Khan ST4 vs Stark

Could someone who has run both or created these programs discuss the differences?

It would seem that Khan probably is more alpha.

Stark is more focused on genius and social qualities, possibly?

I’ve only run Stark, mostly as part of a Q custom, though I also ran it as an Ultima during those trials.



Well they are quite different.

Stark focuses more on „creativity“ and being a social butterfly, whereas Khan is about becoming alpha, having fun and seducing women.

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Khan is gonna make you feel dominant as fuck with all!

Stark makes you selectively dominant.

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That might be also of interest here

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Think of Khal Drogo as Khan and Tony Stark obviously as Stark

Drogo is more of a Dominant Alpha who people fear and women love because his presence, he would rather people fear him and admire him for his strength and manliness. He is much more dominant and assertive with people knowing exactly who he is and being intimidated by him.

Stark is more of the creative genius who can be a leader at times and likes to work with people, women also enjoy and are attracted to his vibe his nonchalant vibe, he can also be the party boy who has it all and gets everything he thinks he wants. He is much more charismatic and has that happy go lucky vibe to him.

And then you have Emperor which is like an embodiment of Batman/Bruce Wayne without the martial arts skills unless you mixed it spartan lol. His presence is intimidating and people do what he says even when not wanting to because he just has that vibe that he knows what is going on and is a good leader. He also excels at business and discipline with crazy productivity but likes to be a lone wolf unless he absolutely has to work with someone.