Khan v2 Update?


I know it is pretty early and there is no need for it right now but I heard Saint was talking about some new building method Fire discovered for Alchemist. Any plans on a possible update of Khan in the future? Something you discovered by working on Alchemist that can be used for Khan v2?

Ahhh you promised us to post a Road map, didn’t you ? @SaintSovereign :wink:


The roadmap isn’t finalized, but it’s coming. I’m trying to convince @Fire to do something that a lot of people have been asking about for awhile. :wink:


Yeeeesss ! The “GROW MY PENIS SUB” is finally coming …


rofl, that’s a new one


Penis growth ? Would this be a stacking module with PS ?.


The first image that popped into my mind when reading @friday’s post was people comparing the results with those of a competitor’s product.

“Yeah, with their product I gained about a 2 inches, but with SubClub it was massive! I think I broke my girlfriend, she’s still asleep.”
“I totally agree. I’m actually calling mine Weapon X now. Used to be Mini-Me, but no mini anymore!”

It’s a bit of a tricky subject I’m guessing. There are people that would stop taking SubClub seriously if they made a claim to create physical change in that area, whether or not it is theoretically possible.

My best guess is Quantum Limitless. I’ve seen more and more people asking when it’ll show up recently. Then again, Fire may not need convincing on that one.


I hope you know that I was only joking here. But if there would be a private test group… Sure, call me in! xDD


Of course I knew you were joking. I mean come on, 2 inches? A competitor would barely make it past 1 inch. If they’re lucky. :wink:

Your post came so out of left field it was just plain funny. I had to stack onto it.

As for Khan 2.0, let’s get feedback about Alchemist first. See what works well, more importantly see how the improvements actually manifest themselves.

Then start thinking about the Khan of Khans. Or a multi-stage Ultimate Artist that may or may not be on the road-map. I’d say Alchemist as a platform would do very well with creative subliminals.


@DarkPhilosopher and Fire

I would happy to become a tester for the penis growing subliminal.


That’s hilarious!


Sovereign contacted me he ismaking me a private tester for the new penis growth programme “giant penis”.


He told me it’s a stack module named “Biggus Dickus”, and it only works if you’re using Spartan or Centurion along with it.


Gosh, I missed that. Always look on the bright side of life. I have such a perfect addition by Rob Corddry to that. However…

You do realize there are people out there that will actually think there’s a real private test going on now, right?

Let’s try and let this thread go, I think the question has been answered.

Both questions, actually. I believe I answered the Khan 2.0 question and the Iron Throne limited sale has answered the second.


For you all penis joke increase fans, it’s possible. Just takes a lot of work. and there are other sites aswell, mattersofsize and thundersplace.

Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)

I’m not gonna get TOO much into this topic, but I had a bathmate a couple of years ago and it worked.


I had a whole workup on why and how it works, what the downsides are and what women prefer, but I finally managed to check myself, so I’ll just stick to…

Hey, Liquidfire is back after nearly two months! And what a topic to make his returning debut on! :wink:


Primal v2, now with the full Sex Mastery v2. :heart_eyes:

Primal had it’s own magic, and with the exception of the 2 Weapons, it’s the sub with the oldest tech.

What’s with quote box!

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Gettin’ warmer :wink:


Hopefully in AlchemistTech technology! cc @SaintSovereign


I popin and out :sweat_smile::smiley: