Introduction/help picking a sub


Hello everyone,
I happened upon this website about a month ago and it peaked my interest. I’ve been using subliminals for a while now but I need something to take me to the next level. Now what I’m looking for is to get into my career of choice, be better with women(how to escalate and all that, I lack a lot of experience in this area) and in general be more social, alpha and make more friends. I’ve been thinking about emperor but it seems to take a while to notice results depending on what you have set up as a foundation, I’m stuck between stacking ascension and s&s, or maybe ascended mogul and s&s. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days and I really couldn’t choose, I’m also indecisive as you can tell so any help making a decision would be great. I’m 24 if that helps in any way.


Jellp @ggplex and welcome here!

Reading what you wrote, I noticed you want to: (1) go to the next level, (2) get into your career of choice

I personally recommend Limitless to support you in this.

You also want to (1) be better with women, (2) be more social, alpha and make more friends, (3) become more decisive.

I believe Primal will help you immensely with this.

I recommend you get Limitless and Primal. Until Primal is released, let Limitless run non stop.

And if you cannot wait for Primal, then use Limitless, and Sex and Seduction.

This is my recommendation. The Subliminals I have recommended are using the PrimalTech technology. To me they are smoother, the results clearer, and negative effects a lot less pronounced compared to the older technology in the very powerful Emperor or Mogul.


Thanks for the suggestions, but even if I do learn the skills i need(I’m already doing that), I still need to be able to attract my ideal job or in the future my own freelance gig wouldn’t ascended mogul be a better focus for that? and do we have an estimated date for the release of primal.


If you inner voice is guiding you towards Ascended Mogul @ggplex then just do that :wink:

There is no official release date for Primal. Just trust that great things take exactly the time they need to be the best they can be, and no more.


I’ve seen a couple of guys here say something along the lines of listening to their inner guidance or intuition for picking subs and to be honest if I could listen to my inner guidance I’d probably wouldn’t have asked, so how do you exactly access that part of you. Usually I just do what would make logical sense in my plan but with subclub there are multiple paths to reach the same destination which why I have no idea what to pick.


I understand. This is the indecision manifesting itself.

Go for Sex & Seduction + Limitless. Let them run non stop for a month. And start a journal to write up your experiences, get feedback from users here, and adapt based on that.


I would recommend Ascended Mogul as the absolute basis of your stack.

Before S&S and using primarily Ascension and AM I was doing quite well with women. I was having sex with a new girl a month, lots of flirty conversations, matches on Tinder, etc.

On the career side my bosses took note of me much more often, my focus increased on the tasks I was set to do and I became a guru at managing my finances.

My social status improved accordingly, made a lot of new friends and manifested a lot of opportunities as well. It even has sex Mastery in it so my sex life became wild and I got all the perks of that as well.

I would run that as a focus for 3 months ideally, and if there’s some aspect of your life you want to improve in addition to AM, find that sub and add it on.


I second what @Alexander said.


I think I’m going to stick to ascended mogul and limitless for now, as much as I want to use S&S, I want to get to a point in my career where I don’t have to worry about money and then switch my focus on women.