King's journey with the Emperor


As mentioned, I have restarted playing Emperor v3 (only this subliminal now) . I am playing the masked version on my earphones as often as I can and have been doing this for the past few days.

I think including my sleeping time with it, I have average at least 12 hours every 24 hour period for past few days, making my exposure time at least 48 hours - in actual fact even more but I don’t track accurately- since I think I have been listening to it since Sunday.

I’ve also played true social today to enhance the social component of Emperor.

Anyway, today I had an interesting meeting with the business development guy of an IT company that I wanted help from in terms of business development.

It was our second meeting actually, and after the first meeting last week, we ended up talking about personal stuff and sharing personal experiences on some common hobbies.

Today, we met for coffee again and this time round he was as chatty as before and interestingly shared with me stuff that he said he wouldn’t share with other people, including his girlfriend. He also told me that he would help me build a photography portfolio website for free as he wanted me to help him with some photography/visual storytelling business venture that he was interested in doing. He kept on telling me how much he liked the unique style of my photographs and was willing to let me have the opportunity to commercialize my passion.

That aside, he also told me that he was very good at reading people’s vibes, and told me he felt that he could trust me based in his vibes.

Our discussion on my actual business needs for which I approached his company ended up at the back of the long conversation.

Anyway, it was a very interesting and engaging encounter and I also felt I somehow met a new friend.


I should have been running Emperor for 10 days now.

I had become very motivated finishing up a market research report I am trying to sell and I worked like a demon over the past week or so to complete it and get it out of the door at record speed. Now I’ve finally had a sense of accomplishment - but will have to wait and see how the market responds to my report.

Today, I’ve had an interesting message from another IT vendor - not the one mentioned in the previous post. The CEO of this company which is based overseas sent me a message telling me that he wanted to know if I was interested in becoming a board member for his upcoming subsidiary in my country. Well, I don’t know what it means to be a board member, though I am already a local director for another foreign majority-owned outfit in my country, but this upcoming one is more established and I think it’s a multimillionaire dollar firm. I don’t know how I can contribute - my business and my professional experience is completely different - and don’t know what they see in me to make such a request, but will find out more in the call with them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the business development guy from the IT company in my previous post is very much revving his engines and wanting to get started on my photography portfolio website. I really hope I can make some money out of my photos.


Just had a call with the IT vendor. I realised that it was not as if we didn’t have anything in common. The chap is British - I’d lived in England for over half a decade so I sort of know the country well - but has been running his web development company in Finland for a long time. This is very interesting as he is trying to plug into the local network and is also seeking the support of the Finnish entities represented in my country. When we spoke about my current businesses, I ended up speaking about my role as a local director representing Finnish brands in my country (mainly food & beverage), as well as promoting tourism in Finland - and while we agreed that there would be no conflict of interest for me taking on an additional board directorship for his company, we also mentioned lots of synergies and opportunities for potential cooperation. It was a very interesting conversation as he himself also had interests in nature tourism and ran a sustainable tourism NGO in Finland apart from his main business.

Strangely, this year has been a sort of Finnish year for me, being roped in as a local director for a new Finnish outfit early in the year and then now possibly as a local director for another Finnish outfit. I find it a bit strange how things just turn out just like that.

Plus I managed to get the kind assistance of one of my fellow countrywomen who had stayed in Finland for 1.5 years and who was willing to assist me in my current business focusing on Finnish food & beverage and nature tourism. These were areas where she had lots of exposure and experience - and was willing to help apply to the local market here.

I am not sure how the subliminals I ran this year - Ascended Mogul for 1 month, Emperor for the next month, then Khan ST1 for 3 weeks and EOG for 1 week before taking a break - shaped these circumstances. I had ups and downs but overall, I had not seen much improvement in my circumstances emotionally , socially and financially - I am hoping Emperor will change everything.

I still must say that this whole synchronicity of everything Finland seems to have been a major theme in my life this year - I never had set any goals having anything to do with Finland at all.

So it’s strange- very strange,


Continued to play Emperor v3 ultrasonic on from my laptop as much as possible and the masked version on my mobile phone with my earphones when out.

I met a business partner today to discuss some matters - I needed him to arrange for reimbursement of some expenses after he went MIA for 1.5 months.

It was interesting that while he did tell me he had been battling anxiety for 1.5 months earlier on, he opened up to me and shared a lot of stuff about his personal circumstances and problems.

While we knew each other quite well, I didn’t expect him to be so open about stuff.

We settled the business issues after his long sharing after a cup of coffee.

I played True Social in the morning, so maybe True Social was at work again.


Things have been quiet recently as I haven’t found much I really wanted to update about. Nothing as exciting as the journals of many other people.

Been reading about all the exciting developments by Subliminal Club but I will stick to Emperor v3 for the next 2 months at least - I will not give up like the last few times. My subconscious is hell of a stubborn bitch.

I just keep on playing ultrasonic on my laptop day and night - I think I have at least done 21 days with an average of at least 15 hours. That’s over 300 hours and mostly on ultrasonic.

Confidence, I have been calm and am just learning to be patient with the opportunities that are coming. I can see opportunities but they are slow - very slow. A lot of things don’t seem to be under my control on the surface, but I am moving forward by developing the belief that everything can be under my control and I control my own reality.

In any case,I now know that the lesson that life is giving me is patience. I need to be patient, and let the seeds of my goals grow. I thank the many people around me who depend on me for also being patient. I am grateful to them and I hope to compensate them for their patience multiple times.


To be honest, I am usually working from home or my co-working space and am not going out to meet people unless necessary.

I had a discussion yesterday over the phone with my business partner in Finland that we would start a market research service for Finnish companies in Finland which want to enter my country. I believe this could be a good revenue generator.

I also have an urge to start reading about how to become a proper company director since I really wish to take up that director role that was proposed to me earlier on. Lots of homework to be done.

There is also some opportunity to be a broker for a high-value theme park entertainment system deal that I am working on too. Keeping fingers crossed for this one too

Finally, I want to mention a big goal that I want to work towards - having property of my own so that I can do what I want without people constantly distracting me, discouraging me as well as influencing my lifestyle and beliefs. Living with certain people has caused me great stress and anxiety - I need to move out but my financial ability still needs to be worked on.

I must keep running Emperor.


Interesting with my goal on getting my own property.

I have started to help a friend who has a business in the luxury real estate industry write-up some reviews for his clients. Instead of just simply deciding to cut and paste old boring content from websites of other reviewers or using the same style do the reviews, I ended up proposing to him a new idea about using a narrative story-telling structure for his luxury real estate marketing and review articles . I also spoke about data visualization along with brand consistency of his graphs and charts. Finally, I suggested a story-telling approach with regards to the use of photos on the website.

Surprised that it all flowed quite naturally.

Also on a similar note, I had thinking about how to monetizing my photography by applying story-telling narratives to buildings and interiors apart from people and I think there is something happening for me in this direction.


Almost close to 30 days of running Emperor now. It should be about 28 days, since I started running this cycle of Emperor on a Sunday in early August.

I would think that I am close to 450 hours of Emperor now - mostly ultrasonic this time round. I am looking forward to hitting my first milestone of 500 hours.

I would just like to summarize the potential opportunities that have come up - “opportunities” since they have not yet materialized into cash - for increased income/my business during this month of running Emperor.

  1. Sales of my benchmarking reports are getting some traction. Expecting some cash to flow in next month.

  2. My market research service for Finnish companies will start soon I am sure. The overseas partners bought into the idea and want it to pitch our services to our Finnish clients.

  3. I applied to be a freelance personal travel photographer for a company offering tourists such services. Yesterday, I received an email from the HR manager saying that she liked my photos and wanted to enquire more about my photography skills, experience, location and rates.

  4. Other professional photography gigs are in the pipeline.

  5. Potential board membership in a established Finnish company setting up shop in my country.

  6. Helping my luxury property industry friend improve his digital marketing strategy

  7. Opportunity to profit from a high-value deal by first establishing a connection between the seller and the buyer

  8. I am expecting my bread-and-butter consultancy projects to start kicking-in in October.

All this came within this month, and there are actually quite a number of synchronicities involved. Interestingly, one of the companies mentioned in this post is the namesake of one of the Subclub products. No prizes for guessing though.

I have also shut myself out from a lot of negative talk from people around me - I have tried my best to remain positive as often as possible - and have also been much less social and not interested in meeting up with people unless it is absolutely necessary.

I would say that procrastination, sleeplessness and lack of focus is something I need to work on. My self-confidence remains low - and a few of my goals within the next two months of running Emperor include building up my self-confidence, my persuasion and argumentation skills, and getting the motivation to start working out. And eventual goal is also to win the heart of someone dear to me, but I need to build up my confidence first.

The motivation to work out is something I still lack the motivation to do. There is something about the dyspraxia that has been affecting my involvement and interest in physical activity for many decades.

Since young, poor motor-coordination has made me stay away from sports and physical exercise as much as possible - I just don’t get the high that people get from exercising and I get very tired easily. Even up till now, I can’t feel any kind of “high” or “calmness” be it from meditation or exercising even though I have been running Emperor for a month.

Now I am almost overweight and have to do something about it. Plus the fact that I think I have some visual processing problems - I have never told anyone about it because I find it hard to describe what the problem is exactly, but it affects further my motor-coordination and I sometimes see things in clumps.

In the next two months, I will continue running Emperor for the same financial/business goals and also work on the physical part which will boost my self-confidence- hopefully I can get some motivation to go and work out.

I am also planning to get Nootropics to help me out with overall motivation, increased sensory perception, memory, creativity, problem-solving , mind clarity and manifestation ability. Perhaps someone can recommend me something suitable? I want to start with the pre-stacked Nootropics and I am looking at Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus for now.


Almost closing my second month of running Emperor v3 as much as I can.

I started taking some Nootropics about 2 weeks ago. Didn’t get much visible effects yet, even though I believe that my brain started to rewire as I was able to curb some addictive activity about a week ago. It’s a start I guess. Whether the nootropics or Emperor did it for me, it’s a good thing.

Due to my background and experience, whenever I stop on addictive activities, that means something is working, though I have never had the willpower to stop myself from relapsing.

Recently, I also observed that one thing I am good at is making connections between people, events and other stuff. I enjoy connecting people with common personal/professional goals together and perhaps due to some luck often I experience synchronicity in this area of life. I haven’t been able to monetize these connections as of yet but I believe its a matter of time when these connections bring great monetary benefit.

A lot of stuff and people that I encounter in my life (or just happen to know or hear about) seem to have minor significance at an initial stage, but suddenly end up becoming relevant to me at a later point of life.

I am beginning to see the larger picture, a complex network of how seemingly separate people playing separate roles in my life are actually connected to each other through mutual connections and mutual interest groups.

I wouldn’t say this is something new to me as I had observed it many years ago, but due to various reasons, had been unable to exploit the connections. But in recent times, I starting to see things falling into place again, even though the structure still needs to build up.

I think the Inner Circle sub will be very useful for me - looking forward to purchasing this one and stacking it with Emperor. It should enhance this aspect of my life significantly.


Something that the late Steve Jobs once said that I had always found meaningful:

““You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life.” – Steve Jobs


There is a lot of self-understanding in there, man. I congratulate you on your depth.

And I was wondering: What’s underneath those addictive activities?

I mean, are they addictive activities, or activities that you enjoy, that add a little bit of happiness and pleasure into your life?

If yes, what other activities could give you kick joy and pleasure without you thinking they are addictive activities?

Interesting word choice, “exploit”.

I just had a thought pop up into my had, and please correct me if I am wrong, I know you’re smart, and can value and appreciate honesty:

Do you mean with exploit that you connect people selfishly, with the intention to make money and benefit out of it, otherwise you don’t care about those people at all?

Or do you mean with exploit a win-win situation where they both benefit, and you also get some benefit, but you do it mainly because you care about people and want more good things in the world?

This is a safe place. I hope you’re not offended by my question.


Perhaps I should not have used the word “exploit”. It is not in my character to make use of people and treat people as tools, though for a while you just reminded me of my approach towards people, so thank you for pointing that out in any case.

I enjoy connecting people and have been connecting people/businesses out of goodwill and of no actual benefit to myself for a long time - in fact I have relatives and friends who think I am wasting my time by all my “matchmaking activities” which don’t result in me getting a good job or any money -
but in fact the other two parties benefit from knowing each other.

When I wrote that I observed the connections but didn’t “exploit” them, I meant that I could see the connections but for some reason I didn’t take an extra step or find the proper circumstances to bring those two people together. That’s about it. Exploitation in this sense meant to take the chance to bring the two parties together for their benefit, not to exploit the opportunity to make money or personally gain from the opportunity to bring the two parties together, nor does it mean to selfishly exploit people.

Of course, it would be great if I could benefit monetarily from my matchmaking activities too, but that has never been the primary motivation and I have always put the interests of the parties I connect as a priority.

But personally, I actually get some positive emotions from seeing two or more people with common backgrounds getting together- at times, it had been just out of pure luck with no credit on my part. In many cases, bringing two parties together is psychologically satisfying also as it actually fulfils some mental jigsaw-puzzle of mine. By enabling the connections in real life, I start to understand the bigger picture of many situations in my mind, and I get a more holistic view of many situations.


Awesome stuff!

There is a book about how to benefit more from any matchmaking and networking activities you do. It might give you some good ideas on how to ethically “exploit” your matchmaking skills :wink:


I went for an interview for a part-time position today just to see if I might be able to fit it some part-time work into my daily schedule as I have been feeling lonely (Emperor makes me feel really lonely) and my businesses are not moving as fast as I would like them to be.

I had a funny feeling during and after the interview that perhaps I wouldn’t get the position. Anyway, I felt that perhaps I didn’t give the interviewer the right impression that I was serious about the part-time job after we talked about my other business commitments (more than one), and I wonder if I had been talking like a boss instead of just wanting to be a part-time employee.

I must also have subconsciously given a domineering impression, and the interviewer must been wondering why I was dabbling in more than one business and yet still wanted to take up a part-time job which didn’t even pay well at all.

Anyway, it was an experience for me and I don’t think I am interested in taking that up in any case.


I’ve recently decided to enrol for a User Interface Design course. It looks like something that I want to learn (combining art, technology and cultural understanding) and the opportunities seem to be quite positive whether I offer the UI Design services as a freelancer, as part of my existing business services or if I ever want to go back to the job market.

I purchased Ultimate Artist a long time ago but never got to use it. I think the time to try out Ultimate will be coming soon after I am finished with 90 days of Emperor.


I am not sure whether this is something I feel because of Emperor, but for a while, I have been really becoming more conscious and aware of how most people in the world are manipulated through propaganda of any sort.

While I have been learning about how religions, societies, businesses and governments use story-telling and narratives to control people by eliciting certain types of emotions over the past two years, this perception has become stronger in recent months.

I feel that I am now able to look at many world issues from different angles and angles that many people, entrenched in their own belief systems and worldviews fail to see. Perhaps it is because I am learning to look at things from a very detached, non-biased view.

In a way, I also find it hard to relate to a lot of people around me who seem to be trapped in a certain mindset and do not find any way to get out of the mental prison. Perhaps they are happy in their mental prison.


There is a lot of self-understanding in there, man. I congratulate you on your depth.

And I was wondering: What’s underneath those addictive activities?

I mean, are they addictive activities, or activities that you enjoy, that add a little bit of happiness and pleasure into your life?

If yes, what other activities could give you kick joy and pleasure without you thinking they are addictive activities?

I haven’t watched porn since I took the nootropics. I think my brain needs more time than others to rewire before I can get more effects from the Nootropics and from Emperor.

If you’re asking what’s underneath the porn addiction - it has mainly been due to depression, anxiety, loneliness, religious guilt and a lack of female intimacy due to various circumstances.

I would be happy to say that I don’t feel have those above feelings as strongly as before since running Emperor though I think they are still running deep below as undercurrents. Perhaps it is because I have been focusing more on my businesses and improving my financial circumstances and see that as a priority rather than women.

I have begun to see Emperor as a foundation for greater things now and am not so concerned about those immediate/overnight effects that other people have experienced. Happy for those guys but I cannot let compare their progress with mine.

I am learning how to stop comparing myself with others. Being dyspraxic, I am not a “neurotypical” and my visualization/relaxation/sensory abilities suck a lot, so perhaps subliminal audios take a longer time to work on me. I have to understand that things work for me differently but I’ll eventually get there.

Nevertheless, a main concern now is still money - somebody still owes me a large sum of money and I am still hesitant to pester him for it as I know he can’t pay me back at the moment.

I wonder if I should stack Mogul or EOG ST4 with Emperor.


What does your heart tell you? Always follow your heart :slight_smile:


I had been feeling very unproductive recently for the past few days - business has been really bad and I find it very difficult to let go of stuff coming up like all the terrible stuff that dyspraxia has given me since I was born. I can’t let go of how it ruined my life and made me who I am today.

I booked an appointment with a hypnotherapist who claimed to be able to deal with dyspraxia and its impact on my self-confidence.

I have had thought that one day, when I have enough money and time, I will support a support group for dyspraxic children in my country, where awareness of the disorder is extremely low. This will be a goal of mine.


Still continuing to run Emperor on its own for now.

Wrote up an action plan on a spreadsheet for one of my businesses since one of my business partners is a highly spontaneous and disorganized person. Things are kicking off slowly though - we have a call with a potential investor at the end of the month, and there should be enough activity in the pipeline so that we can prepare a full year’s budget and activity for FY2020.

I realised that for this business, I could use some of my strategic thinking and big picture abilities to drive it. That would be playing on my strengths rather than just following instructions and waiting from further instructions from the higher-ups.

On another separate business which is almost stagnant - I am running out of ideas - some Chief Analyst from a big firm sent me an email yesterday evening telling he was resigning from the company to set up his own consultancy. I almost immediately took the opportunity to tell him there is a chance of us collaborating since we are in the same field.

I am starting my User Interface Design course tonight. Looking forward to this as I haven’t been in a classroom environment for a very very long time. Perhaps I may do something at General Assembly or Career Foundry at a later stage.