Khan f**king works

I just bought the Khan multistage 2 days ago. I’ve been listening to 2 loops of all 4 stages each day, and I’m away noticing a huge difference
Today I got a girl’s number at the store by my house, (a first for me) and set up a date with her on Tuesday less than 6 hours later (another first as well!) Holy shit this thing works


That’s awesome, great job. :slight_smile:

I’m sure before too long you’ll be sharing an equally good review of Libertine after a date too. :rofl::+1:t2:


Excellent work man! I’ll second the recommendation. Use a loop of libertine a few hours before your date.


I certainly will. I’ll let you guys know how it goes

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No doubt one of the best products, if not the best.


Hmm…anyone get the feeling that this sounds like another infamous poster on here? :slight_smile:
Great results btw.

Actually I’d say listening to all 4 stages at once is not so smart, but if you’re getting the results you want sure… just realize, you don’t know what you’d be getting otherwise if you followed the instructions. I suggest going stage by stage… @Carvermckay

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How would you recommend i proceed then? I was considering doing stage1 for 2 days on 1 day off for the first month and then switching, but I’m always willing to learn from more experienced users to maximize results and minimize difficulties

First off I admire your openness to hearing other people’s feedback. :pray:

Regarding how I would recommend you proceed: as the producers recommended originally in the relevant topic, 30 days or so for each stage. I would recommend you spend a month on stage one, then a month on stage two, then a month on stage three, and finally as long as you like on the fourth stage and sticking with it. Also I recommend not skipping a certain stage because ‘you feel you don’t need it’. I know it’s tempting, I know it may seem like a valid idea, but just assume that you are not special, assume you are not above the game, and play it like normal. I have seen people who didn’t do it and the results they got were suboptimal even though they thought it was absolutely valid what they were doing.

Try this out, embrace the fact that you may not feel as ‘excited’. Perhaps that itself is something to work through. I know it was for me… I had to overcome the urge to listen to other subliminals on YouTube etc during this time when I was on stage 2… later I realized that was exactly reconciliation! It’s funny how we try to escape what we should dive into.

So in short, I recommend not taking shortcuts, and listening to each stage 30 days or so. All the best to you.

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If I was to restart khan, I would go like this

Khan 1 I would stay for atleast 3 months and destroy all rubbish programming inside.

Khan 2 For 30 Days

Khan 3 for 30 Days

Khan 4 for until you feel like khan can’t change you anymore.

Best of luck Bro!


Well, it seems that what you are doing is getting results, so maybe it’s not the “wrong” way for you. If you choose to keep going that route, please keep the rest of us posted.

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Stick with what works for you personally, just try to keep the listening balanced. If of course you do begin to experience diminished results then fall back on the advice of these fine gentlemen.

Hi @Carvermckay, everyone is different, depending on many different factors your results with vary.

You can jump straight into Stage 4 if you want, but if you still have a lot of unconscious bagage then, it just simply isn’t advisable. Same goes for processing & executions, have you had any experience with Subliminal Club’s titles? If so, you are probably able to process them more easily compared to newcomers.

I guess depending on those two factors you can already make a decision on your approach and then adapt from there.

I just want you to keep in mind, the 4th stage is like 3 subliminals in one… best work up to it by doing the program as intended. You are free to experiment but I want to add this bit of … what I think is we all could use hearing - you know, like a ‘truth pill’ IMHO.

Of course we all like to go to the last stage and experience what we consider to be the ultimate experience… but as I said it’s also not easy to know what you would experience if you do it as intended… so why not work up to it stage by stage. :wink:

Again thank you all so much for your willingness to help me. I wish all of you nothing but the best this world has to offer. I originally was just going to continue doing 2 loops of all 4 two days on, one day off while keeping an eye out for reconciliation, but even as i was typing this, i realized i don’t actually know what the symptoms of reconciliation look like. Can you guys give me some red flags to look for?

Sense of being lost, stress, depression, ‘it’s not doing anything’, anger, ‘I must change subs’, ‘let me stack it with XYZ’, ‘I NEED XYZ subliminal also’, etc

those were some common ones for me

What about feeling like I don’t want to go a day without listening to it? That’s probably a good thing right?

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It might be a good thing, but make sure you take your off days anyway. These things can be addictive, but you need processing time to get good results.

Yep! Taking days off from subs is just as important as taking days off from working out… the rest period is when nearly all of the growth happens. (And in the case of working out, literally all…)

Yes sure. Especially these new subs are very strong and potent - always good to listen to your other than conscious mind