Khan Journal journey


Ok guys so I’m starting my journal on the Khan subliminal and I’m kicking things off with St1 and I plan on running it for 300 hrs. At the time of writing this I am on 39 hrs of runtime and currently on Day 14. Ok so the reason I’m running it for so long is because I know I need a ton of healing which I’m hoping 300 hrs can accomplish that.

Day 14: I didn’t plan on making a journal for this stage but i have noticed some strange occurrences. For starters I notice that I’m starting to feel more like shit but it’s because I’m not running away from the triggers that make me feel that way it’s almost like I’m confronting it head on and I’m getting my ass kicked in the process. Look I know everyone has a different journey but on my specific journey my insecurities and lower sense of self worth stem from things that I have absolutely no control over changing. For example one of the biggest things im self conscious of is my really small head and it sucks because it’s one of those obvious things that I have no control over and one of the biggest things about me is I love fitness and lifting weights but due to my small head I can never get past 160 lbs without beginning to feel even more insecure about my overall appearance so basically my dream of getting big and being able to bench 400 lbs + is never going to happen and this is what khan sf1 seems to be intensifying. I know we all have insecurities but mine just stems from something I can’t change,it would be nice to have ones that I could change but this is one that I have to fight every day and find a way to accept myself for,I feel like that in addition to me looking like a teenager greatly affects me and my interactions with women because it’s almost like they don’t take me seriously like as if I’m just a kid to them and I would love for people to look at me as my age.I wonder if this is the kind of stuff Khan st1 will help me heal in. Well now that I finished that rant back to the journal and I want to say that the strange occurrences I’ve been having are that I’m actually remembering more of my dreams which is weird because I can never remember them but they have been dreams where women find me desirable. One of the dreams I recall was being at a party with a lot of dudes I was sure women would pick over me but for some odd reason they were curious and interested in me. Then as the dream progressed I found myself in the presence of the two most beautiful and high status females at the party which I then found out were sisters and they were known as the Khan sisters and next thing I know they tell me you have Khan in you and we can see it but you have yet to see it. That in itself was a bizarre dream to have considering the timing that it’s happening so I’m certain st1 has something to do with this. The other strange occurrence was when I was thinking of an old acquaintance whose last name is Khan and began to wonder how he was doing since I hadn’t seen him in about 4 years and oddly enough I drive past him on the way to work the next day . Now I’m not sure these are related to khan but they are just to bizarre to be ruled as coincidences. Has anyone had experience like this while running Khan.?

Btw sorry for the long post I promise not to make them all this long but if you made it to the end I appreciate it and any feedback.


Long posts are fine if needed. Short ones too. Just use spacing maybe :slight_smile:


Not sure if you need 300 hours for ST1…If you’re doing Q anyway. Are you doing Q or are you running the older Khan that’s 45 mins for masked?


If you think/feel you need more healing, stack Stage 1 with Elixir. It will foster the healing a lot.


Thanks for the suggestion man ill look into it for sure👍


Im pretty sure its the Q ultrasonic


ok. You may not actually need 300 hours…I’d evaluate a bit more frequently as you listen to see if you feel like you can move forward. The recommendation of needing several hundred hours is from the Pre-Q versions.

Not to say 300 hours is a bad number. But the Minimum Effective Dose for it could possibly be a lot lower since you’re on Q


@Introvert_Uli06 - what @realbillperry says about number of hours is correct. The old recommendation (before Q build) needed that amount of time. And since “1 Q build loop” is approximately “3 to 6 times the number of loops of the previous version”, you will be okay with something like 50 to 100 hours playback each.


By the way, your dream about the “khan sisters” is really cool. Your Subconscious is accepting that you are a high value male and a KHAN. That’s excellent.

Also, don’t worry about your looks. Am not saying it subjectively to make you just feel good about yourself. But even objectively speaking, women don’t consider looks to be the most important part of a man (although men do consider women who are prettier/more beautiful). In that regard, men are luckier and you can aim for success (with weight lifting and wealth) to attract the women you want.


Whats your experience with that combo?


Ok cool thanks for letting me know that the Q is a more potent subliminal


I love both replies from you Raphael youve uplifted my spirits and im grateful for that, i just hit 55 hrs but i dont feel all that different since the time i started running the sub i still feel like theres a blockage in me that still needs healing and im more than halfway to the 100 hrs i would atleast expect some sort of change by now. You seem knowledgable about the sub like youve gone through it what exactly is this healing im supposed to be feeling.?


It depends of the garbage you’re trying to get rid off. May my journal serve you as an example, if you will.
Elixir of Regeneration


@Introvert_Uli06 - glad I could help. Do check out @Voytek’s journal for some idea regarding emotiinal healing. And those who are doing their Khan journals (like @pacman).

But my experience with any sort of emotional healing (whether it is Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ OR Khan ST1 OR Rebirth) is that these titles will release old emotional traumas from within you. Some days you feel lighter. Some days you feel sad and heavy. Other days you feel mighty irritated and angry. Still other days, you feel on top of the world. All part of the process, my dude.

If you want to do 100 hours of ST1, I say go for it. The more the healing, the better.

But you can do healing forever since we are human beings and there is no end to removing our “extra baggage”. My advice is to pick a number of hours (for example you mentioned 100 hours) and after that is finished, you can confidently go to the next stage.


Totally agree with that.

My advice is go with khan stage 1 then maintain with regeneration. Add what ever sub you wish after stage 1 then add regeneration and keep regeneration for life. This will heal constantly as you push foward.


Hmm. Not a bad idea at all. I think even @Voytek adviced something similar to this (Elixir Ultima + main title)


How many loops are you doing per day?


Yeah, @SubliminalUser is running Khan ST1 + Elixir and I also think it’s a great tandem even though I haven’t tried it yet. Personally, I would pair Elixir with Khan ST1 and QL ST1 (and of course, with Regeneration) or run it like a major title. Apart from it it would be a great support for any sub related to mental/physical healing.

I was thinking rather about Rebirth if it comes to stacking it with any title. At least in the beginning of the run.


For the most part 10 loops a day


When I was running 8 loops on KhanQ I was stonewalling getting little to no results and only after I reduced it to 4 I started getting great results. How is it going for you now?