KhanQ vs Emperor Q Major Difference


Good morning every body

Almost two month ago i started Khan Q and i am now on stage two for 3 weeks.
Before that i did two week of emperorQ.
On both subs th wealth part has been kicking me really hard but in such a different way.
for khan ( it’s not my first try by the way) i tend to lean on self employed ideas like trading forex, and
it happened to mee the first i tried khan too.
on EmperorQ it was more like Improving my career by take course resume update , productivity increase
in the workplace and taking action to get a better job.
Iwanted to share it and also get some feedback from any of you maybe we noticed the same thing.

@SaintSovereign is it really a difference in the way emperor and khan wealth module are designed or just
a coincidence?


I don’t know about Khan, but Emperor is actually geared towards making you start a business of your own and becoming more independent. Doesn’t make it a requirement, the sub will adjust, but it’s common.

If I had to guess, since Khan is more social, it would be easier to earn money while surrounding yourself with people.