JCast Dragon Reborn Stage 1 Redone


Starting Stage Two tomorrow -


Wouldn’t this be suited for your existing DR journal?


@SubliminalUser Probably but that was for Stage 1


I did the same, I divided my journal into stages since people may be interested in different stages of my journey. On top of that, the composition is clearer.

Why did you decide to switch to the next stage?


Not switching. More combining because I want to start working on the deeper issues


I get it. Did you read or ask @raphael how that combo works for him?


I have not.


I don’t think both programs collide but running both at once must be really taxing.
How about running QL along with it?


I will most likely run QL at some point. As far as both Stages being really taxing that is why I am keeping the loops low


@JCast, @Voytek - combining Dragon Reborn with my custom was a good decision especially when I ran The Executive with them. Will elaborate in my journal in a moment


@JCast - now that I think about it, did @Voytek mean combining two stages of DR?


@subliminalguy @Voytek @raphael For me at this point which may be a sign of growth I wasn’t immediately aware of is being able to set aside the goals I have for just myself to see the broader picture and what is the most beneficial and realistic for my family. Would I like to increase my IQ with QL? Sure. Is it more important for me to get myself together so I can run EOG and hopefully not just give my family the life they deserve but also have the time and resources to help others
I believe it was @Hoppa who said that it’s selfish not to want to be wealthy so you can be there for others.


Wealth is a useful tool. For ourselves and others.

But do you feel like you are pulled in 2 directions betweem QL and EoG?


And it feels good too. I’m employing around 15 people now, most of them this year. And it has helped them having a stable income during one of the shittiest years I’ve ever seen.


@raphael After reading what @Hoppa just posted not as much


@Hoppa - is that a result of EoG?

@JCast - I had already decided to run EoG when I start DR ST3. Just put it in my journal a while back. I think it’s hightime for me too


@raphael Because of my immaturity and resulting bad decision making I was often the one desperate for help.
It would be so nice to be able to return the favor , pay it forward , or be able to pick up the tab without having to check my account


EoG and later Emperor.

The business was growing before too, but EoG really boosted it.
I’m pushing 7 figures this fiscal year. When I took over I think in 2016 (details are not too important to me :P) gross sales for the previous year was 145k €.


I feel you on this one. In my case, I would like to return the favor to my parents


That’s plain awesome!

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