KG Journal - Khlassified Ultimate


This will be the new journal.

For starters, welcome and I hope this helps you in some way also.

I am waiting for my 2nd custom to arrive

Dragon Reborn was released today and it instantly spoke to me so I went ahead and got it. 3 loops of ST1 today

posture is better, I feel myself standing up straight and really fixing up the spine in the right way (eg flexing the lower back and extending around the neck, etc). I also feel more compassion and forgiveness and empathy and at the same time more power and groundedness. Also more aware of negative self-talk / negativity / etc…

This will be great.

Let there be… dopeness :100:


Basically …

Every Multi-Stage Program + Stark

This will be interesting. Wish you the best.



Yes. Good observation there =)

But I don’t get a good vibe from your comment. I do wish the first post here from someone other than myself was something else like “wow, looking forward to reading this”, “cool”, “wish you all the best”, etc.

Ah well :D.


Didn’t catch it when you were planning. But when you laid it out like that in the title, it stood out. :smile:

I understand, I’ll update it. :slight_smile:

When I was typing the previous post, I was thinking: “All that he wanted from us was how to get the Emperor feeling; and look what we’ve done!”



Oh ahahahah

that’s funny AF actually.

Yeah, but tbh that was a massive… simplification of what was going on within me - I thought I only missed the Emperor feeling but there is more to why that was happening (reconciliation for sure. - I guess I knew this deep deep down, as I look back)

I wanted that emperor feeling because I was filled with fears of all sorts I guess, which is probably brought about by the previous custom, esp I AM. I think I’ve worked through it enough to go for a second one. Or… maybe it’s a it of rushing but it’s okay, I know I’ll get through it :smiley:

Thank you for your kind wishes. I understand better now what you meant. Blessed be you dude!


So in other news

Dragon Reborn is crazy fast. It’s making me reclaim parts of myself already. Don’t want to get into too much detail on this but I wanted to say it’s very fast acting. I am journaling about it in my personal journal (handwritten) to ensure I record and integrate it.

I do recommend to everyone to keep a handwritten journal as well as handwritten notes :star2:(later digitalise them if you wish to).


Just got another loop of DR in. Felt drawn to do some qigong for my lungs. I am glad I did. Wow, great. Another part of healing my old injuries. I think there were people (the conspiracy goes deep) who wanted me to not know my full power. Well, interestingly that’s what I was saying till now. On the other hand, as I am writing this (JUST NOW) I am starting to get a real feeling of maybe just maybe they wanted me to realize my full power and potential because they knew I’d get through this and come out even better and stronger and more able to make the world a better place (this had occurred to me in the past but it was not a visceral understanding as it is now…now I can really feel this possibility)

either way, I’m really glad I did this. Good things are coming.

I want to give back but don’t be surprised if I step out for a while because I know there will be a lot to process and at times it feels better in solitude. I do feel very drawn to the forums. Maybe it’s Stark doing work there. I feel drawn to add value, and I enjoy some aspects of it. Almost everyone I’ve met here (or maybe even everyone) has been behaving very dope, just great energy. In some communities it’s not like this and the ‘default’ is very low vibration and shitty. So I feel really blessed to be here. Really good stuff. I love what this company and community of users represents and stands for. GG.


Room tidied up greatly

Laptop also. Brining some order where there was once chaos.:star2:


Your first posts grab my attenion @ALMIGHTY. I’m looking at DR myself, even just paid off my Quadpay to open the door. I’m going to sleep on it though. Long day today with a lot of time in my head.

Thanks for the trailers :slight_smile:


Dope =) You are very welcome man

Looking forward to reading your journal whenever you get started with it too.

Thank you for your comment


Interesting nightmare: I had made the sub with EF in it, so EF Stark QL/EOG. This caused so much worry in me and I was trying to see if I can replace it, lmao
I did see that I’m in a dream probably but yeah…

what else… waiting impatiently, about to sleep - can’t wait until this is ready - I hope it’ll bring me the things I’m looking for

gonna reflect on how I view subs and how to get the most of them - and a few other things - I am like going through my whole life and doing massive work for the next few days. Luckily can take a short break from exams that’s good… one I postponed for later due to covid


Now this morning I checked, then went into a state of sleep again and was dreaming that it’s finally ready - but still wasn’t when I woke up and checked. Ah :smiley:

One of the realisations from yesterday: guard your mind:star2:


Man, I am so amazing

Thank you for DR @Fire @SaintSovereign + Thanks for all the other dope products you’ve released too :grin:


Daym, can’t wait for this custom to be finished. Please let it be in next couple hours :smiley:

Also new listening pat will be

Mo, Tue: listen

Wed: rest

Thu, Fr: listen

Daym, still nothing

It’s day 4, so it may come tmrw, but I really want it to day :D. Damn.



:smiley: still nothing

but I finished an extensive process. I think DR is what led me to do this. GG. Thanks again Subclub for the great product. <3 (now pls gimme my custom :D)


OK, tmrw it should be done… I hope when I get up it’s there already

For now running some Elixir and rebirth

It’s been great, :wink:

Just talked with my parents, with the ability to have a very deep connection with them, after having basically ‘rewritten’ my whole life story


Dope…! it’s good it’s useful I’m finding things,

Up late.

Gonna listen on saturday and rest on Sunday prolly - next week I’ll see if I’ll switch it up.


Honestly this has probably helped me shittons. I am really impressed.

Also the second custom I’m really liking it.

Big thanks to the folks here who are creating it


QL in this custom is something else…

Holy shit.

Much different from when I stacked it as a major program with the rest of the stuff

I defos recommend. What’s on the sales page NOW really shines through. Esp combined with the other subs it’s removing blocks on a very deep level by helping me see connections and associations.

I am blessed.

May you also be blessed. You are. Just recognize it.


Realization from few days ago I’d like to share with you all

Stark would have been a ‘kitchensink’ sub to most here, until it became Stark

Experiment *************s. :star2: ==> So far loving this combo. Big thanks to those who created these dope scripts and products, and everything else around it (the experience, community, etc)

PS Another big thanks to @RVconsultant and @WhiteTiger for their input as to what I should put into this sub


Hey, how do you find temptation? Have you noticed something :thinking: