Is this reconciliation?


Hi, this week i started my journey to a better version of me (if you are curious this is my journal My journal with QL, SM2 and Regeneration). During these days i’m not having big troubles with headaches or sleep, but i have a sort of fear/anxiety that maybe it’s not working and i have to listen to my playlist more like adding 1 of each subliminal. is this riconciliation? Maybe this is regeneration that is bringing up my fears, for example this could be my fear that this is my last bullet in the gun, that if i fail with subliminals that should give a big boost, i have no more solutions. Maybe it’s the fear that came out first of all the bad things I have inside, because it is also the most conscious. In the end it is logical that you focus on it a lot, I literally made an investment with the little money I had aside. So what do you think it is? reconciliation or regeneration that is making me think?


Highly unlikely, based on what Regeneration was designed for. Having said that, @SaintSovereign can answer you better than I ever can.


What i would say is that try using one subliminal at a time…cause regeneration can bring up lots of emotions…this can be mistaken for reconciliation…
By starting with one subliminal it also give your mind time to process and see fast results…as your mind gets used to one then you can introduce the next…and so on…


This is reconciliation, hang in there.


thanks for your advices. I think I will act like this: honestly, I feel like I can manage these subliminals, if in the future it will be too strong, I think I will remove regeneration for a while, since at the moment I mostly need QL. As I tended to think, this feeling is probably reconciliation and for the moment I know I can resist. In the end it doesn’t stop me from living the day, but I think I have reached a point where if I still increase the number of repetitions, it could really knock me down. so I will continue on this path and resist this feeling. Of course I watch every single day, so based on the sensations I will take days off or reduce the weight of the playlist. But I know that now I can resist.