Introduction + need advice

Hey y’all new to subclub, but not to subliminals. Looking forward to starting this journey on here and getting to know y’all.

I’m looking for some advice regarding making my first stack. My main goal is becoming more confident and productive, while also focusing on spiritual growth and self love/healing. I saw the alchemist and ascension on the sales page. I was wondering if I could pair those two with regeneration.

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Hi and welcome to the forum @gratitudewarrior

Healing titels overpowers non healing titels.
Keep that in mind

Best way to test it, is by running each title solo and see if you can handle this mix

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Welcome :slight_smile:

My first thought is Ascension + Love Bomb for Humanity as it addresses the above quote and keeps your stack light at first.


That was goin to be my recommendation. I will say that Ascension does help with self love but at least in my opinion it’s a longer process than LBFH. So @gratitudewarrior if you wanna go the solo route I would do Ascension for a cycle or two and then add LBFH alongside Ascension. Plus LBFH is free :wink:


I would recommend the same.

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Do you mean Ascension Chamber? Or Ascension?

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Hi @gratitudewarrior!

So far, Ascension and Love Bomb for Humanity might be good starting places for you. Please read about them at the main shop.

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