JCast Ascended Mogul Journal


I was able to purchase AM this evening & will begin listening to it as I sleep tonight. Just from reading the sales page I’m very excited to see what changes take place in the coming weeks & months


I’ll say it as simple as possible…

Buckle up, you’re going to become a total badass. :smiling_imp:


I probably got only a few hours of listening time in last night . I’m listening for a couple of hours this morning before work. I feel good. I’ve been dealing with a cold since the middle of last week & actually woke up feeling really good. Seeing as I made purchasing AM a priority I plan on making listening time a priority as well


Remember, you can do set and forget anywhere. If you have your own office, great. If you’re in a cubicle, just turn the volume down a bit and leave it running on your cellphone. The more exposure you get, the better.

Reconcilation may start occuring in the form of “it’s not working, so I should just stop running the program.” That’s the difference between not getting good results and your subconscious trying to run – the “I should just quit,” aspect.

Have fun!


I understand. Unfortunately we are able to have our cellphones out at work or I would do just that. I’m having fun with AM though & sacrificing time I would watch television or YouTube to make sure I get more listening time in


I have the same problem at work, I don’t have an office or a cubicle and I’m always on the move. The best time to run the program is two hours in the morning before work and in the evening for me.


Day two here. I did get quite a bit of listening time in yesterday through the evening & while I slept last night. I haven’t noticed anything yet but as others have said it does seem to take anywhere between a couple of weeks & a month. I do feel a bit better. I have had some really weird dreams that made me think I wasn’t sleeping until I actually woke up .I haven’t stated what my golas are. To be completely honest the biggest thing for me right now is to be able to do what I do but without the so unnecessary mental clutter & doubt that I’ve had for so long. Believe it or not I like the career I have. I just know that the mental & emotional limits I have from how & by who I was raised have made my progress much slower than I would like it to be.
I want to be a guy who does his own thing independent of what anyone else around me is doing or saying. Freedom & self reliance mean more to me than anything. It’s why I started researching alpha males a few years ago. I don’t feel what I want falls into the category of " Alpha " as much as it does what’s known as a " Sigma Male"

Here is an article that describes what I’m referring to


Keep at it.

Ascended Mogul is designed to turn you into YOUR vision of “alpha.” If you want to become a sigma male, that’s what it’s going to do.

Odd dreams means it’s working. Remember, our subliminals are designed to cause change as EASY as possible. It won’t be super noticeable until one day, you’ll realize just how much you’ve started the change. That might be through a more dominant reaction to something (that you would’ve never done before), etc.


Unfortunately I was a bit sidetracked for about a week so tonight I am restarting Ascension Mogul. I’m going to listen as much as possible with the goal of twelve hours a day at a minimum.


Remember, set it and forget it.

Go get it. :smiling_imp:


Hooked up the tablet to speakers & I now have Ascended Mogul playing on loop 24/7. I am stoked. Beyond excited now that I’m officially going to just " set it & forget it " The next 30 days , 90 days, & six months are all about letting AM do what it does


Last night I slept better than I have in quite some time. Weird as f*** dreams though. Woke up this morning feeling really good. I can definitely feel Ascended Mogul beginning to do what it’s meant to do. I’m trying really hard to not look for any obvious results. I can’t help but occasionally rereading the sales page for AM & feeling that this is exactly what I’ve wanted for so long. Makes me super excited for the future as well as for future subs Emperor & Evolution


I wonder if there is any difference if you just play the subliminal directly from your tablet?


Quick update. Not sure if its related to AM or not but I’m rapidly losing interest in anything I feel is a waste of time. Meaning not getting me closer to my goals.


The better the audio source, the better the results. High-quality computer speakers are the best, followed by laptop / tablet and then phone speakers. I have bluetooth speakers mounted around the house that play the subliminals all day. At night, though, I sometimes play directly off the phone.


This is directly mentioned in the script. :wink:


@SaintSovereign very cool. Going with " set it & forget it " was such a great decision. I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me but I know I will do great. I’m starting to feel far more goal driven. Making better decisions regarding the future


With that it’s helping me prioritize to get maximum listening time in as well


This is by far the most fun I’ve had listening to a subliminal. Since starting " set it & forget it " there are times I do forget I have it playing. Like I mentioned before I’m starting to see a shift in how I’m spending my time. I’m also getting even more annoyed than before when people feel a need to waste my time. My brain is constantly thinking about ways to be more focused at my job so I can start making commissions. I don’t believe I’m posted anything about the goals I have. Right now my two main goals are to become debt free & make no less than $4000 a month in commissions at my job. I crave freedom & self reliance more than anything. Honestly it’s all I really think about . Having turned 50 years old recently I obviously don’t ever expect life to be problem or drama free. I can though do everything possible to limit the impact that would have on my family & myself


I think you’ve definitely began executing the program. From here you just build momentum more and more until yourself and your reality start shifting to match your highest aspirations.