Is there benefit to a break between two titles in a day?

Just wondering if anyone experiences a benefits to taking a 30 minutes or more break between loops when running a stack of two or three title. Or do you just listen continuously for 30 minutes, 2 fifteen minute loops back to back?

I don’t see anything in the guidelines about taking a break between loops when having to listen to two titles in a day.


Whichever way works for you. It all goes in you subconscious mind anyway. The only benefit I have seen in running a sub in the morning and one at night is that is sometimes makes recon easier to manage.

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I’ll have to give that a shot, I normally listen to both in the morning. That way if I have recon I can work through it all day and it hopefully not effect my sleep quality.

When I run heavy stacks. I run them right before going to bed. I’d rather recon hit while I’m sleeping then when I’m awake and mess up my day.


I should try it before bed and look at my sleep data. Without testing it I would never know if it actually affects my sleep. I also am obsessed with the dreams these subs produce.

Also @ksub, random question that just popped into my mind reading your response. I have learned what are heavier titles and heavier stacks. Does a heavier stack just cause heavier recon or do it also slow down results. I have read saint talking about how running a stack of three subs slow down results because it’s covering a broader area, vs running just one title. Didn’t know if a heavier stack is also adding into this equation.

A heavier stack takes more resources, might not necessarily slow down results depending on how advanced you are!
Some stacks just wipe out your energy for the whole day. I’d rather be sleeping while the sub is doing its thing.

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I thought it was better to listen to both back to back, the first primes you to get better results on the second one

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I am doing the same.
Right now I am on full loops of Wanted Black + Khan Stage 1 (yes, it makes sense to redo this stage once in a while).
I run these right before falling asleep.
What then often happens is a night full of recon nightmares.
However, this is still better for me than recon during the day where I then can’t do anything but be a lazy brainfogged bum.

That’s so interesting that most of you run your subs before sleep. There might be a benefit there. Your subconscious may have more clarity and focus during the night when the conscious is asleep. Verse during the day when the subconscious is also dealing with the days stimulations. Wish there was a way to test this, but you all have intrigued me to want to switch to listening to subs before bed.

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There is also a risk for some, that they can energize you and then you will have a hard time going to sleep at your usual time.

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I’d do one in the morning and one before sleep if it improves results.


daredevil in the morning to get its short term effect throughout the day.
paragon before sleeping so i am not sleepy all day long.

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I do this, as well. My reasoning is that REM sleep will help me process the script.


Back to back ….been in this game a few years now lol

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with allowing some time in between them.

I think this is more of a minor question, and not a ‘make it or break it’ factor.

But having said that, we can see from the logic of the listening guidelines, that the subliminal has a kind of initial momentum starting from the moment of exposure. Over the next days after exposure, that momentum (or, more accurately, the activity level of your mind in response to the exposure) gradually decreases until it’s time to have another exposure again.

This is just a metaphor. I don’t know how accurately it captures the process. But there’s something to it.

If the above framing is accurate, then it suggests the most vigorously active period of processing time is in the span directly following exposure.

If that’s the case, then I thought it might be good to let that activity be pinpointed and focused for a little while on just one program.

So, yeah. Recently I’m trying that out.


@Malkuth I always love your thoughtful responses. So you are trying to get a more clear experience of each title by spacing them out, that makes sense.

I also appreciate you saying this, it brings me peace in a way. I catch myself being so clear cut, looking for the right or wrong way to do something. Thinking that one way will dramatically achieve better performance. Though this is not always the cause, and I am putting to much weight on a question/answer.

I understand what your saying, like @Deadpool mentioned some titles give you energy or focus right after listening.

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I tried this yesterday for the first time running a full loop of New Emperor in the morning, and a full loop of Nouveau RICH in the early evening, and I noticed a difference in the mental “load” I normally feel after running subs back-to-back. It was lighter.

Usually I experience a lull in energy after listening to 30 minutes of subs, but with this split, there was no lull. So, I’ll stick with this strategy for the remainder of this cycle to see how results unfold.

It makes sense that less input requires less processing which means less energy directed towards that task.

Thanks for posing this question, @IndrasNet.

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It completely makes sense to me that splitting the listen might be very beneficial. I don’t know all the intricacies of the subconscious but from my little experience, I felt uncomfortable listening to two different ones back to back, something was telling me that the first input might be somewhat overridden by the immediate second different input, I felt the momentum of the first was somewhat degraded and harder to follow up on.

Thanks for writing this up as it confirms my intuition about this.

Now I’m thinking with a 10-12h break between two different subs I might be able to run smoothly 1.5 loops of each instead of just one.

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Curious your thoughts.


What Achilles said.
I can’t listen to LBfH right before sleeping. wide awake after that.
Emperor, before the update, made me sleepy. So the order was more importnt for me. If I listened in the mornig, I started with Emperor and followed with LBfH for the kick. If I listened in the evening, the other way round for better sleep.