Khan + True Social + Libertine?


Simply put, I’d like to hear about these two things.

  1. Do True Social and Libertine work together with Khan?
  2. What’s the most effective way to use the two superchargers and get the benefits from both when used with Khan?


Yes they do work together, but Khan already had aspects of both contained within.

If you’re on ST1, that might affect how those superchargers work. ST1 is known as putting people in a funk, on top then you’re give off sexual friendly vibes? Doesn’t work very well. But try it anyway.


I’m using both superchargers along with Khan ST1, 2 loops in the morning but I never run both on the same day.


There are people using them back to back with success. Others use them in the morning or at night. From a rational point of view, I would say that yes, you can use both, but you should use one at a time (even if it is at different times during the day) and use them a little bit before running into the situations where you can apply them.

I say this because a supercharger’s purpose is to align your conscious state to the instructions your subconscious has been receiving. This state does not last the entire day, the duration is different per person and tends to be like hypnosis or meditation (as in, the more you run it, the longer and stronger the effect and the easier it is to get into).

So, you can use True Social before going to social situations like work or even going to the store or any time you’re leaving the house, really. And Libertine when your goal is to find yourself a lover (even if she is already your lover, always nice to ooze sexual energy when meeting the wife or girlfriend).


How about using one today the other tomorrow?


Use them when they have the most effect. If you go social one day and sexual the next, no problem. Or social in the morning and sexual in the evening.

The only thing I have doubts about is using them back to back. I feel the second may overwrite or at least weaken the effects of the first.


I plan to use Superchargers only starting with ST2.


Is it possible for the state of the supercharger to be incorporated on a more permanent basis over time?


The stare? You mean the state?

With superchargers there are two things at work. First, there are subliminals in a supercharger, and the more you run them, the more your subconscious becomes familiar with and is able to incorporate those instructions.

Second, I think that much like brainwave entrainment, your mind gets used to it over time and with repetition. Meaning that if you do it often enough, it’ll get easier to move into that state. The supercharger starts acting as an anchor (more on that after the next paragraph), and every time you even start the track, you jump immediately into the state.

The question is if it is preferable or even healthy to walk around in a certain state all the time. I don’t need to be in full Libertine mode while at work. It will distract me and may lead to issues. There is a time for it, and that’s usually not all the time.

But you have ten fingers. Which brings me back to anchoring. If you get to the point where you can enter into the state with help of the supercharger really fast, you can teach yourself a trigger. And then you can call up that state at will, whenever you need it, without help from the supercharger. Your mind remembers what to do.

Just don’t start salivating whenever you hear a bell ring (let’s see who gets that one).


Haha, was thinking of incorporating True Social more permanently. You’re right though I’m that Libertine could cause problems if held all the time. Have you been able to pull off triggers?


I have both True Social and libertine. Haven’t used them in quite a while but around early fall time I would run them back to back before dates *if I had time.

This is what I can say. The dates that I did have time to run them right before leaving usually ended up with us deciding to go to 1 or 2 more places after the original planned spot and then back to one of our places. Coincidence :man_shrugging:


Pavlovian dog :slight_smile:


First thing that sprang to mind: “Pull my finger.” :slight_smile:

I have trained myself to be highly resistant to manipulation, even from myself, so it’s hard for me. But yeah, I’ve been able to do it. The key (for me) is to be able to recognize you are in a different state, you really need to notice you’re not at your “baseline”. So the stronger the state, the better. And then it’s repetition. I have done it on a few brainwave states, my goal is to trigger every state from Epsilon to Lambda. Leaves me 2 fingers for something else.

Obviously, those that hail from the days of Speed Seduction are aware of the concept and how to use it on women in order to link states of arousal and attraction to yourself. You become the trigger, and every time she sees you…

Ah, the days before there was inner game. :slight_smile:

@HappyHero When running them back to back, which one did you run first, TS or Libertine?


I have used both True Social and Libertine with Khan for great effects.

For me, as soon as I woke up, I would run:

2X Libertine
1X True Social

Which gets me to begin the day powerfully.

Does this fit your needs and your schedule?


@DarkPhilosopher I would run libertine first only because that took focus and TS I could move around on my way out or whatever


Hmm. So I usually meditate in the morning—I suppose a Libertine-based meditation would substitute for that. True Social after that may not be a problem in terms of listening time although I’d still be concerned about one aura overriding the other.


I have done it for months, no aura override. Perfectly compatible :slight_smile:


Good to know!