Is this the right volume for ultrasonic?


And would it be the same or different with the masked audio?


Never go over -30db. That being said, -40db is a bit loud for me, but it depends on you. I keep mine around -60. Masked, just put it at a comfortable listening level. Not too quiet – but it doesn’t need to blast either.


how close to the spearker must you keep your phone to get a -60 db


I keep my phone very close to me at all times, at a lower volume. I use a separate Android device with Frequensee on it to see what the volume is at different distances.


This app didn’t really help me tbh. The data it showed was very confusing and contradictory. However I found out the lowest volume possible on my phone is actually loud enough for me and I get great results.


I aim for -50 to -55 myself, although I’ve been running masked exclusively for a while now.

Try to measure at the place where your ears spend the most time. Which means you actually go further away from your speaker (higher numbers mean lower volume).

I still don’t really get why it runs below zero, but once you figure out the what the picture is supposed to look like, the numbers don’t matter as much.


what i am unable to identify is, as the FAQ doesnt specify this criteria, while there is more emphasis on using the frequnsee app, but not the overall usage for optimal results.

  • at what level must i set the phone volume

  • the app volume

  • the external speaker volume and

  • the closeness of the external speakers to me


None of that matters when FrequenSee at the location of your ears is registering a volume appropriate for you. Most commonly that means between -60 and -40.

Although it uses two channels (stereo), both channels are identical, so you don’t need to sit exactly between the speakers. Imagine someone is talking in the distance and you are trying to get close enough to listen in, but not close enough that they know you’re listening. An ultrasonic subliminal is talking in the distance. You just need to be close enough to overhear what it is saying. Where you are in relation to the speakers doesn’t matter, as long as you can hear it and you are not close enough to get caught.

Makes sense?

I would however recommend not maxing out the phone and app volume, as this may cause distortion in some models. Plus, both Android and iPhone have a tendency to reset the volume back every so often. Instead, do most of the volume tweaking on the external speakers.


I didn’t know you had to use actual speakers (I don’t have them anyway), I thought phonespeakers are enoguh. Actually they seem to be enough since I used ultrasonics on phonespeakers only


Phone speakers are enough. I use my iPhone 11 almost exclusively.


deylon mentioned external speakers, so that’s what I worked with. I do use speakers myself as well though. I’m old-school, from the time when built-in speakers were not up to the task or suffered from interference from the electrical components they were attached to (I make it a habit not to get 800+ USD phones). If they are present anyway, external speakers usually do have better sound quality, even though it doesn’t matter for the subs.


thanks… settling with phone speakers… would you reccomend using head phones for ultrasonic?

May i use either masked or ultrasonic, or must i use both?

I am looking at 8 hours/day for the next 30 days with maxing out on the weekends. will journal on my reults, have created a separated journal entry.


have decidied to go with the phone speaker while i sleep and desktop speakers while i am at my desk.

i am also looking at using headphone for additional usage during work outs… unsure about this, have asked saint to provide his inputs…


makes sense…thanks a lot…


If you’ll be using headphones, I suggest you play masked instead of ultrasonic. That way, you can tell if the volume is too much or not. Playing ultrasonics on headphones at high volumes would increase the risk of hurting your ears.


Like @d1gz wrote, the recommendation is using masked because you can hear how loud they are. Ultrasonics are silent and you would need to be very careful to keep it at the right volume. I have played ultrasonics on headphones for months myself, but I checked the volume almost every day.

You are free to choose either. I recommend you test how you respond to both, for many people the effects are different. No worries, the end result will be the same.


thanks will try out both