Khan vs Stark vs Emperor vs HoM vs PCC


After finishing my healing I would like to start teaching/tutoring online and start building my own business around it. It’s related to foreign languages. I would like to start blogging, uploading on YT stuff related to it and also use social media for building my brand. Which of those subs would you go with in my place? I excluded Emperor since it’s not really good for connecting with people or building a social circle which is the core of the business I want to run. Please, give an explanation of your suggestions.

Thank you in advance, guys.


Stark, because it’s obvious. :smile:


Yes, it is. I was just wondering maybe Khan had the necessary programming (similar to Stark’s) in it plus some extra stuff. :sunglasses:


It’s much more than that.

The key is standing out among all the other options as the obvious choice – and worth the 2-5-10x median rates that you will charge.

That is the point of building your Personal Brand.

This is the Stark Mechanism. :wink:


There is another option:

StarkQ Ultima + Khan

StarkQ is excellent for teaching, no doubt about it since it bestows intelligence, charisma and social leadership which are necessary in educational fields.

Khan though, will give you a competitive edge to conquer your chosen field. Not to mention a masculine edge that is highly in demand in this day and age.

Additionally, you can also do:

StarkQ + Emperor
Or even
StarkQ Ultima + Emperor

And incase those are too dense stacks, you can always choose Khan or StarkQ or Emperor and balance it with other subs (like Emperor + Daredevil/True Social to make the Emperor friendlier or StarkQ + Godlike Masculinity/The Commander to make the StarkQer more masculine)


Stark would work great

Stark + Khan would be great too as Raphael has recommended. I second this recommendation.

Stark and Emperor I wouldn’t go for because they may clash according to what I understand. And Stark + Khan is really solid solid solid. =)


Yes, I’ve run Stark+The Commander, it’s was a great ride. Stark powers + the masculine mindset and aura of the Commander. I think I’ll go with this stack if Stark+BLU was too “soft feminine”. Thank you.


I think I’ll go with Stark+Rebirth for some time. Personally I think one should stack Rebirth with every sub introducing some archetype like Stark, Emperor or Khan. Khan+Strak could be too dense and would take much more time to kick in. On the other hand, I’ve plenty of time and I could run ST1 of Khan+Elixir conitnuing my healing then ST2, ST3 and ST4 with Rebirth+Stark.

This journal inspired me to run Stark+Rebirth only… I have to ponder on your suggestion (Khan+Stark) a bit more.

Thank you.


Very good point, Simon. Thank you very much!


I’m thinking about stacking StarkQ with HoM since HoM makes me “more masculine” and improves my social skills. Of course, I would run Rebirth too. I would use it for at least four months and then switch from Rebirth to BLU for another four months at least.


@Voytek - StarkQ + House of Medici does sound like a cool idea. A more mature Tony Stark from “Avengers Era” where he is friends and family oriented more than just going one man army in the “Iron Man Era”


Meanwhile me on Khan & Stark (I still 2nd this recom :DD)

deep GIF


@ALMIGHTY - ha ha ha! :mask::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Are you planning on running this combo anytime soon maybe?
Why do you recommend it so strong?


I already am / was before too.

Have probably tried all the combos listed here.

Although HOM not for long admittedly because it doesn’t fit my situation that well.

So I speak from experience when I suggest it and with good intentions for whoever stumbles upon this thread =).


Very interesting. I didn’t think HoM had a masculinity module. I guess because I ran it once with EQ that I did not sense it. Wonderful if this is the case.


When I was running HoM I was more decisive, solid and dominant. Also people treated me with more respect. That’s all if it come to the alpha programming in it. But there’s much more in this little kitten which is related to social interactions and status. Also it makes you more analytical and cunning. Inside you’re a calculating machine, outside you’re a charming guy. It also was helping me manage my relationship much better.


Hmm. I have PCC also, not sure if this will jive well with that or be redundant. Azriel tried it but I think he stuck with HoM longer if I am not mistaken.

I’m glad to learn this about HoM btw, thanks mate.


Cheers, mate! :slight_smile:
Some people consider PCC, Stark and HoM as an ultimate sub. I’ve stacked HoM with Stark Terminus and Commander once. It was really great for three days then I got an unpleasant reconciliation. It was too much for me. Stacking it with PCC sounds great if your environment is full of players/competition. It would be much easier for you to outwit them. Those three cores come to my mind when I’m thinking about my very first custom but it’s way too early for me to build it anyway.


My environment, no not really. I bought it for myself because I can be pretty gullible at times and too quick to trust. Although when I first had this book some years ago, it wasn’t exactly my favorite, I wasn’t able to finish the book.

The historical parts are fascinating but I remember it seemed less than honorable in some areas (don’t get me started with the Prince) which did not jive well with me, but I figured knowing how to see these tricks can only help in defending oneself. That is most likely the aim of the author. An additional facet to social mastery so to speak.