Is the 30-day money back guarantee on first purchase only or any purchase?

For some reason I had the impression that the guarantee was on first purchase only. Yesterday I was browsing to check the new Ultima and I’ve received an email saying that the system noticed I was browsing and that message " Don’t miss out! We have a 30-day, no questions asked refund policy on ALL our products!"

I have been considering the Sanguine Ultima for helping with reconciliation but I wanted to wait and see results of other members before I buy. Now if the guarantee is there for any purchase I will of course get it and try it for myself.

If I am right it is for any purchase except custom builds .

But trust me you won’t need it , SC products have done miracles for me and also they are honest and transparent with @SaintSovereign always making sure to answer back earliest inspite if I can imagine how busy he must be developing all these new products.

Cheers and happy journey with SC


What he said, only for standard products, not for customs.

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Does this mean that we get refunds if we don’t like a program that we purchased?

(I highly doubt this)

Technically yes. But when you ask for a refund, Saint is likely to ask you why and evaluate your response. He may also check to see if you had a journal and tried it at all. Ask for a refund too often or for a silly reason and no more subs for you, or at least no more refunds.

They mention “no questions asked” so the answer is yes we do.

No questions? Well, I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

Still, do it once, fine. Do it twice…

Yes I assume that if you refund again and again, it is only logical you will be banned from buying or receiving any more refunds.

I just believe that if someone makes a couple of buys and is not satisfied will anyway not buy again. Any other scenario would be abusing the policy.

Well, I know all of the programs work and I know the technology works, but what if I bought a program out of reconciliation and ended up not liking it at all.

I bought Power Can Corrupt several weeks ago and instead I’d loved to buy Mind’s Eye, don’t really like Power Can Corrupt at all, it instills low frequency behavior in your paradigm, which I’m not too fund of and probably will never use it.

How do I get a refund, if I’m even eligible? With that money I can probably buy some of the upcoming Ultima titles.

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I hear you. Well, the area with subliminals is tricky as the results can take time. When I first bought Khan I knew I will run the healing module (Stage 1) for 2-3 months for sure before even touching the programming and action stages. How am I supposed to know if the program works when I won’t even touch of what it says it does? (and even need to wait for another couple of months for results). I just take the risk really.

But its not their fault, its the nature of the programs. I know a vendor that has 6-month refund policy though.

Well, that explains a few things, PCC is pretty much my natural state of being. Although I also use it to create win-win situations when the other party has no idea that was even possible.

If you are serious, you can PM Saint. Or I can. Problem is I’m not certain if you are talking hypothetically here.

The expectation is that you delete the files, of course.

@robin_hut I can get where Hermit is coming from. PCC is all about recognizing manipulative behavior by others so you can deal with it properly, but in order to do so it needs to teach you how to exhibit those behaviors yourself. If Hermit is as sensitive as he appears to be at a vibrational level, it is likely he will sense that part and internally feel like rejecting it.

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I prefer to raise my vibration above where it does not affect me, some of the behaviors you attain on Power Can Corrupt will gain you Karma, and I started to perform them unknowingly.

Honestly I don’t really need the money and I can also just support the company, anyhow the state of mind brought to me by Mogul really made me save money on purchases; a wealthy men doesn’t stay wealthy without a rich mindset. (saving money is also making money. I see these opportunities everywhere although I do not always take advantage of it. And it this case I’m not sure, either way I want to support the company but on the other hand I can save 30 bucks on my Custom).

I might even have surpassed the 30-days, not sure though. Anyhow, at the end of the day it will give me another 30 dollar discount on my Custom, which is awesome tho.

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What Dark said. When we said “no questions asked,” we meant it. That being said, we have no problem tossing someone on the permanent blacklist for trying to defraud us. Give us too many bullshit excuses and yes, we’re blocking the ability to buy.


This is projecting. It does no such thing. PCC doesn’t force you to use the 48 laws, it doesn’t even urge you to use them. It makes you aware of when people are manipulating you and how to counteract it. Since you become aware of what’s happening, naturally, some people will start using them against others. Under no circumstances is becoming aware of how others manipulate you contributing to “low frequency behavior.”


Is the reason stated above a bullshit reason? Just wondering as after reading the following –

I decided to keep the product, might give it another shot in the future. Me, personally I felt so much power when on it and I was unconsciously directing and manipulating others, that was only after 3 days of listening so I decided to drop the product.

Personally I started to this program to see other people use the laws, and to be aware of when they used it against me. In my opinion most of the laws are very nasty and I’d never want to use them myself.

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It’s on a case by case basis. I would say that you should’ve considered that before purchasing, but since it’s clear that you aren’t trying to defraud us, we wouldn’t put you on the blocklist unless this happened numerous times. We’re much more lenient with those who contribute to the forum, or has purchased a number of products. Just yesterday, however, I put someone on the blocklist for buying a number of superchargers and then claiming that “hypnosis never works for them and they hate spoke audio tracks.” So, of course, my question is – why did you buy these, download everything and then refund?

:: Blockity Block ::


If you buy the produce use it and genuinely feel its not working for you after 30 days then you are entitled for a refund but I do not believe anyone should take the p*ss, get a refund and keep using it. Its revenue lost to SC which means they cannot reinvest and make bigger and better products for the future.

Okay, so somebody buys a bunch of superchargers, wants to return them because guided vocals don’t work for them, even though it has been announced, nay plastered all over the forum, that soon all these guided tracks will be replaced by non-guided, more powerful (and expensive) subliminals free of charge?

I don’t think they have pills for that…

Let’s not get too much into this whole discussion guys. Message is clear, The Saint has spoken on it. Let the thread take a nap now.


Quiet honestly I wouldn’t even feel good to take that 30 dollar back, hence why I said:

Programs here on Subliminal Club are already highly undervalued to begin with, at least if you compare the price to the actual return on investment. There are people who literally pay dozens for all sorts of coaches, medicines, programs of different kinds for personal development without any success as there unconscious belief system is not in alignment with there goals.

Everything is literally a business these days and most of them only care about money instead of customer appreciation and value.


That might sound hard but - without going into much detail here - they could have easily blacklisted me but didn’t. Fire and Saint Sovereign are actually very generous and understanding, but if you try fraud them, they know…