Khan Stage 1 has begun

After my last post looks like Khan Total Breakdown has started to kick in

I hope my mom dies


That’s one way to start a journal :rofl:

May I ask, why do you feel this way? It’d be interesting to see what lead Total Breakdown to allow for this statement to pop out of your mind onto your journal.



Looks like reconciliation has started to kick in.



Best Opening Post of 2022


Did anyone else instantly like the post after the first line and be like…nope…after the second?

Anyhow, in relation I’d love to know the answers to @Beowulf 's question too. That’s a strong thing, in my opinion, to say. However it’s not my right to judge you for feeling that way.

Nevertheless, I’m glad Total Breakdown is kicking in for you.

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My train of thought went more from “okay good to see it’s doing its thing” to “well that’s a pretty hilarious thing to say in this context”.



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Oh boy. It’s working. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Quite a dark thought to have.

While most healing subliminals try to gently guide you through your traumas, Total Breakdown will crumble every single trauma and concept that is holding you back into dust with extreme force.

This is from the product description.

I’m sorry that you feel like that about your mother. It’s likely that you may have some deep emotional traumas being addressed in relation to her.

This is a good sign and means that Khan Total Breakdown is working. Sometimes our traumas are based around people, family members or friends who have wronged or hurt us in the past. So when you are healing traumas, sometimes negative emotions and thoughts come to the surface as you move into the best version of yourself.

Keep on trekking the Khan journey! It can be a difficult title to run because of how much amazing transformation occurs, but it’s all worth it. Great results await :raised_hands:


I expressed what I felt in that moment. Don’t feel so intensely now but there is still some bitterness towards her.

And I don’t know why there is so much uneasiness in my stomach/gut

Did she control you ?
Do you feel a need to please her?
Do you put your needs or hers?

I mean she’s loud, impulsive, impatient, unintelligent, addicted to drama, has low self esteem, not really supportive, loves being the victim etc etc

I’m not the type of person who’d thank his mother when he gets award or something.

Didn’t exactly get the calm, loving, supportive mother like my peers who can easily talk about stuff like girlfriends with their mothers

Growing up in my teens I always kept her at an arm’s length. I still do now.

I don’t want to complain about her anymore because crying and moaning doesn’t fix much, and at the end of the day it’s my responsibility to fix myself.


After my first post the reconciliation died down a bit but now its back again.

Interestingly, today was my last day of the cycle.

I feel so bad with so much energy trapped inside me idk what to do. I have already lifted so much. It was intense.

With this Total Breakdown thing I feel like nothing is going my way, socially at least.

I think to break me down this sub is purposefully manifesting situations where I’m forced to face my insecurities.

Idc how it works but i know it’s working. I know I need this. My future self will thank me.

Healing like this was long overdue.


The weirdest thing happened today

I was watching this Adam Sandler movie “Uncut Gems” (great movie btw) and there was this scene where his girlfriend cheats on him with The Weeknd in a bathroom.

While watching that scene, I felt like my heart dropped. I actually felt sick as if it were my own girlfriend.

This has never happened before.

Then I started thinking that it could’ve been my girlfriend. I mean a celebrity with a “blue check” could easily take my girl with just one DM.

It felt so emasculating just thinking about it.

I mean I’m single now but there is a possibility an ex girlfriend of mine could have cheated on me with some D-list rapper in the back of a club.

God maybe all of them cheated on me at some point.

I don’t want to talk to women anymore.


Keep an eye on yourself brother and remember Khan is NOT the only path. Could be the path for you, could not be. Just keep that in mind.


Just Add Limit Destroyer, You got this… I’m currently running St1 for the New Years and boy oh boy LD sweeps up all that dust that St1 crumbles and brings a sense of confidence you’ve been thirsting for :ok_hand:


Your Khan Total Breakdown is working. It is releasing all your trauma in the form of the emotions you feel regarding your mother and ex-girlfriends.

Khan which is supposed to get you ready for better relationships with women is supposed to do that. And as your mother is the first woman in your life, Khan is removing all limiting beliefs and wounds you have with regard to that.

3 things:

  1. Forgive your father and mother. Khan will help you with that but consciously guide it to help forgive your parents. Yes, they have their faults but you have yours too. It will help you and improve your life when you forgive them. You don’t have to fully like your mom now. Just try to forgive and your healing will start.

  2. Don’t take a girlfriend until you are at least 30. I am guessing you are still young. Spend your time dating multiple women casually. Be honest with them about it of course. You will learn about women during this time.

  3. Focus on wealth and fitness.


Let us not forget the true spirit of Khan is


Best wishes to your journey on ST1. I’m starting it again in a few days. I don’t know your relationship to mama, but I have one that is a… rude individual, and I love her these days. Let that anger shit be humorous to you so you can be a major success in life.

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That’s a negative thought loop. Cut that out. You need to conduct a mental diet where you WILL your thoughts in the better direction, even if it feels stupid. Do it.

You’re the winner who gets the ladies. The celebrity. Not the loser. As unfair as that sense of injustice is when it’s stirred up in you, you need to feel that, but also force yourself into the shoes of a winner. You’re taking the first steps to being a victor.

Reframe yourself as the Weeknd in that scenario. You have permission to let go of all that’s holding you back. You do whatever the hell you want, be whoever you want, get what you want.



Khan stage 1 my good friend. It’s a great sub. It broke down so much trauma in my life. Forgiveness of the past is great to open you up new different possibilities. For forgiveness I would recommend ho oponopono song. Sing this forgiveness mantra and you will see all your relationships transform.