Just curious about your thoughts

I’ll start 6th cycle of Primal and 4th of Wanted next week

I was considering adding a third one to my stack
A while ago Rebirth was suggested to me in my journal, main idea behing this would be to help the other two with the most stuck areas.
Another option would be adding LBFH, which I’ve already used last year for 5 months, but that I was thinking about doing some cycles every year.

But I’m curious if any of you have any other suggestion to make

BTW Carrier is another big topic in my life but I was trying to do one area at time.

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I personally use Limitless as a kind of ‘booster’ if I ever have space for another title.

Optimal brain health, holding/processing information, memory gains and even as the sales page itself mentions:

Stack it with any other subliminal – it will support the subliminal by helping you learn faster whatever it is that you are focusing on with the other subliminal.


Switch Primal for Ascension / AM then. You have enough of this area being covered in Wanted and 5 cycles on Primal should be nice foundations for further “sexual” development. On top of that, having Primal under your belt I don’t think you would need Rebirth nor whatnot for running Ascension or AM successfully.


That’s tempting indeed, also cause I’m constantly studing new things. I like to learn

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Yeah you might be right, I was looking for Primal social objective too thought, that I’ve not experienced too much.
And there is probably a personal block about leaving things incomplete.

I have one year of DR too :sweat_smile:

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For that reason I would go with True Social / Daredevil one day although Ascension or AM should tackle that as well.

Wow! That’s impressive! :slight_smile: However, Rebirth has a specific goal that is helping you reframe your identity. It’s an excellent aid to any subliminal but I would go with it only if my “current me” and ideal me (who I truly want to become) was not really congruent with what my desired sub was designed to “instill”. When it comes to Ascension, almost every man should align with it nicely. That’s why and only for that reason it’s called a basic sub.


BTW does Wanted include PS or I have imagined reading this somewhere? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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No idea. Anyhow, by now you should know how it works for you. :blush:


@Voytek I have this feeling that Primal still has work to do, so I think I’ll keep it for now. Same for Wanted.

Since i already have Mogul I can add this as a third one… that would be a turnaround from my original plan (a title to support the other two).
Good thing is I would start working on money area, but it would probably slow down the other two :thinking:

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Provided we don’t get overexposed or fall into a recon loop our pace depends more on how we work with our programming than the programming itself. If you can effectively work on the areas addressed by your subs I don’t see any reason why it should slow you down.

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Where do you want to end up in your life?

After you answer yourself, you know the 3rd title to choose


I guess where everyone end… the dao :milky_way:

A part from that :grin: I think there are main life areas that one has to balance, sexuality is the one I was looking in right now… is it the end of story? Absolutely not

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I have super duper results with Sex Mastery.
It’s preparing me for any possible sexual interaction with confidence on a subconscious level.

For example

After the first 2 loops I walked around and I could (OK it was in a custom with All-Seeing module) see that women ask Energetically : can you satisfy me?

A couple of loops more and I answered Energetically : Yeeaaaa sure, it’s fun.

This changed everything for me


Probably replacing Primal with PS (which included SM if I remember correctly) I would have both sexual healing and abilities


Perfecto Amigo

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Is it zp2 already?

Si Señor

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Replaced Primal with PS.
I was thinking of adding a third one, probably wealth/money related (or… spartan since I have a competition in a month and a half :rofl:)

I already have Mogul, I was wondering it is the right wealth title to start though… I for sure have some belif about money, I always find it difficult to ask for money (even when someone owes me), money/spirituality polarities etc.