I feel really sleepy.
I have never used Stark before so I can’t compare to the regular or to the T version. At the same time, I do think that it probaly won’t take a couple of days to rewire me, however powerful the build may be.


Quick update:
Skipped listening yesterday. I was in meetings all day and then got caught up in other work. By the time I finished, it was late and it didn’t feel like I should listen at that point.

Note that I have never used Stark before so I don’t know how it affects me in comparison the the standard/Q version. I think, however, that the effects were present on the day I didn’t listen. I felt eager to do the work but also too happy to engage in a lengthy casual conversation. Not good for me because I am naturally talkative and even have a bit of a reputation (like, better not start a conversation with this guy if you are on your way to a meeting kind of rep, and I don’t like it).

I listened twice in a row today and the day went ok, got stuff done but not enough of what I had hoped to complete. Then again, I didn’t really have anyone to talk to so I don’t know if I would have gone off into long chats if I did have to talk to people.

My feeling is that this sub (in this version and with my limited exposure at least) suits me in some ways but not in others. It gets me more motivated to do my work once I start, so there is a good drive to carry on and less appetite for external distractions (a reduction rather than elimination) which is great for me because that is a real issue for me. On the other hand, I feel like I am constantly remembering things to do and that kinda makes me feel under pressure but from myself rather than from other. which I only really feel when my back is against the wall because I’m a really laid back character (I’m always told).
The reason I say I’m on the fence about this is because it helps in my motivation to do my work but without the feel good factor. I don’t feel balanced if that makes sense (i’m not unhinged or anything, just to set the record straight).


Final observations for me on this.
Yesterday was the last day and it was not a working day so it is different in some ways and only listened once.
I will try to dissociate what I believe to be the impact of the Ultima ‘platform’ or delivery method and the sub (Stark) it carried.

The Ultima platform, as tested in Stage 2, seems to be effective at delivering the carried sub with a little bit of tiredness coming through but to a manageable level. It seems to be quite effective and rapid to get the message through but I do think that like most subliminals, there is overnight processing taking place and a possible cumulative effect from that. Difficult to say how profound and long lasting the effects would be if used for a long time.

The sub Stark wasn’t the subject of the test per se, but of course there may be overlap that the sub creators may think need to be attributed to the platform rather than the sub itself. As mentioned, I felt quite motivated to get through the work once I had begun but with an impossible task list, I also felt a bit overwhelmed. That said, may be prolonged used would have got me through the backlog and that feeling would have subsided. On the flip side, talking for too long is something that I am consciously trying to get away from so that part was a definite drawback and could become a serious issue if left unchecked.

Thank you to those guys who took the time to read this. I can now go back to my Custom sub, :grimacing::raised_hands:t3::muscle:t3: It was s00oo hard to stay away from my usual stash!!


Shoulda read the Ultma release thread and saved myself a few minutes writing the previous post.
Still, it was useful to compare with others after writing it…