Is it necessary to add MogulQ to StarkQ?


Hi everyone.

Due to recent life events, I find myself having to re-focus on my finances.

My plan is to start writing books and publish them on Kindle, as well as write and perform stand up comedy (which will eventually be another stream of income), along with starting up a business.

With this in mind, I am thinking of stacking:

StarkQ (Terminus maybe?)
Ultimate ArtistQ

Is it necessary to add MogulQ to a stack that already contains StarkQ? Or is the wealth building scripting in StarkQ sufficient based on the goals I described above?


That looks like a good stack to me. Lots of synergy.

Pretty much each title enhances the other three titles as far as your lifestyle is concerned.

You’re planning to build wealth through your wit, intelligence, creativity, charisma, and communication ability.

You’ve already run Khan, yes? Can’t remember, but I had that impression. Stark seems like it has the fame and the intellectual charisma. In contrast, Khan seems like it has the animal magnetism style of charisma. Both of those can work for stand-up, but I associate stand-up more with the latter.

I hope you kick ass with this new plan.


No I have not :flushed:

Thanks for your kind words and advice.

So yay for Mogul?


Don’t know why I thought you already had listened to Khan. In that case, maybe I’d say keep it out for now. It has the animal magnetism component, but it also has a bunch of other powerful applications that are not really at the top of your priority list right now. You can always add it in later when you want to.

Stark Q is a monster and a single-stager. It combines charisma, fame, wit, leadership ability, learning, and creativity. So, it makes sense to include it.

Mogul? That seems smart. That’s just my intuitive reaction. Stark has the wealth building component as you pointed out. I don’t know how focused that aspect is. I’d guess it’s pretty strong, and probably also depends on the goals of the listener. But also, Stark has many jobs to do. It’s diverse and dense. Mogul essentially has one job.

Including Mogul in your stack may help to reinforce and focus your wealth-building energy in a more concentrated way. And also in a short-term, applied, and grounded way. The other titles all have that Creativity focus. Mogul, in turn, is about practical wealth. We’ll see what other people say, but I’d say keep it in.


@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire

All suggestions are much appreciated!


I’m definitely looking to get into Khan once I’m financially comfortable. I’m also trying to stay away from multi stage subs as it’s trick to know when to move on to the next stage. Thanks for your input once again.


Theoretically sounds good. But it’s entirely up to how much you can process. I think that’s the main bottleneck with all this. StarkQ is dense. I think your best bet is looking to the past at how much you could comfortably handle and take action with. It varies drastically per person. So while the overall layout seems synergistic, that goes out the window if you don’t have the processing capacity for all of it.


Try StarkQ alone first. There’s plenty of scripting related to money in it. Get more exposure to it before adding another title.


Very true. thanks.


Got it. Thanks.