Just for fun (Gaming X, Rebirth, new user)



I have been running an alpha sub for half a year now by some other sub provider.
There were results I am happy about, like no more social anxiety.
The real benefits from the marketing text didn’t arrive.

After lurking around for a while on the subliminal club page, I decided to give the products a try.

So I bought “Rebirth” and “Gaming Mastery X” just for fun.
I don’t want to become a pro player, but just a little bit better at my favorite fps game.
Currently when playing with my friends I win about every 20th game, so I am curious to see if this can change.
I don’t know exactly how “Rebirth” will fit in, but maybe I can use it for a later purchase of another alpha product.




Let us know how the mix of Gaming X and Rebirth works for you.

How many hours a day / night do you plan to run it?


I am currently listening to the following in the evening and at night:

  • Limitless
  • Creativity unleashed
  • Rebirth

I am also using Beyond Limitless.

I want to enhance my creative writing abilities.