Khan Journal For Black Adder- The Awakening


For me running stage 1 is imperative

Why ?. Well Primal and Emperor give me amazing results. However i want to wipe the slate clean of old useless beliefs. As i think they do hold me back to a degree. If stage 1 breakdown does its job i will be absolutely over the moon.

Days 1 to 5

8 loops of Khan masked overnight.

The reason i am keeping it too 8 loops is that i do not want to overdo it and endup with any of thr side effects related to over listening.

Worries and concerns have dissolved. The confidence i feel is something that is very natural like some emotional chains have been broken.

On emperor i felt like i was really handsome and had a sexy jaw line. On Khan stage 1 I dont feel like i am handsome or hot. I just feel i am just me.

Energy levels have been fine so far. No horrid stories like waking up feeling mentally exhausted.

The first night on Khan stage 1. I had a dream i was a police man on patrol. Then i spotted two criminals comitting a crime but i was to scared to take action.

Honest Review of Khan

Great! Do you plan to run ST1 for more than 1 month?

Most people noticed big breakthroughs after about 300 hours of listening to ST1. 8 loops a day gets you about 100 hours in 30 days.

But yes, if not feeling any side effects related to over listening is important to you, then keep yourself within reasonable bounds.


@AMASH yes the plan is to keep on running it till i feel all my old beliefs that hold me back are no longer there.


The plan is to run more loops over the weekend and on my days off when i am not working. On working days monday to friday will stick to 8 loops.


This is great, and I will share how my experience was, so that you can have “realistic” expectations, in case we have similar experiences.

I ran ST1 for 450 hours, and I just couldn’t handle more. I just felt that I melted down and it was going really really deep. Then I ran ST2 for 400 hours, and it felt like it was rebuilding from the foundation up.

The real change happened when I finished both ST1 and ST2. I feel both steps are important to get to the result you want.

Unless you really have some deep stuff and you biggest goal is to clean it out, I think making a plan that includes a reasonable time to move into ST2 will benefit a lot.


Dreams of people or things trying to manipulate me came up. I deamt i was leading a group of humans against the suoer computers who wanted to take over the planet.

I turned to one of my friends “They have created a robot that looks completely human. Its here among us. We have to figure out who is the bad apple”. I studied eaach member of the group.

Then i realized who it was the dream ended.


Was out on a date today with a girl. I noticed the waiter hovering around my table. I had my suspicions that he was listening into our conversations. Normally I would not have said a word but I got alittle angry. Turned to him and said “do you not have anything to do apart from listen into other peoples conversations”. He replied I am not I got angry raised my voice and replied "Listen I wasnt born yesterday just make yourself scarce now. He immediately walked away.


@blackadder what are the effects of over listening?


@rising I think it depends on the individual. Some peoples brains are primed to handle hours and hours of listening to subliminals. Whilst others may get mental fatigue very quickly. I chose to listen to around 10 to 12 loops on weekends and 8 loops monday to friday as I do not want it to impact my focus at work.


Smoorhly hit on 5 girls today in the shopping centre. However nothing came of the approaches. The good thing is every girl i hit on stopped and gave me a big smile.

I am going to run 10 loops of khan stsge 1 tonight.


Day 7

10 Loops of Khan stage 1
2 x Loop of True Social
2 X Loops of Libtertine

Nothing profound to report had a few dreams but I just cannot recall the details.

Was alot more talkative and friendly around the managers and clients today. I attribute this to true social. My abililty to improvise words may have also improved.


Day 14

12 loops of Khan stage 1

Feeling awesome no worries, no anxieties.

I am on top of the world like i can make whatever i want ro happen happen.

AMASH White Tiger should i move to stage 2 as i feel just great !


@blackadder, what I know about you is you’ve been using heavy subs, and a fan of Emperor for a long long time, so maybe your foundation is very strong.

I suggest you moving straight into Stage 4 for a week and see how it feels. If it feels smooth and not heavy, then stay there. If not, then try Stage 3 for a week, and see how it feels.

You’re probably very ready for ST3, but good to jump into ST4 to measure your progress.

I congratulate you, man. All the previous work seems to have made you very solid.

Let us know what your decision will be.


Thanks Amash I might just go straight to ST3 and see how it pans out.


Its been two weeks on Khan stage 1 no ups and downs. No emotional upheavals.

AMASH was kind enough to share his infinite wisdom on how to proceed further with Khan. I am going to continue with stage 1 until the end of this week then hit stage 3.

Honest Review of Khan

AMASH am i correct in saying stage 3 also has stage 2 in it ?


Yes, but streamlined for taking action, rather than reprogramming, like Iron Throne.

It’s Stage 4 that has ST2 and ST3 and more.


After taking onboard what our good friend AMASH had to say i have moved straight to stage 4 not stage 3.

AMASH was spot on i woke up after 8 loops full of emergy rearing to go down to thr gym. I then got back and began tackling all the boring and mundane tasks. That i had put on the.back burner for so long. It was like the word procrastination did not exist in my vocabulary.


That’s awesome!


Its been a few weeks on stage 4 all i can say is right now i am high on life. What i have noticed

  1. Stage 4 has helped develop a solid unbreakable determination to get things done.

  2. Doubts and hesistations have melted away.

  3. I am slowly evolving into the man i wanted to be i dont mean rich and loads of women. Just an ideal version of myself that takes action to get things done without hesistation.