Khan v2 (New Beginnings)


You guys have been advertising NEW BEGINNINGS like crazy…

I am really excited about this module… SADLY it is not included in Khan as it is new technology. Also, sadly there is no plan to update Khan as it is already based on very good technology. HOWEVER, I was wondering if you guys are thinking about adding this module to Khan St1 without changing much of the rest. This would be truly amazing!


Or create a Stack Module version of it. Definitely a worthy title.

May the product line have it’s own New Beginning in 2020. :beers:


I would love that!

A stack module would generate some cash flow and would serve more people.

A reason to put it on the priority list :wink:
(In the waiting time having Khan St1 with NB Lite seams reasonable)


Stack modules actually don’t bring in enough cash to warrant creating them. We make 'em not to make money, but to give you more freedom with your stack. That being said, I want to make a full New Beginnings program, but we need to make it work better without having to name embed it first.


Are y’all sure you want New Beginnings?

Going by Saint’s experience, it’ll turn regular reconciliation into the first stages of MK Ultra…


Well, if you’ve already been through MK Ultra, you would have foreseen that. :wink:


This might sound weird but what if instead of name embedding you would use the words ‘My Name’


I, my name, am dominant!
Wonder if it would work


The subconscious has a tendency to take things literally, it doesn’t like ambiguity. So it will ask itself “Who is this my name? Must not be for me.”

So the entire statement stops working, or it is as effective as it is currently without name embedding.

As for the idea, Saint did mention the full NB was both name embedded and dealing with a specific issue. So in order to make a general product for it, you would need to write it without the name embedding and have it deal with as wide a range of issues, for which we may have to raid the closets of psychotherapists everywhere. In the end, it may end up as effective as Khan’s breakdown already is.

But Fire has been known to have epiphanies.


When I first started on Ev4, I really hated the addition of NB.
I felt like:
“Why @Fire, Why? Why would you do this to us? :worried:
… And if you absolutely had to,
… Why not create an Iron Throne of Emperor - a V4 with No Healing? (masked obviously) :wink:
… Let us have the Choice!”

It took me 3 weeks of stacking Ev3 with QL stages to prepare myself to run v4 without headaches.

Now, after 17 days, I’d say New Beginnings was worth it.
The direction I’m now taking my life was something I had never considered before. :astonished:

Full Disclosure:
Starting yesterday, I have resumed the Iron Patriot at Ev4:Ev3 at 2:1 ratio.
This has nothing to do with NB.
Ev4 made me polyphasic - I was sleeping 2-3 hours three times in a 24 hour period.
Ev3 normalizes this for me, along with providing higher levels of optimism & forum posting. :smile:
Note that, even with the poor sleep, productivity was better on Ev4 solo.

Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread

With or without New Beginnings… I can’t stress enough how beneficial having ST1 in the ST4 script would be!

@Fire, would it be theoretically possible to include St1 in St4 with the latest tech?


Lol I just had a dream about @SaintSovereign answering that it is not possible at this point giving some other opinion that it would not be as beneficial as one might think… LOL


Kudos to @DreamSovereign for giving such accurate information. :wink: