Khan, evolving from Blue to Ultra Ego

Whadup. Its time to ascend to new heights and show these ultra instict abusers who the true chad is. So I was going to use Emperor and Rebirth until 2023 but I got where I want a lot faster than anticipated. I used 1 loop of each once a week for their effects and as a soft washout and it worked. Khan was always on my list and it seems to be an insane sub for fundamentals and for going far beyond anything else, for my goals, on the market. I have mentioned plenty of times before that things never went smooth for me. I won most of my battles the hard way as the underdog.

My goals with Khan are:

1: To gain a new level of assuredness, self love and self respect.
2: To annihilate whatever pain, trauma and mental blocks I might still have.
3: To renew and refine my drive and passion for work and life.
4: To be able to unconditionally love myself and everyone around me who deserve it.
?: Women and sex are no part of the equation. I am, however, open to positivity, laughter and sharing great memories in whatever form that may be.

I will use Khan according to the instructions. I will also use Limitless Executive once a week for the extra productivity and learning.

Starting Stage 1: Nothing much happened for the first few hours. Later I started reminiscing of the past, what truly matters and the type of person I want to be. I miss my family who is not here with me in Sweden but I have to do the most I can with the life I have. Time suddenly felt very valuable and wasting it felt like crime. After that I have been feeling this burning sensation of intensity. I feel it in my body and with every breath. This reminds me of the first time I used Emperor in its earliest versions except this time 10 times more intense. This energy is helping me with work and the feeling of " why " am I doing what I am doing is resonating in the back of my mind giving me extra drive to give it my all.

For a while I have been sleeping 5 to 6 hours a day despite my efforts and my mind is always thinking that I need rest. After the first loop yesterday I slept 10 hours and woke up exhausted. Like my body is telling me I need more. What’s interesting is that I could fall asleep easily yet I am focused when I need to be. In few weeks this will probably be the new normal but its good to post this while its fresh.

Its a little early to say this but I absolutely love this sub. I want to run stage 1,2,3 twice before moving to stage 4.


Day 2: Very horny. Not thirsty but extremly in the mood. Its such a fun feeling where its exciting yet never overbearing.

I can feel people crumbling when looking at me. I had over 5 girls lock eyes, smile and look down. Even got a phone number of a cashier because i was in the mood.

Since this feeling is fresh, i have capitalised on it. Just in case my usual mental bs takes over which usually happens after a while on using a new sub where the results normalises. I will automate this natural drip to its limit… basically bamboozle the the system


Ohh @Saiyan4Blue finally running Khan

Please leave us some women, okay? :wink:


Hahaha if only you knew. All the chances i did not take, all the easy lay ups i missed… Im 80% certain i have more L’s than anyone


@Saiyan4Blue good luck on your journey :slight_smile:

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for sure… and that was before Khan!

Now this will be your new reality:


Thanks yall. So the sex is very different. It felt like being on an alternate version of sex mastery and diamond with a superior frame. I could go all out untill it feels numb, change the position, make out and then its on again for however long i want.

My sleep has alo improved and i am more in control of my emotions and mood. I wasnt expecting this sort of results untill stage 3. I guess emperor and rebirth have laid a decent foundation for stage 1 Khan.

Edit: This is completly new to me. Whenever i am out people are saying ” Hi or how are you ” when there is eye contact. Its been at least 3 people since starting. This is bizzare for two reasons. 1: In Sweden, this almost never happens. 2: Iam often told that i have a serious face and tone where most who know me say that their first impression was far different.


Ok now the challenge starts. I have been feeling intense anger remembering things that i have yet to fully process. The anger is intense but i can tell its not me. I can tell something is being processed.

Whats intresting is that this is no recon. Its very clear that stage 1 is doing what its supposed to do. My thoughts are violent yet are not my own. Just… repressed anger


" Because Total Breakdown is going to break you down. Completely. Literally. " I cant begin to stress how accurate this statement is from Khan product page. Unlike most other healing subliminals or major subs with partial healing, there is no running away from this. The baggage will be processed one way or the other. While this process is much harder than anything I’ve been through, it’s the most smooth by contrast. I just cant put my finger on it. Its far more intense yet never overwhelming like what anyone would go through with reconciliation for instance.

I have read the Power of now by Eckhart Tolle. I have lived through my worst experiences and I thought I had found peace. Consciously it stopped bothering me and I was seemingly free from it. But unless I wasn’t doing it properly or haven’t done it long enough, I wasn’t as free from the past as I liked to think I was. This is digging more baggage than I possible.

Now for the exciting stuff I suppose. I talked to a girl yesterday at the gym and she seemed uninterested. No worries. Today she talked to me for a bit and she was very cold and disinterested, yet she initiated and was somewhat trying to keep the conversation going. I asked for her snapchat what the hell. On text she was completely different, open, warm and interested. I asked her about the contrast in the behavior and she said that I was extremally intimidating yet fascinating. I asked if it was something specific about my behavior and she said that it’s just how she felt.

I couldn’t have believed that she was this interested in me based on her initial reaction to me yesterday. Only an empath could have known the difference seeing how cold she was yesterday. She is very hot, classic blond trains in yoga pants, hangs out with 3+ other hot girls like her and has a decent family type of girl. She lives nearby but I wont see her unless she asks. Cant be bothered


congratulations on your early cycle results.
How do you listen to Khan ST1, for the full 15 minutes or partial listening (3,5,7 minutes)?

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If you have Elixir, Sanguine, or LB, those might help with any reconciliation.


@FoxDie thanks mate. So far im doing one full loop every other day. I might do partial loops if i ever feel overwhelmed.

@RVconsultant i don’t believe i am going through recon which feels overwhelming and exhausting. This is different, i have full control ocer my emotions despite how intense the process can get. I also have no trouble working or concentraiting.


So i had coffe with girl from the gym. She expressed how suprised she was i wasnt texting her non stop like most guys. I was kinda sitting there relaxing as she carried the entire conversation. If i was on PS and Libertine she would be saying few words, challening me and hiding her attraction.

With this its very different. I am playing a passive role, almost like i dont need to take charge unless i want to. The date ended and she asked me to come home with her.

I told her that she is fun and attractive but there was nothing impressive about her or the chemistry. She seemed hurt and said jokingly ” wow you sure know how to treat a lady ”. I answored ” nothing you havent done yourself I’m sure, except i dont beat around the bush ”

She says fair enough and we part ways. Few hours later she sends few picures of her with nothing but panties on and said she would let me do anything i want. I simply text back intresting and she responds with another nude and says goodnight.


Damn your game is so tight :slight_smile:


@Achilles haha nah man i went out yesterday and got rejected 3 times in a row. I was on point too.

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Stage 1 Khan have helped me alot with my Ni-Fi loop where as an INTJ it goes as following. Overwhelmed, overthink, make plans, do nothing, over indulge and repeat.

With Stage 1 it goes from feeling ovewhelmed to ===> do something about it immediatly, and do another thing untill it goes away.

Apart from that, i can feel the Regeneration and Rebirth taking place. I got into lots of arguments from many people around me. My boundaries got way harder and i can feel respect through fear.

As of today, i am excited whenever i feel bad about something because its being processed. Zero reconciliation so far. I fear staying the same, not doing whats right far more than whatever is making me uncomfortable. Not taking action is terrifying


Ok so these new developments i will mention might be a part of my own journey. The new gen subs are great because we develop in our own unique ways and according to whats important to each one of us.

I have started feeling this pain whenever i find my self on instagram, youtube or snapchat stories within seconds of catching myself watching those short clips. Its utter cancer that burns time and braincells. Its actually hard for me to start watching it. I have also started sleeping every night before 10pm no matter what and waking up around 4 or 6 am. Before it was hard doing the right thing. Now im terrified of not doing it. And its only starting to add up.

I read @friday ’s journal and felt the urge to jump to stage 4. The same urge after using a subliminal for a while and wanting something new. Yet deep down i know i should stay with stage 1… perhaps even longer than planned. So far its been smooth but its starting to get rough. If i start doing the easy things i know fot a fact recon will set it. Then i will have to use fewer/shorter loops to compensate. Not yet though…

Few months ago i asked a my manager at my part time job to go out on a date. We meet once a week so i felt it wouldnt be awkward. She declined very nicely and respected that. She is a 32 y/o latina who is warm and intelligent. Yet she was always the huggy type. The last 2 times we met she was hugging me extra hard and starting intensly into my eyes.

So Khan stage 1 unfrienezoned me without me even thinking about it/wanting it. Its intresting but i would never try again with someone who said no. Not unless she asks for it, and if i happen to still want it


This post will be about fitness and muscles, i would like some advice if anyone is knowledgable and kind enough to share their time.

Background: Been lifting on and off for almost 8 years. I was one of those tall skinny dudes. After a year i went from 60 to 72 kg. I was 20 at the time. Ever since then i’ve been gaining weight without getting fatter… same body just bigger, not neccesarly muscle wise and now its settled between 82 to 85kg. Few months ago i got serious and went from 86 to currently 81kg… less fat more bulky.

My workout routine goes as follows: around 1,5 hours at the gym 4+ times plus a week.

Day 1 chest: 4 to 5 excersizes, 4 sets and between 8 to 12 reps. Also 2 sets biceps.

Day 2 Back: 4 to 5 excersizes, 4 sets and between 8 to 12 reps. I also try to get some triceps excersizes depending on my energy.

Day 3 Legs: 4 to 5 excersizes, 4 sets and between 8 to 12 reps. I do some half ass biceps excersizes.

Day 4: shoulders: Same deal as the others, and some abs when i feel like it.

My reps are very controlled and by the book. I dont ego lift but i always push beyond when neccesary. Sometimes i take shorter brakes between sets or longer but i aim for shorter.

As for the weights, the first 2 sets when i hit rep 12 i am close to my limit. As for the second 2 sets i increse the weight and aim for 8 reps.

So the issue is that i dont know if my routine is good or not. I always give my all so i always go home happy. But i have more or leas stayed the same and have never crossed a certian glass celling. I cant bench press beyond 80KG and its been my max for so long.

As for home, my sleep wasnt the best those past years but since 2022 i have been getting at least 7 hours a night. My diet is ok-ish and i eat lots of boiled eggs and i’ve started to drink protien shakes twice a day.

When i dont flex or without a pump i look like i barley lift. When i flex or with pump i look jacked and semi shredded. Whats the next step for me? It may sound obvious but i’ve never bothred learning, most internet advice is all over the place and i’ve never worked with a personal trainer

Edit: My goal is to look jacked in a medium size shirt.

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Perhaps @Fire and @Invictus can give you some input.

Also see:

and remember, bigger isn’t better… it’s the best!


Thanks. I did fiqure it out. Turns out i should have been doing at least one set where i lift a bigger weight untill failure. Its been more or less the same, and that applied to my progress. It also explains why i stopeed feeling sore after each workout even tho i was giving it all