Kinda Alice in sublimiland :)

Hello people,
I recently started to read posts from this forum. After only a few days I ordered Wanted and PS:IT and started my first cycle with them (15min each every other day as instructed), so far so good, no recons at all, I got some crazy good attention from few women from second listening day already. This choice of my first two subs came mostly from my long time experimenting with various pheromone blends (I still using them daily and switch between them). I also looking forward to experiment with more subs, I am already overwhelmed of reading about so many different subs, modules, technology advances and possibilties. Many thanks for interesting articles here, I think I will stick here for a while.


Welcome @kuntz,

Excellent. If you start to get recon, just lower the exposure and you’ll be good.

Interesting, which ones out of curiosity?

Yeah, it can take time for a new user who really wants to delve into this aspect of perfecting themselves (of course, one could just choose a subliminal, listen to it, take action and just live life - that works too).

Best way? Read up on the forums, the and sign up for the Masterclass.


Pheromone blends I am using recently: Impi Red (LaCroy pheromones) and Homme Fatal (Aroma Fero), both very seductive and attention getters, also both blends have very nice scents.

Welcome and enjoy
The Hype is real
If you can’t find an answer the easy way (search), just open a question thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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