Journey of Leadership & Love

Hello everyone I’ll put right here as time goes on my journaling of effect that I could perceived on me and my circle of people that I frequent.

Not going to lie that I’ve already made it as a social butterfly in where I currently am (lot of personnal work).
But it wasn’t a fully yet opperative mode so to speak, I still have a lot of area to improve to become a said “Leader” and that it would always flow naturally to me.
As I want to become a Leader I wanna be loved and make peoples days better by even only being in the same area than them. And if they go for it, rejoice in my loving and leading aura !

Therefore that’s my journey of : StarkQ & Love Bomb


So firstest week of Subliminal (don’t hate on my grammar) :

I keep getting heartwarming waves that feels so reafreshing if I could get that all day long but honestly it would be bad for my productivity ahahaha I wouldn’t be doing anyhting to grow ever again lol.
More seriously, also I tend to be in places with a lot of girls if not only composed by them. And if I wasn’t… it’s only for a brief time or elseI am at home.
Also they tend to have an even easier time approching my person and share just some good time. That too feels really great. Some rare specimens of the opposite sex seems even to start contact touch :face_with_monocle:
So Love Bomb I love it :heart_eyes:

I think as I started StarkQ in Masked at Q strentgh it will need more time to have big effect, even tho I could still point out some but I’m not sure were start the work I previously put myself and where the subliminal start to act.
So it’ll probably show off more in later terms when I’ll add some loops.

Hours :
StarkQ 10 = New tot 10
Love Bomb 7 = New tot 7


Is it your daily listening routine or the total exposure time?

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It’s my weekly recap, number of hours within this week ! Followed by the total exposure time, of course as I’ve just started it’s equal.
I listened 2H of StarkQ by day for exemple, and introduced later Love Bomb, that’s why numbers aren’t the same or fully proportionate.

I never tried to listen more than 12H of any sub within a day it’s just right down madness plus the real world wouldn’t allow me to wear that much my headphones :joy:

I’ll gradually increment and follow the lines given with each subs, because I tend to not get a lot of results the old way of 8-12 hours every single day.

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I’m currently back to my listening of Subs after 2 days off
And now that I’ve almost finished my 3rd hour of StarkQ

I feel like I’m the only one able to handle things, that if someone think he can handle it better he’s wrong :joy:
It’s a bit boss feeling not going to lie, not something I’m used to at all but I really dig it.
Also I’ve done dreams about being some kind of “Alpha lone wolf” vibe, I use those pitty generic term to make sure it’s clearly understood.
It was about taking power and getting into powerfull positions were I was being asked favors.

Really awesome :sunglasses:
I really think I couldn’t have made a better choice to invest into those subs even tho my previous failure to get good results for more than a year.

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Secondest week of subliminal :

I felt like shit one day out of two, but I got up from it much more easier than I used to.
I’m no longer lamenting myself for the whole day if I feel like a total shit.
I just tend to think “well I know that I’m going to feel better so why bothering feeling this bad like right now” and from the moment I think that I just gradually go back to a more neutral state.

Lot of internal work this week, didn’t felt like a boss so much anymore with all those lows :joy:

BUT 2/3 of what I used to be stressed about or that always put me on a very very very low mood aren’t that bad anymore
I just feel more relaxed about them on a daily basis.
Basically I gained the “Patience” trait and don’t think anymore “if something doesn’t come tommorrow or later this month at max you’re shit”

So good relief from this side but it isn’t all rainbow and sunshine neither those things still get to me just not in a absolute destructive manner anymore.

As for Love Bomb hummm I’d say it helped me go through this phase a bit easier, I don’t know if this phase is finished. But I can’t wait for it to be over and reap the fruits.
In fact yes I can wait but you understood me :wink:

Hours of this week + subtotal :
StarkQ 15 = New tot 25
Love Bomb 10 = New tot 17

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Little update :
In order to use my subliminals more easily I had to reorganise my weekly usage of them, so I end up doing them for three days and go off for one day.

Also I don’t know what it is but I get a lot of females stares and even some guys ones too :joy:, good ones. I’d guess they like what I’m projecting in this world. It feels like being looked by young curious children that want to be in your team of “the mature one” even tho I’m only 20

3 days resume new subtotal :
StarQ 9 = New tot 34
Love Bomb 9 = New tot 26

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This is how I listen. The results have been great!

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I feel like it would be a best model to go for but my schedule won’t allow it so for the moment being, as I prefer to listen them in the day time I’ll stick to my 5 on 2 off
Later when I’ll get more used to them and have for around of 7 hours of listening, I might go on this way & listen as sleeping: 3 on 1 off

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I´m blessed with a good schedule at the moment. I go to work 2-3 days a week but get paid full time.
Lots of time for subs!

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Last week resume
Well I felt a lot the urge to use any other subliminal
Got bored out of the ones I’m using
I also still felt like shit but in a more just “I don’t want to do anything” type of vibe.

Other thing that can happen to me are already listed in previous answer.
Also I didn’t listen fullt to my weekly goal for one day too much work to do and couldn’t use correctly the subs.

Total listen time subtotal :
StarkQ 14 = New tot 48
Love Bomb 13 = New tot 39

This week I had a lot of dream where girls appeared.
But it always was tu cuddle, I felt very loving,I felt it as really intense, almost sexual cuddling.
I could be living my whole life like that it felt so good.
I’m living in love within my dreams, soon in the real life too.

Total listen time subtotal :
StarkQ 15 = New tot 63
Love Bomb 15 = New tot 54

Dont give in to the urge man. Remember, change is scary, so if you feel a lot of ressistance of using the subs, its a sign that some change is happening!
Keep going man! Loving your results so far. Its only gonna get better from here😏

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Don’t worry man, I kept in mind that advise even while having those thoughts, that I must keep pushing and in no time It’ll go better.

Thanks for the support mate :hugs:

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Little update :

After those two days of rest, and now that I’ve listened to my daily dose of StarkQ and one loops of Love Bomb.

I feel calm, I feel powerfull, but in a soothing way, I feel a lot of love too.
I’d want to stay like that forever and make those feelings just grow and grow forever.

The healings those title combined have brought me are over the top, old anxieties that I had for years and years are just like old memories, I feel like I can finally enjoy my life, I feel free, weightless, powerfull, I feel like I’m the master of my life.
Wich is something I’ve always work toward but never actually felt.

Sadly the feeling of power and immense love are fleeting, they are yet to be anchored in me still, whenever I’m back in the real world the “old” me surface and he’s without those feeelings that I have while listening to the subs, but gladly I’m still free of any bad anxiety.

Thanks one again so much Subclub, without all of this I wouldn’t be there.

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Thank you for posting your results.

Remember that with Qv2, you might want to try 1 loop a day to notice how it effects you.

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Once again short update because of the Qv2

Now with StarkQv2, I have anxiety if I am not doing what I planned to production/studying wise instead of feeling like pushing it to tomorrow and procrastinate over and over again

Wich I don’t like at all but I need it ahahahah f* me

The first effect started right as I woke up I felt different but I know it comes from the subs because when I started to go back at procrastination mindset, when I played the subs, it came back way harder, I had to kneel before it and start working :joy:

You also saved my productivity subclub thank you !
looks behind at StarkQv2 wich has a baseball bat

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Weekly recap :

I feel more and more in charge of myself, it feels good.
With the change of my subs to v2 I feel more tired, so I’ll back up my hours of daily listening a bit, yeah I kept the same amount but it maybe wasn’t a so good idea.

Else I already mentioned it in two little update post.

Total listen time subtotal :
StarkQ (nowV2 but I’ll keep the count on) 15 = New tot 78
Love Bomb (V2 too) 15 = New tot 69

Weekly recap :

I felt really tired, probably a mix of things
But one day I just couldn’t proceed info after listening to subs, my brain was like : “Nothing more will enter your head today, I’m out see ya tomorrow !”

So yeah those v2 are indeed something even if I backed up the hours, I added a day of rest last week to make sure my subcounscious would digest the whole thing

I felt a lot empowered otherwise, productivity shoot up too
I just couldn’t not do something meaningfull in a day

Total listen time subtotal :
StarkQ 8 = New tot 86
Love Bomb 8 = New tot 77

Edit : Also you people I’d like to add one loop of some more sexual/seduction subs,
but I really don’t know what to choose, I keep hesitating, so if I could get some advise I’ll be glad to receive it/them.
I see plenty of them : Iron Throne, Primal seduction, Libertine aura and Sex & Seduction
Even after research on the forum I have a hard time seing the difference between each of them, and wich would suit better my current journey…

Would be my choice. But I’m biased.

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