Just a title to say hi


Hello all,

Quick introduction, I am mainly a lurker here as I journal on other websites.

I started self-development/pickup/seduction when i discovered Double Your Dating when I was 15(29 now). had some succes, long term relationships but nothing consistent.

I have recently found SubClub subliminals after a friend of mine shared Ascenscion with me, I am quite frankly convinced.

However my scientific mind keeps sceptical, as there is little research to back up the claims of effectiveness(I couldn’;t think of a double blind research, long term enough to research this viable though). And even then, Placebo is a good effect too.

Regardless of scientific method, and wether this works or not. I have bought some of the products, and I have added them to my daily structure. If nothing else, I am surely they will help me counter my negative thought patterns and enhance my therapeutic modalities I work with.

Currently I am running

Ascencion, Primal, Aura,Rebirth,Limitless,SS2.1 and 2 subs of a competitor.

I friendly recieved or bought Ascended Mogul, Emperor, and the mastery X series.

My current playlist looks like

Ascenion Extreme
Primal XXX
Sex and Seduction 2,1
Limitless X

Therapeutic Modalities

  1. Next to that, and for resistance i heavily rely on The Release Technique and Sedona Method (by Larry Crane, and Hale Dwoskin).
  2. I am starting to visit a Psychologist soon.
  3. I try to meditate 5-10 minutes per day
  4. Mindfullness generally
  5. Journalling + regular braindumping
  6. CBT and REBT on thought patterns


12-21-18 @ 7.45 PM;
Welcome to Sub Club. I must say, I believe you’re running way too many subs. It is recommended for members not to run more than three.


Wow Buddy it seems like like you are running too many subs. Main programs should not be over 3 programs and I am not sure of stacking modules but still it is too many. And your playlist seems too long you can’t listen to all of it even once.


Yeah, I agree with what others have said.

I’ll share something respectfully. I’ve done many years of self healing, like over 20 years. I’ve only used subliminals the last 2, and I’ve been wowwed many times.

From my own experiences, the amount of subliminals you’re mixing sounds like self sabotage. When I began subliminals, I did it on my own, and I was fearful, very fearful. And due to that intense fear, I got in my own way constantly. Self sabotage was all I knew. And yes, I am still drawn to it at times :slight_smile:

I’m using Ascension along with Rebirth, plus Aura. Why one main program? So I can know I’m progressing. I am having insights show up daily. But I did put Emperor in the mix 2 nights ago since “I just wanted more”. It was that Jonesing, anxious sort of “I need a fix now!” thinking. It did hype me up, but damn, I got pissed at a coworker just a bit TOO easily the next day. I let my anxious wants steer me again. (I find it only helps sometimes. Most times I’m just seeking control over some unnamed feeling in my life). I’ve used them for “emotional distraction” at times when anxiety builds up too much. And I’ve only been with SubClub for 5 days now. I was with another producer before this for 2 years.

But that’s my experience using subliminals. It sounds like you may be overloading yourself, thus preventing success with a goal. What are your thoughts?