Khan vs emperor about productivity

i searched in this forum and i don’t understand a thing.
i read about emperor and the fact that brings your productivity on an incredible level.
so for my big problems about productivity and organization it could help a lot. but in general i prefer khan and it has the take action thing that i don’t understand if it helps you to take action with social situations or in general.
in this moment i need something that makes me sit on a chair and fucking study like a champion and pass as many exams as possible. i wanna retrieve all the exams. even better still finish them all in the summer session in the next few years (because in this session is impossible) so I have the summer free and the autumn session free.
so emperor or khan can transform me in a machine? or maybe you know another subliminal.
sorry for my english

The subliminal for you is Quantum Limitless.

What did you do after this thread last month?

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well i said if everything goes well, it didn’t go well ahahahhaha
i had problems with my credit card and i’m still waiting the new one. that’s the reason i didn’t updated about the subliminals, because i can’t buy them yet. this situation is really frustrating.
so i was searching to be really sure or maybe to buy something else with sex mastery and ql because i wanna take advantage of the discount coupon for the first purchase.
however I have this fear that ql is not enough to make me act, to cure my anxiety (for the learning skills i kow it is the best). I don’t know how to explain it but I have a lot of difficulty studying and concentrating and anxiety blocks me.
however this problem concerns practically only the study, because with sports and girls for example I don’t have these problems.

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