KHAN Stages 1 - 4 plus PS:IT / SM v1


This is day 1 of running Khan stages 1 - 4 individually , i will run this 24/7 in ultrasonic and spend at least 1 month or more on each stage depending on results .

Plus i will add 2 loops of PS:Iron throne , as been running PS/IT for 60 days already and will continue until 2020 so will monitor if this affects or compliments khan !

I will update as time moves along

Emperor , Primal Seduction,Daredevil and Sex mastery X
Emperor , Primal Seduction,Daredevil and Sex mastery X

This is great, and I am looking forward to reading your journal @xanderson83!


You mean you are running all stages together? Just a heads up that ST2 is quite tough


No , i will run stage 1 for 1 month then switch to stage 2 for 1 month and so on etc


I have been playing with a similar idea of creating power-combo’s, Khan ST3 + PS:IT being one of them. Maybe with Godlike & Legacy. Part of me thinks that some stages would go well in a mix, while others wouldn’t.


Day 11
Khan stage 1 x 5 loops
Iron throne Ă— 3 loops
SM v1 x 1 loop
Running all ultrasonic 24/7

Working literally all month so no time to really go out on the hunt but using it to eat healthy and loose a few pounds at the gym and read more .

I went out once a few weeks ago , approached hot women and average women without a care in the world and the rejections didn’t phase me or my mood , had the mindset of their loss not mine …i know its all part of the process .

Khan so far hasn’t really done much for me but as @amash said its after 20 days or so effects start to manifest so will see what hapoens once reaxh 3 weeks .

Irone throne has been having some effects , gone back to online tinder as no time to go out and been getting some success with matches , a few dates lined up and long texting conversations of a sexual nature etc . I have a dste lined up this sunday and one the week after so will see what happens.

FYI: i have been running PS since late april , then switched to iron throne early august and began khan stage 1 sept 1st .


st1 is clearing. I didnt feel much and i listened around 350 hours mix of masked and ultra


Day 35
Think its time to move onto stage 2 , so will run the above mentioned stack :

Khan stage 2 x 5 loops
Iron throne Ă— 3 loops
SM v1 x 1 loop
Running all ultrasonic 24/7

Will update you after 30 days


Update: day 41 of running Khan stage 2 and PS:IT
I will change to Stage 3 tomorrow and run for 50 days with PS:IT


How are your results?


A lot more calm and centered , more positive and way less worry , more attention from women and my interactions are effortless sometimes other times less so but with time and repeating the same behaviours it will cement as this is a long term transition so looking forward to reaching the 6 month mark .


KHAN STAGE 3 DAY 20 : definelty gives a little action taking voice in the back of your mind , as before calm and laid back …fearless with rejection and see the funny side to it . Not sure if Iron throne is complimenting this or detracting from it …will update in due course


Khan stage 3 - day 37 : not much to say really , nothing really different from the last post …need to see if this helps with meeting during the daytime as will focus on that in 2020 , also will run this for 3 months before stage 4.


Update: day 53 of Khan Stage 3 / Iron throne/SMv2 …consist results with women …i think i might extend stage 3 to 90 days instead of the 60 planned


Update : Day 88 of Khan stage 3/PSIT/SMv2 : Gonna be moving onto stage 4 on march 10th and looking forward to see what happens and will run for 6 months .


Update day 101 : switched to stage 4 of khan and will update after the 30 day mark


Update day 175 : Khan Stage 4 Q , going well so far and only 6 loops a day average


I am interested, can you elaborate a bit? What results did you notice?


Khan S4 Q- Day 198: Will run this until 2021