Is buzz cut sexy enough for a man?

I have an oval-shaped head. My hair is quite thick, coarse, and growing faster than average, I think. I am a white man but my hair is of quality somehow similar to Asian’s and very hard to style. Styling can be done quite easily but my hair never stays in shape for a long time even with a hard-holding hair product.

So instead of doing something like a pompadour or just having hair up, I am going with bangs, but it drives me crazy, it is always in my eyes, and do not like it.
And heard somewhere that bald guys or maybe guys with very short hair are for women very sexy because it is showing more masculinity or something.

What do you think?

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Do you have a picture?

I am already buzzed and I like it :slight_smile:
No need to make pictures.

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It’s the confidence that you have behind the cut. We can tell you all day that a buzz cut is cool and women like it, but if you look in the mirror and feel like you’re not sexy, women will sense that. I’ve pulled women with dreads, curls, waves, and braids because of the confidence I have behind my image, it’ll work for you too.

Edit: I used to feel I had a big head when I cut my hair off the first time, then I remembered all the play I got with women in the past. That helped me adopt the idgaf mindset and my confidence shot through the roof.


I used to rock clean cut Kratos look. When I did, I received more attention from women, some of them so blatant that my fiancée got extremely annoyed. I’m pretty lazy now in regards to grooming, so I just shave everything now. Not as much attention.


Kratos looks bad ass.

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Both the buzz cut and bald-look are good especially for me since am balding.

From an aesthetic view-point, having a sharp jaw and muscular body will make you look better if you have less hair on your head.

But from a strictly woman’s view-point, a man’s looks don’t matter as much as long as he takes care of his body and grooms his hair in a neat way. For eg- no comb-overs if a man is losing hair.

Of course you might not be losing hair but am merely giving an example. The best thing to do is go to a decent barber and ask him what would look good for your face shape and also ask whether a the styles you mentioned above will look good on you.

If I were you, I would go for the buzzcut since it is easy to maintain and gives the look of a man who both looks clean and one who hasn’t lost his hair.

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Damn, you look sexy, can I pet you :slight_smile:
Really looks amazing.

I used to have an undercut similar to this and I plan to do that again here within a month



From the perspective of a bi dude, buzz cuts and bald dudes are sexy. Try adding in nice facial hair if you can. Shaped up, well maintained full facial hair and moderate musculature for extra pizzazz. It’s the combinations that does it when you are all-around manly. When I shave my head, especially to baldness, I tend to come across more commanding and the tone from outside world changes so you may have a dominant look about you. Try it out. You may have to just grow into the style and adjust. Style is a progression. You grow with it, and you grow into it.


This is a good point. I usually keep a stubble when I shave my head for the same reason.

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Just run WANTED and you’ll get your ideal hairstyle, or there’s also APS: Hair module