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Her reign of pure evil has begun with a rickroll

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Finance - things learnt
  • Give a shit about your customers.

  • Understand and offer them a solution to their struggles.

  • Create a product - ask for feedback - better it - repeat

  • Show up every day and put in the time and effort - most people cant do even that so make that the growing difference between you and them.

  • Work on the things you know you should be working on.

  • Focus on one project for a long period of time every day.

  • Believe in what you offer.

  • if an idiot can make a functional business, I can make a spectacular one.

  • No amount of books will bring you what you want unless you take action.

  • Apply what you learn

  • Every obstacle or fall is an opportunity. Turn shit into sugar.

  • Use any kind of emotion and vision that you have as fuel.



This is quite unusual to see a female running Khan.

Im not running Khan I just like the archetype


I once asked support if Khan run by a woman could help with sexual healing and getting khan like effects and they said seductress could do a similar thing. So maybe you’re the seductive khan

Nah man I’m not interested in seduction but If I ever ran Khan I’d probably start conquering the world on a horse and with an axe in my hand :slight_smile:


The Khan in SubClub makes you become a business-savvy entrepreneur, not the one who conquer. A mild naughtiness can be an advantage, it can channel attraction to sales.

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Yeah you got a good point actually.
Thank you for bringing this to me.

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That’s an interesting looking horse




  • been stretching / working out each morning for over a month now

  • still sustaining my arm muscles well

  • got my upper abs to show a bit

  • My frame got bigger and more developed - I look like someone with really gifted genetics - feeling like I am growing in body volume overall

  • been called : viking, built different, buff, very strong…
    by multiple people over the past months

  • strenghtened my jaw through :
    chewing gum / jaw massages / face yoga
    ( less clicking - more defined )

  • I mew on default much more often now


GENESIS results
  • I found out what do I want to be and look like, in my future.

  • I colected moodboards, songs, videoclips and drew art pieces that represent my ideal future and am looking at them all on daily basis daydreaming and living it out in my mind - polishing it more and more

  • scripting for my future every day for months now

  • I realized and accepted that the most important thing in my life is love and forming strong base and resources for being able to sustain and cherish it.
    It is my top priority and that is okay. Everything else is just extra.


ELIXIR results
  • Elixir made me happy as an individual. I am now also a source of my own happiness and support.

  • I learnt how to be alone and love life anyway.

  • At every negative thought, I stop and replace it with something positive be it happy affirmation or a visualization of my future.

  • I no longer argue with other people in my mind

  • I smile more and feel happier


  • I am being given more money making offers and money in general from people around me than ever before.

  • I find money in my pockets often.

  • I started a business that I am passionate about.

  • I learn about wealth every day
    and implement things much more than ever before.


  • Been re-listening the audiobook over and over every day.

  • I dress up better.

  • Accidentally scared someone by walking past them few days back.

  • Was challenged to a heated public debate on 48 Laws of Power book and came out looking like a winner.


  • Everyone has natural needs. All desires are valid. We wish to achieve fulfillment ideally in ways that bring value also to others and are not crossing lines / take away from anyone.

  • Pain is the most natural part of life and we don’t have to blame it on anyone.

  • Paradoxically - everything
    is result of my actions
    and it’s on me to better my ways.

  • Obstacles and challenges are welcome
    as there is no growth without them.

  • Balance and proper communication.

  • Being in peace and focused on work
    can be a shield from people who are
    emotional or in distress at that very moment.

  • Emotional detachment and professionalism
    makes you come out the winner of every
    argument if the other side gets emotional.

  • Talking about attaining power makes others react in fear.

  • Learning how to live around and accept people of every kind and flaw is essential. If I don’t learn this, I give both my peace and power to others.

  • Any attention is better than no attention.
    Even negative wave brings more profit than none.

  • Its good to remember that I can learn from anyone
    instead of patting myself on the back for what I know.

  • What others do or think is none of my business.
    I do me and focus on my path.

  • What I tell myself matters the most.

  • Everything that I want wants me back just as much.

  • Everyone goes through hardships so it doesn’t make me special. It’s better if I just focus on how I best come out from them for my own sake.

  • Tonight might be one of the most beautiful memories for me one day in the future so I shall live and enjoy now and be grateful as if there was no tomorrow.

  • There is always a reason to smile.
    Even if it’s just the sun shining.





Other people are none of my business and the world isnt meant to be "fixed"

I was not born to this world to point out others flaws.
I am not even expected to “help” or “fix” them.
Unless I dont LOVE that person, I dont care what they do.
There will always be chaos in this world.

And the best thing is, It doesnt matter.

Because I dont need anything
about this world to change.
I make the most out of what already is.

All I truly care about,
is to focus on what
actually matters to me.

So instead of arguing.
I work on myself and my future.

I am not here to change it or anyone.
I am here to express value
and expand the universe
through me.

I dont fix the outside.
It is that way
for a reason by nature.

I just bring something
beautiful into it
and enjoy it with gratitude.


Life without love is hell but a love without life happens to many.

It is more beneficial to share a journey
with someone who makes us greater
and that it is a thing worth living for.

I also understand that while it is great to love,
it should not take our life away.

People often settle after they find a mate and not continue their journey. They give up their wild dreams. I think life is a journey no matter what we do so why not live to the fullest with someone by your side? If someone wants us to bend to their will and make us sacrifice the things we want to live up to, it is better to let them go knowing that love is abundant and that there is someone out there who will be happy to see us rise instead in the future.




My mentor always says: Good ones go, better ones will come.

Same for love. If you’re in a relationship with someone not sharing your goals for live, he’s blocking you from reaching your full potential and true happiness. But the same is also true the other way round. You are blocking him from the right person that is able to make truly happy and help him to unfold his life ti the fullest.

PS, loved your Seductress journal

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Yes its great to communicate everything clearly
and ensure that your goals align somewhere in between.

Its also great always keep in mind
the perspective of the other person
to ensure you are not projecting any
contradicting or self serving ideas onto them
at the cost of their personal vision.

Id even argue that cheering on one another
and see each other succeeding and fulfilled
is greater than any personal gain.

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  • Spine cracked today while stretching - it felt amazing

  • Been blowing my nose here and there past 4 days - today had blood on the tissue. I don’t seem to be sick however. Some healing going on.

  • Skin peeling a bit. It’s back to normal now. This happened often when I was running Paragon as well.

  • Hair is healthier - more volume - growing quite fast / long

  • occasional soreness

  • motivation + manifestation - allowing me to exercise more
  • subtle face shifting


Detachment from past to express the true character

I took the 16 personalities test
but didn’t like the result at all.

I decided that instead of putting myself into a box,
I would choose what kind of person I am instead.

Whatever the test was, it wasn’t made for person like me.

It did make me think though.

First time I was filling it out, I was quite critical of myself
and answered many questions through lenses
of other people’s judgements and comments about me from the past
(even if they were negative or false).

I realized that I can’t reflect upon my past
as I’m a new person and each day
and would do things differently.

Second time I filled it up based on
what my future ideal self would do.
It felt much better.

Despite not liking any results,
It’s still a reminder to me that
I decide who I am, what I like
and what actions I take today
no matter the past.

The past me is dead
and different parts of me
will die many times in months to come.

It’s time to look forward instead
and decide my future now
when I ask myself
“what would I think or do in this situation”.

I have a freedom to decide who I am
every single day and no one can take
that away from me.
Not others nor even my past doings.


  • Been pouring more and more free time into the new website store

  • Learning daily from various finance / marketing resources - been relistening the “the blue ocean strategy” audiobook for months now. I think it’s time to move on.

  • Found a way to implement AI into the business

  • Started offering art products that were created by other artists instead of always making everything myself and spending hours on it.

  • Taking my first marketing moves to put my product out into the world
    ( offering free products to people with big following, hosting a giveaway )

  • Got my first order a week back



I think a vitamin C expert (Dr. Thomas Levy) said that bloody nose is a sign of very mild scurvy (vitamin C deficiency). He says that vitamin C can be used up fast if someone is fighting off a toxin or microbe.


What are you using for physical shifting

This is part of my custom