Khan ZP - what do you want from it

I know there are a lot of people that have run Khan for 6+ months, but in the end switched to something else. Is there anyone who started Khan and stick to it for 1+ years? Like we have Hoppa or Azriel running Emperor like that.

So for those people that hold Khan close to their heart, what was missing for you to keep running it?

I see Khan like the ultimate sub, covering seduction and wealth; You run khan and no other sub is needed. So here’s mine

  1. A bit more joie de vivre (I know @AlexSQ added some RM to get this)
  2. More wealth/productivity habits: borrow some stuff from EOG
  3. Verbal fluency
  4. Some physical shifting like Wanted and Chosen

Agree, especially with wealth and physical shifting. Yet what I want the most is for it to be single stage :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice topic - I think that Khan ZP could be a beast.

One of the things I love about SC is the ability to stack. Hence, I actually would prefer that Khan didn’t have additional wealth and productivity habits, since the people that want that can just stack with e.g. Mogul.

I agree with the rest of the list. Personally I would also love to see Inner Circle (or parts of it) in there, but I guess that I can just stack with Inner Circle myself :slight_smile:


I loved total breakdown, and haven’t really moved on to the other stages, but I can’t help but think Khan on ZP might not gain more “modules” but probably slim down and become faster and more effective with less “weight”. That kind of approach to the title feels more “Khan-like” to me than it expanding into something with every tool in the shed hanging off its belt.

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Let’s list here what we would like :slight_smile: I mean, there must be stuff that we’re missing. Otherwise we would have people on Khan more than 1 year :slight_smile:

pinging @pacman as well

Will do this for fun especially since Khan is my favorite subliminal.

  1. I agree to your points, @lovage regarding more self discipline, productivity and physical shifting (if we can have only the physical shifting of WANTED put in Khan, that would be awesome).

  2. Khan Qv2 already has scripting for Masculinity and Dominance. Hope they keep that in Khan ZP.

  3. I experienced a very Alpha type of wit in Khan Qv2. Hope to see that in its ZP version.

  4. Would like fame aspect. Like the Gloryseeker module.

  5. More creativity, intelligence and cognitive abilities.

  6. Fear and respect from family, friends, lovers, work colleagues, enemies, celebrities and strangers.

  7. Alpha traits like Alpha Body Language, Lion IV, Alpha of Alpha, Leader of Men, Godlike Masculinity, Voice, Frame, Presence, etc.

  8. Wealth and Woman manifestation like the Qv2 version.

  9. Primal Seduction, Sex Mastery and DIAMOND w/ Male Enhancement

  10. Finding purpose in life

Haha I think I put in everything. They will most probably slim Khan down but this was fun to write. If they do all the above points though, I will only be running Khan ZP and Paragon ZP for the rest of my life :grin:


that’s the spirit. thanks for adding your thoughts man

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Personally Khan made me undisciplined hahaha

Or at least a little bit too much to my taste. This is why I dropped it after like… More than 6 months.

Khan actually came from Mogul, emperor, Primal Seduction and Daredevil

  • Diamond, Sex Mastery (nice addition to have diamond’s content in it!)
  • Mogul’s money and wealth
  • I loved how Khan made me more social
  • I love Khan’s sexual dominance
  • Verbal fluency on Khan could be better…

Basically for me it’s only a question of discipline toward work, food, gym and all that made me stop it :+1: So if it could get better it would probably become the center of my stack.

On ZP right now I feel like the manifestation power is lower or is it just me?


I always used Khan with Commander for this exact reason, but it would be really nice to have the commander determination in Khan. Especially now that we only have 3 choices for our stacks…

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Ohhhh, I had never tryed it… Oh my god, did I missed running Khan for the past year :cry:

Well, I’ll probably have to run back stage 1 through 4 anyway!

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If discipline is the main thing you miss from Khan, you owe it to yourself to give it a go with Commander. Same Khan vibe, I truly believe they should be one sub: khammander.


Well, now I’m on Wanted and PS, might even add a loop of diamond in there to crank up the sexual energy and I get some Khan vibe on it :grin:


@friday just made a khan custom to make the perfect khan. What’s your thoughts on this man?

Personally, I don’t think that Khan should be single stage, but it would be cool to have it be three stages, combining stage 2 and 3 into one stage.

First stage is purely about healing and building the foundation. I’d like to see the first stage be all someone needs to prepare for khan so long as they listen to stage 1 long enough.

Then stage 2 can be an action + healing sub.

Then stage 3 can be pure action, no healing.

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development of high emotional intelligence, because it is a great indicator of success. Managing your own emotions and that of others is a great ability


Really agree with this.


Ask khan…. If someone would know what to add, he would know…. :upside_down_face:

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To have at least the same results as the first version (2019 I think) in less loops, or as I read in the first khan’s journals in this forum.

Yeah :muscle: I remember my first run of Khan, I was just talking to my neighbour and suddently she made a move on me hahaha

I ended up only with a handjob because she had her period, and since she is bisexual/mostly lesbian, she didn’t feel comfortable with blowing me (it had been years she hadn’t seen a dick) Hahaha! That was the funniest shit ever!

Fucking stoked for Khan ZP!!!


Imagine if it included Chosen, Wanted, Libertine and LB…. Unstoppable Khan…. :upside_down_face:

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Well, as soon as Khan ZP comes out, I am starting the first stage and kicking out PS.

21 days stage 1
21 days stage 2
21 days stage 3
Stage 4