Khan vs Ascension

Has anyone tried both subliminals and can elaborate on their results and differences between each other. I read the description of Ascension just now for the first time and I am surprised to that it has very similar goals to Khan (maybe with a lesser focus on women). Would love to see a few different replies and experiences (especially for Ascension). Thanks :pray:


Don’t be shy


Perhaps many have not run both,
I’ve read a fair amount on this Forum
and from what I can recall in my observations
one major difference is the social/sexual aspect of Khan.
Ascension seems to cause attraction and romance but with little focus on
social and doesn’t put social/romance as a goal over development of self and internal power.
Khan most likely has Ascension in it, as it also has Emperor.

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I have been running, all at once, 24/7, Khan,Ascension and StarkQ for a month now.
Amazing changes, I can do anything now.
But Fuvck Lockdown, all of my girls are out of touch.
And I am afraid, I don’t like to incessar myself in any incests.
Use all at once, it is going to brainwash you, erase your past, so you can come out alive a new born guy.

For me ascension is raw masculine!

24/7 with Q versions? What stage of Khan?

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It only has parts of Emperor if my understanding is correct. I was wondering if Khan had Ascension but I feel that the sales page would advertise that if it did.

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@PrabhatKC You trolling or serious? 24/7 with 2 heavy subs? And you said you can do anything now, how did you determine that with the lockdown in place? Btw your 4th sentence doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Elaborate or re phrase on that