James Bond v2 - WANTED + Emp/Stark + HoM + EoG

Status through the roof.

Let’s see the empire that’s built from this.

Will be switching Emperor and Stark every 1 Months.

Will be journaling here with weekly updates. I already journal enough on other platforms


Stark: Confidence, Vision, Dedication, Innovation

Emperor: Consistency, Discipline, Mental Toughness, Focus, confidence

WANTED: Confidence, chill behaviour, comfortable in my own essence

HoM: Strategic thinking, financial discipline, relationships mastery

EoG: Absolute and utter shattering of any and all wealth ceilings


What is your listening pattern?

  1. A, B
  2. Rest
  3. C, D

That stack is dense as hell. I’m interested in seeing how it would work for you.

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I don’t wanna say it and I’m not gonna say it.

Everyone has a unique pattern that works for them.

Some ppl do 5 min micro loop sessions, ppl like me hate that.

I’ll run this.

3 mins HoM
30-second microloops of the other 4.

Plus 30-second microloops of my 3 ZP money customs.

I’ll get back to ya.

Lmaooo don’t say microloop this triggers the hell out of me

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If there was a dislike button for a comment lol

I ran it. Mere minutes after and still now I feel sexy and powerful as fuck. I also added microloop of RoM.

HoM was 3 mins since I haven’t run that one often enough yet to feel comfy with 30 seconds yet.

Disclaimer: I also did microloops this morning of:

My 3 money customs
Sex mastery
Sex and seduction
Primal seduction
Ascension chamber
HoM(3 minutes)

Overall I feel amazing.

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How do I block the word microloop


Bro :rofl::rofl: you hate 5 mins loop, micro loops so much lmao. Can you give some hints why you hate 5 or 7 mins loop. I hate micro loops as well but not sure why you hate 5-7 mins loop. I think 5-7 mins loop means exposure to less amount of information which in return gives speedy manifestation of results for some parts of the sub :sweat_smile:

But pls can you give a rough idea of hating 5-7 mins loops

no im fine with a 5-7 minute half loop… sounds promising…


I agree with this. 30 secs loop will just give placebo effect and not any sustainable result to begin with(its my opinion,so its may or maynot be correct )

Apologies @Xavier , I’m going to mention micro loops in this thread :joy:

Micro loops have been endorsed by Saint as another way to listen to the subs.

Yes, can attest to micro loops giving results, too. Though I am currently not doing them

I never said it doesnt. Im talking the whole 30 second 1 minute thing… absolute BS in my opinion

So microlooops are also capable of results, wow. I womt say that i will never try micro loop(you dont know when recon hits and maybe nano 15 seconds loops will be enough :rofl::rofl::rofl:) but i beleive atleast 5 mins exposure is necessary for some great and sustainable change. 3 mins sound good too