Is Quantum Limitless Stage 1 Super Underrated?

when i read the description of quantum limitless stage 1 it seems to me like it would literally help everyone significantly no matter what their goal is.

putting the brain, nervous system and body chemistry to optimal condition should produce drastic and life changing benefits across all aspects of life.

why is this product not more popular on here?

am i missing something?

also, if you are reading this and have ran QL stage 1 before, please share your results.


why should it be popular here? Do you mean why QL St1 is not popular compared to other stages? then this is another question.

no i mean it does not seem popular in general.

Are you asking if Quantum Limitless itself is unpopular?

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@MadaraUchiha which programs did you use for at least 3 weeks (one cycle) according to the instructions? Can you maybe share your experiences?

I’d share my results as I’m currently running stage 1 of QL but I’m 99% sure that you have me on ignore :joy:


Would you please share your results so others may benefit?


when i read the sales page some more it seems both stage 1 and stage 2 are probably both really useful for anyone.

I agree 100% that it will benefit majority of people. Especially these days where everyones nervous system is throw out of wack due to stress, social media, excess phone time and the list goes on. It seems like a very foundational sub for sure.

Why it may not be very popular? And correct me if im wrong but, My theory would be majority of people running subs arent thinking from the mindset of creating a strong foundation, healing the system etc. They want instant results in seduction with women or money. So i think from this perspective those kinda subs will grab the average persons attention more so then others.


Quantum Limitless ST1 was a bit of a sleeper. What I mean by this is, most of what it does (in my experience) happens in the background. I didn’t get much in the way of recon on any of the stages so far. But being on ST3 currently, I can look back and trace what I was experiencing a couple of months ago.

I’m also pretty sure that he blocked my posts awhile back, so hopefully this helps others as RV said.

If I remember right, it helped me clear a lot of intelligence ‘hold back’; expressing what I know without half way recanting to make sure I cover all bases and don’t get called stupid. If that makes sense. But yeah, I would caution that anyone that runs QL ZP for ST1 and 2 don’t expect their eyes to suddenly develop Eddie Mora-like results; you aren’t going to see equations floating around your head and the like (been awhile since I watched the movie, forgive any inaccuracies.

I suppose the best way I can characterize my experience looking back is ST1 sent a lot of junk in my brain/mind to the trash bin, ST2 revitalized the structure of my thought processes and impressions and ST3 is doing a lot.

Totally recommend going from ST1 up the stages as recommended.


@Sage_Sanguine - How would you go about reaching Eddie Mora-like results with a 12 month time frame?


i noticed a significant increase in sex drive on limitless ZP which i suspect came from the same aspect of the product that QL stage 1 focuses on.

did anyone running QL stage 1 notice this?

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Honestly? Continuing to run Quantum Limitless for 8 months or so.

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Limitless, Limitless, Limitless. It’s basically the perfect sub to become Eddie Mora or Stark for Tony Stark status.

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Or Brian Finch from the Limitless Television Show

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Im starting to think both stsge 1 and 2 are probably needed for what initially thought could result from QL stage 1 alone.

He is posting nonsense again i have already highlighted this to @RVconsultant

Is this directed at me? If so what nonsense am i posting?

Nah, for sure he was mentionning this to @BengalTiger who is teasing everyone with his post yet hasn’t given any explanation one week later :roll_eyes:

I’d like to see your testimonie of QL St1. Currently on paragon for healing, but I’m thinking of running QL St1 after since I have a history of depression! I even think you are the one who recommended QL St1 when I was complaining about depression last year @BengalTiger or maybe it was @CyberSec who I know had great results with it.

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Never actually ran QL ST1 mostly stayed between ST2 and ST4;) @GoldenTiger

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