Introduction and Goals


Hello everyone ima call myself Pwnie on here; pleasure to meet y’all. So my goals are to move on with my life and truly be a master of it. Where I’m at right now isn’t great truth be told, but working on it. So my goal is to be making a ungodly amount of money, do what I want and become a new person. What I’m doing to ensure getting to this level of things: Mentorship in Email Copywriting and a support group on entrepreneurial endeavors. I’ve also been getting better with meeting women, but it’s not exactly ideal when your shit isn’t together. Also I’ve been using YouTube subliminals and others, but it’s been nothing but feel good bs and that isn’t cutting it for me. So I’ve heard about SubliminalClub and how badass they are and here I am. Thanks for letting me be here. Ps just got done reading the analysis guide for subliminals and it looks like either Mogul or Emperor for me. I’m ready for some seriously immense massive change in my life